Best Juicer With Less Cleaning in 2024

Best Juicer With Less Cleaning Product Review

Ever since the covid has shaken the human mindset, people around the world have started taking their health more seriously than ever before. Because the first thing which helped people to survive was their immune system. The health consciousness has extraordinarily increased the use of appliances that provide healthy intakes, such as juicers.

Through this busy everyday life, it is not easy for a person to manage time for heavy preparation and a difficult cleaning process every day to take a simple glass of fresh juice. They start the race to provide you the best juicer with less cleaning so that you can meet your nutrition requirement without any hassle.

Similarly, from a business point of view, a fast cleaning juicer machine is a must, at your juice bar because the customers are not ready to wait for long. You have to serve all of them quickly. For that, you need a machine which you can re-use quickly.

Among the variety of options, we have picked the best juicer machine that involves the easiest and fast cleaning to save your time, considering the budget-friendly and performance.

Hamilton Beach 67601A Product Review

What a large number of Hamilton Beach’s fans believe about the brand is that they do not compromise on incorporating deep research and strict quality tests while throwing a juicing solution to their customers.

The model we have picked amongst many others is specially designed for quick re-use purposes. Not only it is easy to clean but attaching and detaching the removable parts is as simple that your elder kid will do it perfectly. Furthermore, the removable parts are dishwasher safe that makes the washing convenient. All the parts which interact with the food are BPA-free, so you can get the purest juice out of it.

Hamilton Beach 67601A will make your everyday juicing, a breeze. Either you want to masticate fresh leafy greens or invigorating fruits, having a quick glass full of nutrients is a matter of seconds.


The model has a 3 inches wider chute. This extra-large chute can grab the whole of the fruit or vegetable in it. Your preparation time is decreased to none when your juicer can process a whole apple or a peeled orange directly through its bigger mouth. You can juice more frequently because of the lesser cutting required. That means more juice in lesser time as well.

It’s a beautiful juicer machine that has an elegant black look. In addition to its amazing features, it also adds up a lot to the beauty of your modern kitchen top. It will not occupy a lot of space and you can store it anywhere.

Moreover, it incorporates an 800W powerful motor that can grind the more dense beets very easily. It is well capable of providing you a smoother drink from thicker ingredients within seconds. Even after longer usage, it will not get hot, but just a bit warmer. And once you use it, you will find it less loud than you can assume about an 800W machine.

For those who are not very much familiar with the types of juicers, let us tell you that it’s a centrifugal type of juicer. The centrifugal juicers are called fast juicers also. This type of juicer machine involves less preparation and juices fast and its powerful processing is capable of juicing almost everything. Collectively from pushing it on to storing it washed after preparing the glass of your favorite juice, is a matter of minutes as a whole.

Furthermore, the dishwasher-safe parts allow you to wash the removable parts without any hassle. The package also includes a cleaning brush so that you can clean it deep inside conveniently. If you are not intending to waste the pulp, you also receive a recipe book with the juicer, so that you can use it in different dishes and recipes.

To start juicing, all you need to do is to insert the strainer and lock the lid and you are all set. Its extra-large pulp bin allows you longer sessions of juicing. Now you can serve more guests or customers within lesser time.

Above all, the model comes to you backed with a  3 years limited warranty that itself is an assurance that your investment is safe. Furthermore, efficient customer support is also dedicated for USA customers.

Lastly, it is pertinent to mention that the model enjoys a 72 percent 5-star rating at amazon that is high, and reflects a sound trust of customers. They look satisfied with its various features and performance collectively and individually.


  • Designed for easy cleaning
  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • BPA free material
  • Powerful 800W motor
  • Wider 3-inch chute
  • Pulp is bin big that allower longer juicing session
  • Does not get hot even on longer usage
  • Best for ice juice
  • Warranty cover available


  • It’s not louder enough, but it’s not a silent machine as well
  • No Juice cup included in the package
  • Attaching and detaching with hard hands can loosen the locks

Final Thoughts

Juices are now a necessary part of our daily intake list. Still, one would not like to spend a lot of time having a glass of nutrition at home every day. But having it from a juice bar will also not be a good idea. So, what you want is the best juicer with less cleaning and preparation involved and which is also not very heavy on pocket.

For me, the most difficult thing is to choose the best out of several with similar features and benefits. The way out I find is a four-dimensional formula. Customers reviews, Budget friendliness, quicker output, and easy cleaning are the four things that I have a look at before paying.

Hamilton Beach 67601A is a perfect combo of above mentioned four benefits. You can get the smoother juice within seconds from this centrifugal juicer and within the next few seconds, you would store it after cleaning. Spending a few seconds every day to stay healthy is not a big deal.


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