Best Juicer For Turmeric And Ginger in 2024

Turmeric and ginger are flowering plants that are anciently used as folk herbs. The turmeric itself belongs to the ginger plant family. Their use as spices is globally liked but with every coming day, people are becoming aware of their health benefits.

From a health point of view, different uses of turmeric and ginger are in practice for a long. Such as in Asia and Africa, turmeric is used to take with milk for internal healing, and ginger is added to black tea not only for taste enhancement but for stomach reliefs also.

Best Juicer For Turmeric And Ginger Product Review

Turmeric and ginger shots made from their juices are preferred worldwide to enhance the immune system as it is the need of the day. Add a little juice to your regular health smoothies and receive the incredible taste, aroma, and nutritional benefits of these wonderful herbs.

Juicing these herbs or veggies (whatever you want to name them) with the ordinary is not a good idea because of their rigid nature. All that you need to do is to go down and look at the review so that you may have an idea of the best juicer variants available in the market for turmeric and ginger juice.

Omega NC800HDS

All that we need to get from turmeric and ginger are the healthy enzymes and nutrients hidden therein. A masticating slow juicer is always the best option for transferring the nutritions to your cup with their threads intact.


Because of the high aroma and stronger taste, a smaller quantity of turmeric and ginger juice is required for different recipes. But if you find it hard to juice a few oz every day, Omega NC800HDS will help you. It runs at a slow rate of 80 rpm so that the lesser heat and oxidation impact is introduced to the juice and it remains fresh and healthy for up to 72 hours.

Similarly, the dual-stage slow extraction system squeezes every last drop of the juice for you and provides you a higher yield from a smaller quantity. The juice obtained from a masticating machine does not lose its original taste for long.

Moreover, the model is perfectly engineered for juicing all types of veggies, fruits, and mincing herbs or spices. You can also make yummy baby food or delicious soy milk and frozen desserts with it.

The machine operates quietly and its automatic pulp ejector lets you juice bigger quantities without stopping. It is an easy to clean and easy to assemble model so from start to end there is no mess at all.

Above all, you receive a 15—years parts and performance warranty. That is why you do not need to worry about your investment, as the coverage itself is proof that the model provides you what you have paid for.


  • Long-lasting fresh juice
  • Adjustable end cap setting
  • Silent operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Preserves nutrients
  • 15-years coverage


  • Slow juicing takes a bit longer to juice

Tribest SS-4200-B

Our next pick from Tribest is equipped with a cold press extraction system that serves the living enzymes with love and produces a higher yield of fresh juice with longer life. There is an upgrade to this model that is also available at a higher budget but this one is sufficient for turmeric and ginger juice needs.


The efficient drive system of the model is engineered to produce mot torque up to 26 percent while it uses electricity as lesser as 10 percent. There are several attachments included in the deal using which you can make your favorite fruit and veggies juices in addition to sauces, sorbets, and pasta.

Amazingly, the machine runs at the lowest speed of 57 rpm that prevents the oxidation and heat impact completely. As a result, the healthy nutrition threads remain intact.

There is no chance of jamming because of the gear reduction equal to 5.4 HP. Collectively, the higher yield and lower power use reduce your grocery and electricity expense as a whole.

Above all, the machine is a combo of engineering and design. It provides you the best of juicing in addition to the beauty add up to your kitchen. It may be considered as one of the best single auger horizontal juicer machines all over. It’s solid built does not allow the machine to shake or vibrate while operating.


  • Intelligent and compact built-up
  • Extremely slow processing
  • 8 times stronger larger auger
  • Up to 40 percent extra yield
  • BPS-free and BPA-free
  • Zstar compatible


  • Putting the frozen items may damage the auger housing

Breville BJE200XL

Lastly, let’s talk about something wonderful from Breville. This is such a multi-task quick machine. Features like compact design, beautiful look, and juicing in no time, make it the choice of pros.


The sophisticated design of BJE200XL is packed with the ultimate to provide you with the fresher and quicker juice of turmeric and ginger fed through its wider chute. The pulp container is built within the footprint so that you can place and use it at small places conveniently.

Amazingly, there is a titanium-reinforced disc accompanied by stainless steel micro-mesh basket which is Italian-made. The wonderful juicing assembly is designed for maximum extraction of healthy nutrients through its optimum juicing.

Besides doing ginger and turmeric, the machine juices almost everything you put in within seconds. To avoid froth being transferred to your juice cup, which is inevitable while juicing several fruits, the juice is featured with a froth separator to provide you a smoother juice.

The model comes to you with a 25 oz juice jug and a pulp container equal to 1.6 qt size. Cleaning the machine is a breeze and you can store it in cabinets because of its compact design.

Above all, the machine is backed with a one-year limited warranty to secure your investment in your health.


  • Shortened preparation
  • Fast Juicing
  • Unique extraction
  • Integrated froth separator
  • Extra-wide chute
  • Compact design
  • One-year limited warranty


  • You need to store the juice jug separately

Final Thoughts

Keeping the features, durability, strength, and budget, we found the Omega NC800HDS a product worth paying for. If you are yet using the healthy and delicious turmeric and ginger juice to your diet plan, do it today and buy the best juicer that meets your requirement so that you and your family can stay healthy.


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