How To Use Dash Air Fryer

How To Use Dash Air Fryer Without Any Problem?

I’m excited to share with you my inaugural post on utilizing an air fryer from a particular brand. You’re likely eager to learn which brand I’ll be delving into. The anticipation has reached its end; I’ll be offering insights and tips to help you understand how to operate the Dash air fryer.

Tips & Tricks how to use Dash air fryer

Preheat The Air Fryer Before Placing The Food Inside

Even when you are going to cook food in the oven, you preheat it for a few minutes before placing the food inside. The process is the same with an air fryer. The taste of food will be more delicious in the preheated conditions. Despite that, this is a simple step that many people forget. For that reason, keep in mind the importance of remembering this advice.

Leave At Least Five Inches Of Space Around Your Air Fryer

You need to leave enough space around all sides of your air fryer if you want to provide adequate air circulation. There is a rule of thumb to provide five inches of space around the fryer and check that the surface is heat-proof.

Don’t Overcrowd Your Air Fryer

If you add too many foods into your air fryer basket, you will cause a big problem. The air fryer cannot work properly when it is overcrowded. The air circulation will be disrupted, and the food won’t taste delicious. If you need to prepare a large amount of food, you need to cook it in small air fryer batches. This way, you will ensure that your food gets crispy. Keep in mind to follow this advice, especially when you are making fries.

Cook Large Items In A Single Layer Without Stacking

If you want to prepare something like a whole chicken, steak, fish fillets, burgers, or pork chops, you should place them in one layer instead of stacking. It is necessary to follow this advice because you will not get what you expect. The parts that are touching will be soggy and colorless. Don’t rush. Cook them in batches.

Don’t Forget To Shake The Basket During Cooking

If you shake the basket at least a couple of times, you will ensure that everything in it is cooking evenly. It is especially useful when cooking small things. In this way, everything will be crispy, such as small parts of veggies or fries. You don’t have to exaggerate; even a few shakes will finish the work.

Instead Of Using The Microwave, Preheat Your Food In The Air Fryer

If you have some leftovers, you can reheat them in the air fryer. You don’t have to use your microwave for that. Anything that you want to reheat, whether it is pizza, some vegetables or chicken, you can do it in your new machine. I will give you the advice to set a temperature at 350°F. That temperature is lower-than-usual so that it will prevent your food from overcooking. Wait for about one minute, and then you can eat your leftovers as crispy and hot as you ate them the day before.

Cook Any Frozen Food In The Air Fryer

It is possible to cook any frozen food you like in the air fryer, including chicken nuggets or cauliflower gnocchi. If you don’t know the temperature and time of cooking, check our “Air Fryer Cooking Chart.”

You Can Toast Nuts In The Air Fryer

The air fryer can help you to toast nuts thanks to its hot circulation. The process of preparation is straightforward. You throw them in the basket and wait until they become gold and start making popping noises, which indicates they are done.

How To Use Cleaning Hacks For Dash Air Fryer

Don’t clean it in a dishwasher. Allow the air fryer to cool before cleaning. After that, you need to clean the basket, the drawer, as well as the whole machine. Don’t be afraid if you see some smoke in your air fryer. That only means that your machine contains some oil accumulation that needs to be removed. You will see a step-by-step guide on how you should clean it and what you will need in that process in the further text.

How To Use Conversion Tables For Dash Air Fryer

  1. If you want to change the oven-cooked recipes to be suitable for air-frying, you need to follow Mason’s general rule of thumb. The rule is to reduce the temperature by 25°F and cut the time of cooking by about 20%.
  2. Please, use the pause button on the air fryer from time to time and check your food’s readiness. If it is necessary, you should flip the food on the other side to achieve crispness evenly.

Dash Air Fryer Cooking Chart


Temp (°F) Time (mins) Temp (°F) Time (mins)

(sliced 1-inch)

400°F 5 Onions (pearl) 400°F 10
Beets (whole) 400°F 40 Parsnips

(½-inch chunks)

380°F 15
Broccoli (florets) 400°F 6 Peppers

(1-inch chunks)

400°F 15
Brussels sprouts (halved) 380°F 15 Potatoes

(small baby, 1.5 lbs)

400°F 15

(sliced ½ – inch)

380°F 15 Potatoes

(1-inch chunks)

400°F 12
Cauliflower (florets) 400°F 12 Potatoes

(baked whole)

400°F 40
Corn on the cob 390°F 6 Squash

(½-inch chunks)

400°F 12

(1 ½-inch cubes)

400°F 15 Sweet potato (baked) 380°F 30 to 35
Fennel (quartered) 370°F 15 Tomatoes (cherry) 400°F 4
Green Beans 400°F 5 Tomatoes (halves) 350°F 10
Kale leaves 250°F 12 Zucchini

(½-inch sticks)

400°F 12

(sliced ¼-inch)

400°F 5


Temp (°F) Time (mins) Temp (°F) Time (mins)
Breasts, bone-in

(1.25 lbs)

370°F 25 Legs, bone-in

(1.75 lbs)

380°F 30
Breasts, boneless

(4 oz.)

380°F 12 Wings (2 lbs.) 400°F 12
Drumsticks (2.5 lbs) 370°F 20 Game hen

(halved – 2 lbs)

390°F 20
Thighs, bone-in

(2 lbs)

380°F 22 Whole Chicken 360°F 75
Thighs, boneless

(1.5 lbs)

380°F 18 to 20 Tenders 360°F 8 to 10


There you have it another one in the bag, there were things that I had probably made mentioned before. Even though, some of the things that you see were repetitive, it never hurts to be reminded of something. See you in the next one.

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