How Long To Cook Hot Dogs On Gas Grill

How Long To Cook Hot Dogs On Gas Grill

How Long To Cook Hot Dogs On Gas Grill? Hot dogs or sausages are one of the most common street foods. They are commonly eaten all around the world as an appetite fulfilling meal. The street side vendors grill hot dogs and stuff the burgers with it. Moreover, these hot dogs are also served in combination with multiple other sauces to the people.

Apart from being served as burgers only, the hot dogs are also an essential part of breakfast in people’s diet. People consume stir fried hot dogs or hot dogs sautéed in just minimum amount of oil in their breakfast. This is because it is light, contains minimal amount of oil and is also nutritious to eat.

Nowadays, we have ease in everything and things have become much convenient. Hot dogs can be purchased easily from the market. They are made, packed and frozen and only require 2 minutes to be sautéed. However, you can prepare the hot dogs yourself also choosing the type of meat you prefer.

Making hot dogs on a grill specially gas grill is different than just cooking it in a frying pan. You have to adjust the temperature accordingly and ensure that the hot dogs are not only cooked from outside but are tender from the inside as well.

Details On How Long To Cook Hot Dogs On Gas Grill

There are many ways to cook hot dogs. Cooking or frying them is the most common method while grilling them on the gas grill is another alternative method which requires expertise. You have to ensure that the hot dogs not only seem cooked from the outside but are cooked from inside and should be soft and tender.

Overcooked hot dogs loose their taste and the juiciness while the undercooked hot dogs will not be crispy and crunchy rather will taste bland from the inside. Following is the method which you can use to grill your hot dogs on the gas grill.

  • Prepare The Grill

To cook your hot dogs on the gas grill you have to prepare the gas grill first. Check if there are any remnants on your gas grill if so ensure to clean them before cooking your hot dogs. If there are any residues of previous food ensure to scrub and lubricate the grill with grease before grilling the hot dogs. This is because those residues can produce smoke during grilling. In addition to this, they will ruin the taste of your hot dogs and are also harmful for consumption.

  • Prepare Your Hot Dogs

Next you have to prepare your hot dogs to grill them on the gas grill. If your hot dogs are frozen then bring them to room temperature before grilling them. If you initiate grilling with frozen hot dogs then they will be left uncooked from inside and the outer surface will be burnt too.

To grill your hot dogs, make slits into the hot dogs to ensure even distribution of heat inside the joy hot dogs.

  • Spray The Grill

You have to lubricate your grill to ensure that your hot dogs do not stick to the grill. To do so, you can use a non stick spray to lubricate your grill.

  • Grilling the Hot Dogs

To grill your hot dogs you have to pre heat your grill. The grill should be heated for up to 10 minutes on full power. When the grill is heated fully you can turn the heat to medium high this is because regular hot dogs require more heat to be cooked properly. The medium heat will enable the transfer of heat into the hot dog evenly. However, cooking the hot dog on high flame will render them mouldy from inside and burnt from outside.

Place the hot dogs on the grill and keep on turning it for around 5 to 10 minutes. When the hot dogs start to cook, they tend to shrink from the ends. In addition to this, if you prefer charred hot dogs then you can surely do so. When the hot dogs are near the end of cooking, then you can char your hot dogs.

  • The Final Touch

To make your hot dogs taste better and enhance their taste you can top them up with butter. In addition to butter, you can also add garlic and parsley to the melted butter. Use a baking brush to brush the mixture on to the hot dogs. After done, remove your hot dogs from the grill and serve them.

Tips To Cook Your Hot Dogs On The Grill

Although cooking hot dogs is easy and simple but you still have to follow certain tips and tricks to ensure that the hot dogs are not only cooked from outside but are also tender from the inside. Here are the following tips which you can follow to cook hot dogs on the grill.

  • Ensure to preheat your grill. This is because if the heat will be cold or not appropriately heated the hot dogs will stick to the grill and will be burnt. In addition to this, if the grill is not heated the hot dogs will be mouldy from inside or might be raw from inside while just cooked from outside only.
  • Keep flipping your hot dogs every now and then. You cannot just leave your hot dogs because the outer layer will get burnt very quickly hence, keep on flipping the hot dogs till the time they are on the grill.
  • Use spices on hot dogs. This will give your hot dogs a good taste and will also enhance the flavours of your hot dogs.

Final Verdict

Conclusively, cooking hot dogs on the gas grill is just about precision and vigilance. You just have to ensure that your grill is clean and properly preheated to cook your hot dogs. Apart from this, you can you can independently experiment with the spices and various types of spices you want.

Just follow some tips while grilling your hot dogs. Make slits in your hot dogs also to ensure even penetration of heat into the hot dogs.

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