How a Georgian cuisine restaurant is winning the hearts of New Yorkers

Oda House offers genuine Georgian cuisine at its two New York establishments, located in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Since its inception in 2013, Oda House has delighted guests with classic Georgian meals and authentic Kvevri wine, sourced straight from Georgia for nearly ten years.

Over this time, it has become one of the most beloved restaurants among the city folk hungry for unique taste experiences. Not only does Oda House stand out with its ambient and soothing atmosphere, but also with the delicious food cooked by a Chef from Georgia.

Oda House’s founders and managers originally come from Georgia. One of them is the Michelin-recognized Chef and the co-founder of Oda House – Maia Acquaviva. She is the treasurer of ancient Georgian cooking traditions she inherited from her grandma. After coming to the USA over a decade ago, Maia gave up her plastic surgeon’s career to devote herself to what she loves the most – cooking.

Having left her motherland and its customs, Maia has dreamt of spicing New York with a fine touch of her native culture. Georgians believe that every guest who enters their home is sent by God and, thus, should be treated with respect and love as a family member. So no wonder that Maia decided to contribute to opening a restaurant and committed herself to welcome guests. With this in mind, the chef nurtures respect for guests as the highest value in Oda House.

Indeed, two Oda House restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn seem to be the two oases of ancient Caucasian culture in the grey jungles of the megapolis. That is here, where the city dwellers can hide from the tiring hustle of everyday routine in a calm, ambient atmosphere. What can be more relaxing than a glass of the natural Kvevri wine and a live jazz performance on a Friday night?

Another feature of Georgian culture is the commitment to family. Spending time with family is highly valued. Oda House’s founders attempted to create a space where families could gather together and enjoy food and quality time together. That’s why both restaurants were designed to be a friendly space for big and small families with children.

As a conscious business, Oda House serves visitors fresh organic veggies and meat from

local farms, while other ingredients are cooked by the chef every day. Perfection is what Maia brought from plastic surgery into cooking. Nothing that is less than perfect is good enough.

Authenticity is no less important than quality, thus the dishes are seasoned with spices of Caucasian origin and complemented with authentic Georgian wine. The finest selected products, the natural wine and spices, the nicest welcoming of guests, and respect for them – all that make up the restaurant’s success.

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