How Long do Hot Dogs Take to Grill

How Long do Hot Dogs Take to Grill with Medium Heat

Shouting all hot dog traditionalists and frankfurter radicals! This is your period to shine. Rendering to the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council, American residential will likely have 7 billion hot dogs during Memorial Day and Labor Day. You speak that right, Billion.

And nowadays, we’re assisting you to take the first step in the direction to become a grill dominant. Speak “no more” to overcooked beef frank coverings and meat blisters. Those mistakes are charred. Now’s the time to develop one with your grill and study how to chef hot dogs the right way.


Gas/ charcoal grill

Propane/ charcoal

Grill brush or a twist of aluminum foil

Grilling tongs

PAM Grilling or additional non-stick grill shower

Hebrew General all usual beef franks

Rolls, liquefied butter (regular or garlic), and pie brush

How long do hot dogs take to grill? Your selection of condiments and coatings, such as Hunt’s 100% usual ketchup, Gulden’s bold creamy mustard, enjoyment, sliced onion, or smooth mango salsa, and having Sriracha mayonnaise

A man in a denim bib holding a metallic spatula stands above a grill with a cheerful orange flame.

STEP 1: Preparing the Grill

Settle that it’s free from leftovers of last season’s food and if it isn’t, discover a grill brush and begin scrubbing. (Otherwise, you could utilize a portion of aluminum foil.) When you have a spotless slate, you’ll need to ensure there’s quite of propane or charcoal on the needle. Demand your tongs and your beef marks on the deck. It’s the inclined time!

A guy cleans the grill with a grill brush while a bowl of hot dogs and buns sits at the prepared.

STEP 2: Spray the Grates

Earlier to fire up the vent, spray the grates with a non-stick grill spray similar to PAM® Grilling. Extravagance it like you would any further cooking surface, with a pair rapid blasts. Your franks will have a solid time stabbing to the surface since they’ll be calmer to turn and your grill will be calmer to fresh.

Pro Tip

Preparing Glassy Frank Kabobs? Spray your spits with grill spray before layering on your spicy franks, sugary corn, bell peppers, and red onion. This will sort your kabobs cooler to eat.

The bird’s-eye sight of hot, pallid charcoal briquettes with orange blazes poking through.

STEP 3: Carry the Heat

Similar to a well-seasoned athlete, your grill wants a proper warm-up to convey its peak performance. Earlier to you throw the franks on, warm the grill. For gas burners, preheat on great for 10 – 15 minutes. For a charcoal trellis, warm until the charcoal is enclosed with silver ash. When the grill is warm, decrease the heat to the average for typical beef franks and to medium-low for beef franks by lower fat content.

Spicy hot dogs franks on the grill being twisted over with metal grill forceps.

STEP 4: Keep it Inspiring

Using grill pincers, place your beef franks over unintended heat (or a part adjacent to/not straightly over the flames) vertical to the grill grates. Reel your beef frank over and grill every side of your frank till the ends of the frank begin to split. Since outside rudiments, grill kind, and size govern how long it needs to grill the seamless frank, there’s no magical figure. That’s why you must use a time sort of 5 – 7 minutes for normal beef franks, 7 – 10 minutes for oversize franks, and 15 minutes for sector quid franks. Test and error will assist you to determine your sweet plug.

Heard a view of three effortlessly grilled hot dogs on a grill grate above blazing warm charcoal.

STEP 5: Seal in the Flavor

Eliminate dogs from the grill. Individual using a brush to feast melted butter on the exclusive of a hot dog bun.

STEP 6: Toast Your Buns

Keep your bun surface down on the grill, over incidental heat, vertical to the grill grates. Toast for only one minute. Ensure to eliminate the bun as soon as your minute is spent. Having the bun on the grill for moreover long will arid out the bread.

Pro Tip

Raise the flavor of your hot dog bun by consuming melted garlic lard.

A variety of grilled hot dogs robed up with relish, pickle lances, barred onions, and condiments.

STEP 7: Dress up Your Dog

Your marks are going to gaze badly naked coming off the grate. Uniform them up with several tasty toppings. You can make your tray of Hunt’s® 100% usual ketchup, Gulden’s® bold beige mustard, enjoyment, and sliced onion while your grill is warming up.

Pro Tip

Test a bite on the rough side and spice up your condiment tavern with unexpected accompaniments similar to mango salsa and Sriracha mayonnaise.

Overheard round of grilled hot dogs garbed up with ketchup, mustard, and delight next to minor bowls of mustard and pleasure.

STEP 8: Delight the Dog Days of Summer

Keep your dreamily grilled beef blunt in its bun, and then first the dog with condiments of your excellent. Now you’re prepared to like a 100% beef frank and a calming day.

How Much Time do Will Require to Grill Hot Dogs?

Time, Temperature, and How Often to Turn is really a barbecue deprived of hot dogs?

There is just nothing extra satisfying than bitter into a spicy grilled hot dog in the summertime. Hot dogs are as abundant a portion of July 4th and Memorial Day merriments, summer holiday, and district parties as shades and lemonade.

Luckily, hot dogs are as relaxed to prepare as they are celebratory and can be ready year-round. They can be cooked in a skillet, simmered, or smooth microwaved for delicious results, but grilled hot dogs are delightful, as well as a prevalent choice for nourishing your family or a troop! Following time you’re on grill responsibility, expressively how to chef hot dogs to perfection can bring this classic sausage from decent to great.

Study our hot dog grilling instructions to take your deck grilling game to the next level during this period.


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