How long do you Cook Frozen Burritos in Air Fryer?

How long do you Cook Frozen Burritos in Air Fryer?

At times, you lack the motivation to keep working, much less to step into the kitchen and prepare a meal for you and your kin. This task tires everyone eventually. The sole factor propelling you through your hectic existence is sustenance. It’s essential to nourish oneself regularly to sustain life’s rhythm. But imagine if a mere press of a button could magically present you with your meal? Indeed, I possess a tip and a culinary delight that can spare you both time and effort. This is a snack that becomes your go-to choice whenever you’re too lethargic to engage in any activity.

We are talking about burritos. Yes! the burr burr burritos.

What are Burritos?

Burritos are wraps. A flour tortilla filled with different kinds of meats, vegetables. It is originally a Mexican recipe that is now available all over the world as fusion burritos. Tortillas are usually grilled or steamed pear choices of the customer. They are among the list of most loved snacks. You can have them for breakfast, lunch or at tea time. They are primarily available in frozen forms in varying combinations by multiple companies. You can also prepare them at home, which is kind of time taking.

The frozen form of burrito available in the market is like the raw form, which means you have to cook them again to enjoy them. Frozen burritos only save you the time of making the filling and wrapping it in tortillas. Many restaurants widely offer burritos 24/7. But frozen tortillas are relatively more wallet-friendly and light on the pocket than their takeaways from restaurants. Keep this economical and budget-friendly tip in mind next time you plan to order a burrito from a restaurant.

Most loved Burritos Fillings

Burritos give you a lot of space to experiment. You can create hundreds of different flavors of burritos, and still, you can never get over them. They give you a vast ground to play according to your choices. You can experiment with the combination no restaurant is offering, or you can fusion the existing combinations and create your fusion burritos. Different combinations of filling are available in the market; most loved combinations are

  • Bean and cheese burritos
  • Egg, turkey sausage, and cheese burritos are the favorite breakfasts of most Americans.
  • Beef and bean red chili burrito
  • Red hot beef burrito
  • Gluten-free cheddar cheese burrito, perfect for diet conscious people
  • Shredded steak, cheese, and rice burritos

How long to Air Fry Burritos?

Now comes the most tricky part. How long can one cook burritos? One can describe the exact timing. One of those questions sounds so easy to answer, but you can’t answer them because they are just simple to hear and are not easy to answer.  This is the most asked question, and in this article, I will clear all the misapprehensions and confusion about air frying the burritos. Many factors determine the time of frying the burritos. These are


The time of frying the burrito depends extensively on the filling. If it is a vegetable or egg and cheese filling, it will take less time than the burritos containing beef or chicken in the filling. On the other hand, meat needs much more time than a simple egg or ham tortilla.

Tortilla crust

Timing also varies with the likings about tortilla crust. For example, some prefer crispy hard crust, which takes relatively more time than the one whose exterior is less crisp.

Placement in the Air Fryer

Although heating burritos in the microwave takes less time, they are no match to air-fried ones. The placement of burritos in the air fryer matters a lot. A big-size air fryer can take up to 6 burritos in a single go, which is an excellent time to entertain a family. But if your air fryer size is small and you place more than the fryer’s capacity, this will turn out horrible. The warm air in the air fryer needs space among the items to circulate, and this circulation ensures the equal cooking and tenderness of the thing. This is what makes the air fryer king of the cooking gadgets.

Air frying instructions

Heating burritos in the microwave is a mess. Although it is time-saving compared to air fry, you won’t get that taste and flavor that you can enjoy in air-fried burritos. So get yourself a high-quality air fryer today and forget that deep-frying ever existed. Instead, save your time by following the below-enlisted instructions and save your time and energy with the help of an air fryer.

  • The first step in heating the frozen burrito is preheating the air fryer at 350F for 3-4 minutes. This simple step ensures the equal cooking of burritos.
  • The next step is to take the frozen burritos from their packaging and place them on an air fryer basket. Do not stack them. If you are frying a large number of burritos, place them in an even layer. Make sure they remain close but do not stick with each other upon heating.
  • Some people prefer thawing before air frying. You can do it, but it is not mandatory. You can have a perfectly air-fried burrito without thawing.
  • Now put the basket back into the air fryer and cook the frozen burrito for at least 12-15 minutes. This will get them a golden brown color on top.
  • If the color is still not to your taste, air-fry them for another two to three minutes according to your desire. It also depends on the size of the burrito.
  • Move the basket out of the air fryer and let the burritos stand for 1-2 minutes. The air fryer’s air makes them ultra-hot, and you don’t want to wait before touching them. Then, burritos are ready to enjoy.


I hope this article will help you in the air frying the delicious burrito next time. Always keep in mind the size and filling of the burrito and the capacity of your air fryer to get the perfect air-fried burritos.

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