What Size Air Fryer for Single Person

It can be a pretty hefty job to cook your meals at the right time when you live alone. The air fryer can be a solution for you to prepare your food quickly with the least effort. The characteristics of the device make it an excellent choice for any single individual to prepare the food quickly without much effort. In this article, we will let you know what size air fryer for a single person you need to pick.

It’s no wonder that the air fryer arrives in different sizes and styles. Starting from 2QT, you will even find 15 to 20 QT air fryers. But you don’t want such huge devices in your tiny kitchen while you need to cook food for just own-self. The below article will let you know which size of the air fryer device will serve you best to cook food for one person.

So, What Size Air Fryer for Single Person?

If you are searching for an air fryer for a single person, we will recommend you to go for the one that comes in 1 QT to 2 QT capacity. This size is more than enough for you to cook adequate meals at once. Besides, you will not require going through much of the cleaning work with such air fryers. Furthermore, because of the size, the air fryer will be portable and you can easily store them. You can even transport them with ease while traveling.

You might want to go for a bigger air fryer but you shouldn’t as they will take more space. Moreover, they will also require more cleaning and maintenance. So, try to go for an air fryer that comes in the size to cook adequate food for you.

Air Fryer’s Sizing Guide

Since you are here, we can pretty much assume that you are new in the world of the air fryer. And, you don’t know much about the sizing of the air fryer. That’s why we will start by letting you know how an air fryer’s capacity is measured. The air fryer’s capacity is typically measured in quarts or liters. Quarts are something most of us are not familiar with.

In case you don’t know, a quart is an English unit that is equivalent to a quarter gallon. The measurement of quarts is very close to liters but it varies a bit in the US and Britain. One quart is equivalent to 1.13 liters in Britain while it is 0.94 liter in the US or America.  Now let’s know how the air fryer size varies based on its capacity.

Small Air Fryers

The small air fryers are the ones that can cook for around one to two people. Their capacity typically varies from 1QT to 2QT.  The air fryers are more than adequate for one person and you can easily cook around two chicken breasts in these air fryers at once. You can also cook enough snacks for two persons. Small air fryers are perfect for single individuals who live in the dorm or hostels.

Some of these air fryers may also arrive with 2 to 3 QT capacity and cook around 4 to 6 chicken wings. A 3 QT air fryer can be a great choice for couples or two persons. However, we will recommend you to go for an air fryer with a bit bigger capacity or over 3 QT if you are going to use it regularly.

Medium Air Fryers

The medium air fryers are a great choice for small families. If you have a family of 3 or more, a medium-size air fryer will be the best pick for you. They typically arrive at 3 to 4 QT size which allows you to cook a whole chicken (sliced of course). Moreover, you can also cook enough snacks like chicken fries for around 4 persons in the medium size air fryers. They are also suitable for cooking two different things at once, making them more suitable for families.

The biggest end of the range for medium air fryers can be around 4 to 6 QTs and they can be suitable for a family of around 5 persons. They allow you to cook more food and different types of food at once. An air fryer with 6 quarts can allow you to cook a whole chicken (small) without cutting. Some of these may arrive with two racks, allowing you to cook different varieties of food at once. They can be perfect for large families and parties.

Larger Air Fryers

Large air fryers are something that you will want for bigger families. They are also an excellent choice for parties or family gatherings. The large air fryers allow you to cook all the things you want to prepare for an occasion at once. Their size may vary from around 6 QTs to 10 QTs. You can easily cook large ingredients like whole chicken, pizzas, turkeys, etc. in the large air fryers.

Well, these air fryers are typically more than an average air fryer. They arrive with versatile functions to cook foods in different styles. Some of the modes they may include are grill, BBQ, roasting, dehydrating, etc., and much more. There are even air fryers that equip more than 10 types of cooking. They can be an alternative to multiple cooking appliances.

How to Know the Size of the Air Fryer?

Well, that’s pretty easy. You should find the size of the cooking appliance in its box. If you are purchasing the air fryer online, the size should be available product description or image. As we said earlier, the size is mentioned in the quarts most of the time and sometimes it can also be mentioned in liters. Note that some air fryer’s capacity may be mentioned in pounds along with QTs.


Knowing what size of the air fryer is very important as the size is directly connected with serving, cleaning, and portability. We hope that our today’s article will help you to easily understand what is the right size of the air fryer you will require for cooking for a single person.

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