Will Air Fryer Crack Granite?

Air fryers are new cooking appliances that take the cooking process to another level. It is basically designed as a replacement for the deep fryer. The mechanism of this device is to prepare any food in a fast time by providing continuous heat. This means that the countertop is may crack or melt due to the high temperature of the air fryer. So will the air fryer crack granite?

If you are a regular air fryer user, you may be wondering if it is possible to put it on the kitchen counter. If so, which type of countertop is perfect for holding an air fryer? Besides, there are people who want to retain their air fryer only in the kitchen to keep it safe from children.

In this article, we will highlight whether it is safe to place an air fryer on the granite countertop. Along with that, we will also tell you about what to avoid when it comes to granite countertops and details of other safe countertops. So keep reading to get effective info from this article.

Will Air Fryer Crack Granite?

Although granite countertops are previously used by rich and famous people in their kitchens, nowadays it has become much more affordable and common. Additionally, granite is made of very solid stone. But it is wrong to think that they will never crack.

However, it is true that granite can absorb extremely high temperatures. But one thing about it is that it is not a man-made material. So it may have a slight imperfection. In fact, it is made by Mother Earth, not by any machine or factory, or engineer.

Granite countertops are completely safe to withstand the heat of an air fryer. This is because air fryers are capable of releasing a maximum temperature of 400 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. But granite countertops can absorb temperatures over 500 degrees Fahrenheit, as we said before. If your kitchen countertop is made of granite, you can definitely use an air fryer in it.

Since the air fryer emits much higher temperatures during its operation, there is no risk of cracking the granite countertop. Natural granite can rarely cause cracks known as fissures. Also, other imperfections can sometimes weaken it. As a result, it can be risky, especially when exposed to heated material. But

Which Countertops are Safe for Air Fryers

Granite countertops are completely safe for air fryers. In addition, there are a few more countertops that carry extensive safety when it comes to keeping an air fryer. Generally, your kitchen should have a countertop that can withstand temperatures of at least 500 degrees.

In that case, any electrical device other than an air fryer that emits high temperatures will not be at risk at all. So check which countertops are safe to keep the air fryer.

Quartz Countertop

Quartz countertops are completely safe from any cracks or damage. It can take the temperature load of a device like an air fryer. However, quartz never contains 100% quartz. Made with 90% quartz and the remaining 10% resin and polymer. Now you may be wondering are these heat resistant? The answer is yes. These are man-made materials that are very durable.

Stainless Steel Countertop

Currently, stainless steel is being given high priority to prepare kitchen countertops. Because they are heat resistant, as well as affordable. Moreover, they are in great demand commercially. Some heat-generating devices like air fryers are used in homes. A good and heat-absorbing countertop is essential for this. In this regard, a countertop of stainless steel is quite preferable.

Concrete Countertop

Concrete countertops are also slowly gaining popularity. Because they are very interesting to look at and hit-proof. Although they are a bit more expensive than granite countertops but effective. So there is no issue when the air fryer is run on this cabinet.

One downside of concrete cabinets, however, is that operating an air fryer can cause some stains. So when installing it, see if the sealant is heat resistant in the air fryer. The sealant is very important. This is because it prevents water from entering the perforated concrete and protects the concrete surface from stains.

Wooden Countertop

Wooden countertops are great when it comes to attractive interiors but are affordable. However, they cannot absorb high heat. They have a certain level of endurance tops. Going beyond that level will gradually create burn marks on the wood which will ruin the beauty of your countertop.

You can follow a little trick to withstand the heat of the air fryer. That is to use silicone mats. This will allow you to manage your air fryer on a wooden countertop for a long time

Marble Countertop

Marble counters are the top choice for kitchens. Because they can withstand almost all kinds of high temperatures. Moreover, it is so hard that it will not crack or melt like other surfaces. So marble is one of the best heat-resistant countertops in an air fryer. But there is a ‘but’ here. How much temperature it can withstand depends on the quality of the marble. Typically, it is capable of absorbing heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Which Countertops are Vulnerable To Air Fryers

Some countertops are not suitable for resisting the heat of the air fryer. Plastic or laminate is one of them. Plastic or laminate are two of the cheapest and weakest countertops. They can withstand very low hits.

They are beautiful to look at but not suitable for work. When an air fryer is placed on this type of countertop, it is more likely to melt. So laminate countertops are unsafe to manage or support air fryers

What to Put Under the Air Fryer to Secure the Countertop

You can simply use some techniques to keep your countertop safe. All you have to do is use heat-proof mats or trays under the air fryer. These mats vary in type, quality, design, and capacity to cover temperature. Among them, silicone mats, trivets, old chopping boards are some of the most helpful.


The best place to operate an air fryer is in a ventilated and heat-resistant area. If your countertop is not heat-resistant, you shouldn’t put your air fryer there. Hopefully, the above discussion will help you to understand about  whether or not the air fryer can crack granite.

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