How To Air Fry Kabobs?

Kabobs are something that we all love. But making them isn’t usually easy as you need to have an outdoor grill and go through several steps. If you are someone who loves the kabobs but cannot always make them due to the inconvenience, keep reading the article. We will introduce you to the best way to air fry kabobs within the shortest time.

The air fryer allows you to prepare the kabobs within less than 15 minutes. They come out perfectly cooked and tender every time. There are no chances of burning your kabobs as you can control both the cooking duration and the cooking temperature. Moreover, when prepared in the right way, they are impressively tasty, healthy, and flavorful.

In this recipe guide, we will show you how to air fry kabobs within the shortest time. All you need is some meats and vegetables of your choice. The process is so simple, prepare the meat and vegetables in the skewer and put them in the air fryer after adding a bit of the spice. They will be done within a few minutes without even requiring your supervision.

Keep reading the article to find out the best air fry kabobs recipe ever.

Steps to Air Fry Kabobs

Using an air fryer is easier than any other cooking method out there. Even if you are a new air fryer owner, you can make every recipe successful with the first try. Below, we will discuss everything you will require as well as the steps for cooking kabobs in the air fryer.

What You Will Need

When it comes to the kabobs, beef is the best choice. Well, if you prefer chicken, go with it without any further thoughts. However, in this article, we will show you how to make beef kabobs. You can follow the same process for the chicken but you will require cooking for less time for the chickens.

Meat: The recipe works best for beef sirloin steaks. If possible, pick the top sirloin if it works best. They are available at a cheap cost while being juicy and flavorful. You can also use tenderloin or any other variation of steaks as you prefer. Slice the steak into smaller pieces, around 2-3 inches square pieces/chunks.

Veggies: Veggies are an important part of the kabobs. The best thing for this bell pepper. This beauty can make your kabobs more appealing. Be aware while using the red pepper as it is a bit sweet compared to the other varieties. The next thing you can consider is the red onions, they make your grill taste a lot better. It doesn’t matter what else you want to add, keep these in the kabobs for the best outcome.

Some other veggies you can consider include zucchini, mushrooms, yellow squash, cherry tomatoes, baby corns, broccoli, or cauliflowers.

Seasoning/ Marinade: We recommend you marinate the meats for the best taste. You will need a few drops of olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper, salt, cumin, minced garlic, etc. for the marination. Adjust them as you want.

You will also need a few kabobs skewers.

Preparing the Ingredients

Add the pieces of meat in a large bowl as well as the veggies. Now add marinades including the oil, salt, cumin, and all others. Combine everything properly and leave them for a while in the freezer. You should let them sit for around 24 hours for the best result. Of course, time around 30 minutes to a few hours will also be enough.

Turn on the Machine

Turn on your air fryer device by connecting it to the electric outlet. The next thing you need to do is to adjust its temperature to 400 F for preheating. Preheat for several minutes at this temperature. Use the dials on the machine to adjust the time and duration. Some air fryers might include a dedicated preheat button. You can also make use of it.

In the meantime, take out the ingredients from the freezer and then add the meat, veggies, and peppers to the skewers.

Time to Cook

Now take out the basket of the air fryer and put it on a heat-resistant surface. Then, add the kabobs to the basket. Simply add as many of them as you can in a single layer. Keep some empty spaces in between the kabobs to assure proper airflow. Don’t put them in multiple layers as this will cause uneven cooking. To assure perfect cooking for every angle, organize them in a single layer.

Now put back the air fryer basket and resume the cooking. Keep the temperature the same but adjust the cooking duration at 8 to 10 minutes. One of the beauties of the air fryer is you don’t need to closely observe the food while cooking. The machine will tell you when your food is ready. However, we recommend you flip the kabobs at half time by pausing the cooking for better cooking.

Completing the Cooking

After cooking for halftime of the mentioned duration, take out the kebabs and give a closer look. Then flip them and put them back to the air fryer and let them cook for the remaining duration. After cooking for around 8 minutes, check the kabobs again by sliding out the basket. If requires, cook for a few more minutes. Or, if they are done, you can take them off.

Bring out the air fryer basket from the device and put it on a heat-resistant surface. Warning: Don’t touch the basket or the kabobs instantly as they will be very hot. Let them sit for a few minutes to cool down and then move to the serving plate. Do this carefully as they will still be hot. That’s it, you are done. Now it is time to serve. We recommend serving the kabobs instantly as they will taste best till they are hot.


As you see above, the air fryer kabobs are extremely easy and fast. If you have an air fryer at home, don’t resist trying out this recipe. Let us know about the outcome if you are going to try it.

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