Why Did My Air Fryer Stop Working

Troubleshooting Tips for Why Did My Air Fryer Stop Working

In this article, we’re going to delve into a solution for the pressing question: why has my air fryer ceased functioning? An air fryer stands out as a remarkable kitchen device that allows you to indulge in your favorite fried dishes within minutes, all while drastically reducing the amount of oil needed. This feature proves to be immensely beneficial for whipping up quick meals. Hence, it’s understandably aggravating when your air fryer suddenly becomes unresponsive. In this piece, we’ll guide you through several essential steps you ought to follow if your air fryer stops working.

Steps To Figure Out Why Did My Air Fryer Stop Working?

Here are a few steps to follow if your air fryer stops working:

Step #1 – Figure Out The Reason My Air Fryer Stop Working

The first thing you will need to do is pinpoint the specific issue and the cause of it. A few tips to figure this out are:

Ensure that the Air Fryer Is Plugged In/Powered On

I know this tip may seem obvious, but that is exactly why it is the number one tip. Because the device is plugged in is so obvious, many times we overlook this and proceed to troubleshoot other potential issues. Missing this does not make you dumb; it simply makes you human.

So, before we dive into any other fixes, stop and double-check that the air fryer was not mistakenly unplugged. Okay, now that we’ve verified that the fryer is indeed connected to an electrical outlet let’s move on to our other checks.

Ensure That The Socket Isn’t Faulty

To do this, simply switch the air fryer cord to a different electrical outlet. If you have it plugged into a surge protector, try connecting it to a socket directly in the wall. Now, test to see if it powers on. If the air fryer powers on after moving it to a new outlet, it means wherever it was plugged in previously has become faulty.

If your air fryer is still not working, it means the issue is indeed with your fryer and not the outlets. So, move on to step number two.

Step #2 – Try a Soft Power Reset

Once you’ve confirmed that the issue is with your air fryer. you will want to perform a soft power reset. This will ensure that any electrical charges it may be storing are completely dispelled.

To do this, simply unplug the air fryer then hold down the power button (with it unplugged) for 30 full seconds then leave it to sit unplugged for at least ten minutes before attempting to plug it back in. Once the time has elapsed, plug it back in, and attempt to power it back on.

If your air fryer is still not working, move on to step number three.

Step #3 – Check To See If All The Parts Are Secured In Their Places

Ensure that your fryer basket and other detachable parts are in their respective sections. Some air fryer models will not power on until all detachable pieces have been securely locked back into their respective places. If you already have your air fryer basket, racks, or door (depending on your fryer model) secured in place. Remove all these pieces then reset them individually to ensure they are all inserted or closed correctly then attempt to power on your fryer once again.

If your air fryer still has not powered on, it may be a more serious issue. Let’s move on to checking for possible physical defects.

Step #4 – Check To See if Damage to the Cables is Why Your Air Fryer Won’t Turn On

If you have gotten to this step, your issue is, unfortunately, more serious than we would prefer. Damaged cables can in fact be a dangerous scenario to diagnose so ensure that your air fryer is unplugged before attempting to examine the wires.

Kitchen appliance wires are typically made to withstand more wear and tear than some of the other parts of the devices. This is because our electrical wires are often squashed, bent, twisted, and stretched both during and after use. But over time this can lead to damage to the cables making them unable to carry out their duty of transmitting power to your device.

How To Check My Air Fryer Cables For Defects?

To see if this is what has happened, examine the air fryer cable closely to see if the head of the cable is still intact or if there are any exposed wires along the cord. If your cable is indeed defective, you will need to contact your manufacturer or local store depending on your purchasing agreement to see if it would be possible to have the cable replaced or if your issue can be easily repaired.

Your manufacturer is typically able to send out a technician to your area to examine your air fryer. However, in the cases that they are unable to, they may direct you as to where you can take the fryer to be examined or where to ship it to.

Nothing worked! What do I do now?

If nothing has worked up to this point, you may need to seek assistance from your manufacturer or local store. They may be able to assist you in getting your air fryer replaced or repaired. The good news is that most times your air fryer comes with a lengthy warranty from your manufacturer. In some cases you may also get a shorter-term from the local store you purchased the fryer from. Especially. if you purchased a brand-new air fryer.

Bottom Line

When your devices do not work as you are expecting them to you can fall into a state of depression. But, try not to allow these issues to rattle you. It is best for you to maintain a level head. So, that you will be able to carry out the basic steps explored above.

It is important to note that the steps featured may not always fix your air fryer. However, if your efforts fail, try reaching out to the local store you purchased your fryer from. The manufacturer for your specific air fryer shouls also be able to assist.

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