Best Juicer For Key Limes in 2024

Having a relationship with Florida keys, where they use it for flavoring the key lime pie, it is called Key Lime. Key limes are enriched with Vitamin C and a lot of other antioxidants. It wears a yellow color when ripe and it contains more seeds than regular lime.

Key limes provide you more tart and highly aromatic juice. There is an endless list of Asian and Mexican recipes in which key limes are used as a necessary ingredient due to their incredible aroma and taste.

Best Juicer For Key Limes Product Review

Key limes are comparatively harder than other citrus fruits, and also very small in size. That makes them difficult to be juiced properly in an ordinary juicer machine. Even most dedicated citrus juicers also can not juice them well.

To meet the need, brands offer juicer machines and tools that are exceptionally designed to deal with key limes along with other citrus fruits. Several manual juicers can help you in this regard as well as there are juicer machines with dual cone systems in which the smaller rotating cones are featured to handle small citrus fruits such as key limes.

Below we have compiled a review of top variants available in the market so that you can choose your best juicer for key limes with ease.


Squeezing one or two key limes with manual squeezers is fine but if the job continues the same does not remain a good idea anymore. For consistent usage, maximum yield, and quick production, one needs an electrical juicer that can deal with the smaller and harder key limes perfectly.


CJ620 by Black & Decker is designed to handle all the citrus family fruits identically. That is the reason this model comes to you with two different-sized cones. You can use them according to your need. For the key limes, you will pick the smaller one and its powerful auto-reverse function will extract up to the last drop of juice from it in a matter of seconds

Moreover, as the key limes are seedier than any other citrus fruit, by using the pulp control you can adjust the strainer density at the required level to avoid the seed factor not being mixed with the juice.

Similarly, if you are preparing any other citrus juice recipe that needs the key limes to be added for their particular aroma and flavor, you can do it all with the same machine. Its pitcher has a double capacity to collect your delicious juice.


  • Adjustable strainer density
  • Auto reversing feature
  • Small cone specially designed for limes
  • Quantity measurement marked pitcher
  • User trusted
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • Removable pulp bin
  • Small footprint


  • Can not juice other fruits except citrus

Eurolux ELCJ-1700 Electric Citrus Juicer

ELCJ-1700 by Eurolux is another unique in style and simple in operation citrus juicer. It can loveably extract the maximum yield from the smaller key limes with convenience. That is the reason it is high in demand.


The model features a ”one size fits all” juicing cone. That means you can have a hassle-free juicing experience with this wonderful machine. While the juicing cone squeezes and extracts maximum produce from your fruit, the integrated filter stops all the unwanted particle to transfer to your cup and provides your a smoother juice out there.

All that you need to do is to place the fruit on its cone and press the rubber handle using its soft grip. As you put the pressure on the handle, the machine starts its operation and on releasing, it stops working.

Similarly, the easily detachable parts allow an easy cleaning after use. The suction cup on the base, hold the counter or tabletop firmly so that the machine does not jump on the surface because of its vibration, Resultantly you experience safe juicing on the cleaner countertop.

Moreover, Below the strainer, there is a little house for collecting the juice. There is a lock featured with the stainless steel spout. Locking and unlocking the same can hold or release the juice to your glass.


  • Automatic spiral juicer
  • Stainless steel lockable spout
  • Powerful 160-watt motor
  • Maximum yield
  • Simple operation
  • Stainless steel pits removal filter
  • Universal ream
  • One size fits all


  • Short on stock, so hurry up

PREPARA Glass Citrus Juicer with Storage

Let’s talk about a manual option in the last. There is a vast range of manual squeezers to deal with key limes but there are a couple of negative points attached to them. For example, all those are hard on your wrist. Similarly, the manual squeezers do not extract a sufficient quantity and leave a lot of juice back in the pulp.


Leaving all those options aside, our current pick is wat better in the manual squeezers category. It includes a juicing cone attached with a strainer which can be placed on the small container down there.

The juice collector can store up to 5 oz. juice that is around 148 ml. So, if you need a quite smaller quantity of fresh juice, this one works well for you.

Moreover, The model has a glass base and a lid is included in the package to store the juice directly without converting it to any other cup or bowl.

Furthermore, the reamer has perfect angles and shape to deal with the small key limes. The model is dishwasher safe so cleaning the same is not a deal. It is made of BPA-free material so that you can get fresh and pure juice from it to use in your favorite recipes.


  • Innovative structure
  • Built-in pouring spout
  • Ideally constructed reamer
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free


  • You need to rotate the key limes on the reamer with hand

Final Thoughts

The maximum juice quantity you can get from the average key lime is about 2 ounces. That may be enough a single person recipe, but either you are attending the guests, or need the key lime juice at the commercial level, an electrical juicer should be there to help you.

Keeping both aspects in mind regarding your bigger tasks to be performed fast, and meeting your smaller needs finely, we have presented the above review. We suggest that if you often need to do key lime juicing, Black & Decker CJ625 will be your permanent companion because of its durable built-up and simple features.


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