Best Equipment For Brewing Loose Leaf Tea

Take your tea to the next level by using loose leaves in your pot. Loose leaf tea provides an intense flavour hit, whether you are brewing oolong or green tea, or any of the myriad other varieties. Once you’ve used loose tea leaves you won’t want to return to your old tea bags.

But how do you make the perfect mug of loose leaf tea? Do you need specialist equipment for the task? Here we describe the essential kit you need for a decent brew, and some more items for your wish list. Take a look and check out how simple it is to achieve a comforting cup of tea.

Loose Leaf Tea: The Basics

Making tea from tea leaves is not a difficult task. All you really need is some good quality tea, or speciality tea if you want the best experience, a brewing receptacle, and a cup. You can brew tea leaves in a strainer or a pot. But there are other tools that make the job easier and more satisfactory.

Here we show you a few must-have pieces of kit and some ideal additions to your tea lover’s kitchen.

Equipment for Tea Making

The first item on our list is not essential, as such, but it really helps you to create the ideal conditions for tea making depending on the type of tea leaves you are using. It is an electric kettle that comes with a temperature control so you can set the water exactly as needed for different tea varieties. It also stays at the right temperature for up to an hour when you leave the kettle turned on, meaning there is no rush to pour the water.

You’ll definitely need a tea maker or a tea infuser. A strainer or infuser is the simplest way to make tea. Pick a larger infuser so that the delicate leaves have enough room to move around. There are many different types available, so choose the one that suits your preferences.

Handy extras for your tea include a cold brew bottle for making blended teas and drinks to enjoy chilled. It has a strainer built into the bottle and you can leave it in your fridge for a ready-made drink any time of the day. A milk frother for matcha tea is also ideal.

How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea

Loose leaf tea is totally easy to create. In fact, it is the perfect way to make tea since it gives more flavour and you can control its intensity. Use around 5g of tea for every 400ml of hot water. Pick the highest quality tea you can find and avoid the standard tea leaves you can buy from supermarkets. Boil your water and add the boiled water to some cold water in a teapot or tea maker, over the tea leaves.

Leave the tea leaves to infuse. The time required varies between tea types and also by personal preference. Experiment to find your sweet spot. Then, pour the tea straight from the pot if it has a filter, or use a strainer to catch the leaves. You can enjoy fresh tea with or without milk. Some people add some lemon to the tea to create a pleasing sharpness.

You’ll soon love this method of making tea. And since tea also has numerous health benefits you can enjoy a brew knowing you are also boosting your wellbeing.




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