Best Juicers For Oranges in 2024

3 Best Juicers For Citrus Juice

Are you worried about missing your daily vitamin c intake? Start taking citrus fruit in your diet? The traditional and orange juicers function differently.  Having an orange juicer in your kitchen saves a lot of money and time to buy the orange juice packs from the market.

Undoubtedly many people are hesitant to buy orange juicers due to their price range but purchasing synthetic orange juice cans is way more costly than buying from the supermarket.

Obviously, you can buy a bunch of oranges when you do your routine grocery shopping. Many products are present, but I will explain the best three juicers for oranges with their detailed reviews.

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin c and other vital nutrients. The most significant advantage of consuming oranges in your diet is the constant supply of food rich in vitamin C. Citrus fruits are a family of fruits including oranges, grapefruits, and lemons, etc. 

The advantages of vitamin c are huge as they are very potent for healthy gums and immune health. A study showed that individuals lacking in vitamin c diet are more prone to eye diseases, cardiovascular disorders, and common cold issues.

Consuming oranges in juice is preferable for most individuals due to the fast intake and maximum supply of oranges. You consume less raw food in comparison with the fluid intake of the same food item. Many gym trainers and doctors recommend intaking a minimum of a glass of orange juice daily due to the vitamin c. Vitamin C is a group of water-soluble vitamins, and they are easily removed from the body in urine form even taken in excess.


Vinci Hands Free Electric Citrus Juicer

Do you prefer an automated juicer over the hand squeezer for your daily orange juice diet, then I recommend you to buy the Vinci Hands-Free electric citrus juicer. The best thing about the Vinci is the easy operation; you can listen to the music and operate the juicer meanwhile. The plastic material used for manufacturing the juicer machine compliance with the safety of the consumers, and all the plastic is of BPA-free grade.

Another good feature is that it is not designed explicitly for oranges, as other tasteful citrus fruits can be used for making the delightful glass of vitamin c fluid.

You can do perform juicing with no hassle as the machine is fully automated and requires no force to make even ten glasses of orange juices. It is the best juicer for arthritis or another bone disease as you don’t have to put energy while juicing.

How does the extraction work with Vinci Electric Citrus juicer?

The Vinci electric citrus juicer extracts maximum juice from the oranges. Half a dozen oranges make three glasses of oranges. You need to cut your citrus fruit into two halves for operation.

Our Verdict 

Vinci Hands-free electric juicer is easy to use, clean, and way more convenient to use. Don’t push yourself to get packs of juices daily. Switch in your device, and you are good to go for your vitamin meal time.


It is fully automated with no use of a hand for squeezing and crushing.

Easy to juice and easy to clean after juicing

It comes with two pulp filters

BPA Free Plastic Material used


It would help if you bit careful in managing the pour spot while cleaning

A bit expensive than the other available options

Eurolux Electric Orange Squeezer

The Eurolux Electric Orange Squeezer is among the finest automated machines for getting orange juice regularly without putting in the extra effort. The advantage of Eurolux electric juice is easy operation, easy cleaning, and very cost-efficient. The manufacturers have designed the base for the safety of the kitchen top.  the detachable parts help in easy cleaning. 

Using Eurolux is more straightforward; just plugin your juicer machine, put citrus fruit, and with one press, you are good to go for a glassful of vitamin c 

A little precaution for your safety is not to use it constantly; give a break in short time intervals to avoid heating of the juicer machine.

Our Verdict 

Eurolux powerful orange squeezer is cost-effective, easy to assemble and disassemble the juicing machine, and requires zero power during the whole juice-making process.


A powerful 160 Watt Motor helps in maximum juice extraction for oranges.

Easy to operate and clean with the detachable parts.


Cleaning the top handle is not easy.

It overheats when used constantly for juice making

The device does overheats when used constantly

Breville CPXL Electric Jucier 

Do you miss the OJ on your breakfast table? Fun fact: a glass of orange juice contains 40 calories on average. Breville is the name of trust while buying a juicer machine. From whole food juicers to specific orange juicers, Breville is ensuring the quality constantly. The juicer is designed elegantly and works promptly with all the citrus fruits, including the grapefruits, etc. The stainless steel materials are way more durable than the plastic bodies, and the design is elegant. The attached lever with the presser arm makes the press effortless while producing the juice. If you enjoy the mix of lemon and orange juice, simply add the slices of both fruits to your Breville 800CPXL electric juicer and get the taste of your delicious orange juice with lemon flavor.

Our Verdict 

Breville is way more advanced and is among the top-quality juicers. The innovative technology makes it easier for you to carry out routine juicing in your daily life. In particular, it is somehow expensive, but it is made of long-lasting materials.


Patented Quadra Fin acid resistant for maximum juice extraction.

Long-lasting body parts 

Very quiet, no noise, easy to use, and clean after juicing

The innovative and elegant design with the acid-resistant cast.


One of the expensive orange juicers.

Some parts start heating when juicing done without a break.

Final thoughts 

Juicing is not a one-time thing. It is a routine job if you are continuously working on a healthy diet. Apart from this, many hand squeezers are available for orange juice making, but it should be noted that these hand pressers require extra force for their operation.

On the other hand, the electric orange juicers are handy and require no additional power during the juice-making process, and are very easy to operate. The best thing about the electric orange juicers is they easy to clean after finishing juice from oranges. Breville CPXL is a convenient, modern-looking, and easy-handling juicing machine. Assemble, operate and disassemble in minutes without any technical knowledge.





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