How to Extract Ginger Juice

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How to Extract Ginger Juice Professionally

On the lid of COVID-19, we are presently faced with the rapidly reaching flu season! A home cure that I pursue to fight off infections, prevent colds/flu, OR comfort cold/flu indications are the practice of freshly extracted ginger beverages. In extension to cooking, ginger juice is a good taste to the tea. Just blend some honey with heated water and nearly two teaspoons of green ginger juice (or extra if you prefer), and you retain yourself a piping heated cup of tasty, homemade ginger tea. The ginger beverage is not a cure-all but might assist reduce nausea or pain, enhancing digestion, soothing muscle discomforts, and just lowering the hazard of cancer. Convinced to make some homemade ginger liquid/extract?

How to Extract Ginger Juice

A home solution that I pursue to fight off infections and avoid the cold or flu is utilizing freshly extracted ginger juice.


  • Grater
  • Sieve
  • Materials
  • 75 grams ginger


Rinse your ginger entirely and dry with a paper towel.

Mash your ginger with the grater.

Spot a sieve over a pot and transfer the mashed ginger into the sieve.

Pinch the ginger with a scoop to extract the ginger juice.


75 grams of unpeeled ginger yielded nearly three tablespoons of ginger extract.

If you’ve seen this blog for a period, you may have understood there are some recipes yielded for freshly grated ginger beverages. Fresh ginger is an extremely good and popular marinade component that assists tenderize the meat and ousting some apprehensive smell if there’s any. With ginger juice, you can prepare a tasty drink that boosts up your body fitness or a dessert that convinces your sweet tooth, or a tasty sauce that brings your total dish up a grade.

But, how do we prepare ginger juice? And how to extract as greatly ginger juice as feasible? These are the topics I was asked frequently. You don’t require to chop or mince the ginger at all. These methods can only provide you with a limited drop of ginger beverage. In Australia, the ginger seed is quite costly. So we’d want to extract as vastly juice from a tiny size of ginger as we can. It’s not that difficult as you believed. All you need is a cheap ginger grater and your clean your hands.

What You Need

  • 1 small knob ginger root
  • Ginger grater
  • 1 strainer or your clean hand

The box-shaped ginger grater was purchased from an awesome shop in Hong Kong that presented to me for years.


Peel ginger with a blade or spoon.

Grate shaved ginger with a ginger grinder.

Shift mashed ginger to a tiny strainer. To remove the ginger juice, press with a spoon. Or shift into a ginger press if you possess any. Or just squeeze the grated ginger with your tidy bare hand.

Based on my particular knowledge, a box-shaped ginger grinder is an efficient tool. Tons of juice can be extracted effortlessly from it. You will see that the serrated ratchet liner on the lid is specially formulated for shredding, not trimming the ginger fiber.

Beneath is a ceramic garlic grater that was purchased when I toured Japan. The root has slip-proof rubber pieces to deter slipping during mashing. You can obtain one here if you want.

Japanese Ginger Grater

Exempt from the grating devices shown here, can a cheese or garlic grater be utilized for assisting juice ginger? Yes. Correlated with the box-shaped ginger grater, a tiny ginger beverage can be extracted. They are good equipment though.

Today we’re speaking all about how to prepare ginger beverages and ginger shots from the fresh ginger seed!

Ginger juice and ginger shots are juicy, spicy, and aromatic concoctions confident to liven up your day.

Preparing your ginger juice requires just three ingredients and lends or takes 20 minutes. It’s is simple to do with a blender, bullet blender, or diet processor. Ginger beverage can be served as a recreational cold beverage on heated summer days or it can be served heated as ginger tea while frigid winter months.

It’s furthermore tremendous as a cocktail mixer, as a root for sauces, or prepared rice.

Here’s How to Do It

Measure and ready the ginger. You can shave the skin off the ginger or if your ginger isn’t extremely dirty you can just wash it. Eliminate any tough portions, knobs, or intense crevices where mud collects.

Slash the ginger into 1-2″ portions so it’s simpler for your blender to break down.

Put in the ginger slices and liquid to a blender with lemon beverage and sweetener (if using) and mix for 30-60 seconds until no big pieces remain.

Spill through a nice sieve or nut milk bag to waste the pulp and your shot is prepared!

Here are some elective add-ins that lick incredible with ginger juice.

New herbs! Basil, mint, rosemary, and thyme all flavor are all outstanding with ginger juice. Begin by adding two tablespoons of new herbs and flavor. Lemongrass would furthermore be tremendous.

Vanilla extract. Yes, vanilla and ginger are an enormous couple, as vanilla is favorable and soothing correlated to ginger’s fiery heat! Begin with one teaspoon per one cup of ginger juice.

Citrus juice, lime juice, Lemon juice, and orange juice can all be strengthened by this recipe.

How To Make Ginger Shots

Ginger shots aspired to as a health or fitness shot can be established a bit oppositely as you won’t slowly drink on ginger shots. Ginger shots are additionally concentrated so they have tinier water and less sugar but you can yet make them effortlessly in your blender or bullet blender.

These ginger beverage shots comprise pure ginger juice and fresh lemon juice putting in sugar is discretionary.

To prepare ginger shots, pursue the steps to make ginger juice recorded above with limited exceptions. If you’re preparing ginger health shots you don’t require to put in the sugar as you won’t be drinking on it.

A Hand Holding Fresh Ginger

Furthermore, health shots are commonly focused so we’ll utilize half the percentage of water.

Stock ginger shots in the chiller in a closed container for up to 5 days. You can furthermore freeze them for lengthier storage if needed.

Ginger Juice Advantages

Why sip a ginger beverage or ginger shots? Ginger is in the fitness food spotlight for a mixture of benefits, particularly those about stomach diseases. Ginger is realized to assist heal the gut with everything from nauseousness, to motion disease, daylight sickness, and menstrual cramps.