How to Steam Oysters on The Grill

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How to Steam Oysters on The Grill Successfully

General Overview

You are probably the kind of person who is addicted to seafood and eating oysters is one of your favorite seafood dishes. Whenever you traveling and doing culinary stuff, the oyster is always on your number one top list of food to go.

Whether you the oysters raw, grilled, or cooked, the sensation of eating is on a whole different level. The experience you get when you eat oysters is just absolutely fantastic.

The sea remnants flavor that is still left inside the oyster, especially when it’s served raw, is what makes this seafood an excellent choice for seafood lovers.

Nothing can beat the strong sea flavor from plates of seafood that come in your mouth. Once the plates of seafood get in the mouth and hit your tongue, you can only pray that you want to stop eating, since you won’t.

The artistic and sensational taste when you eat raw oysters is phenomenal. The problem is, not all people like to eat raw seafood, especially in this case it’s oysters.

Some people would puke if they eat something raw. You know that a raw seafood dish is not something your mouth could process directly. There is an art in eating raw oysters. The people who can take the rawness of the oysters have transcended their appetite

Why People Steam Their Oysters on A Grill

There is another problem that arises when you eat raw oysters on the half-shell.

Most people have problems taking out the raw oysters meat from the shell. They are struggling with a knife or some sort of prick tool to poke out the raw oysters’ meat.

The problems eventually become bothersome and people try to find a way out of this problem. One of the ways to do it is by cooking or steaming the oysters on the grill.

It’s proven to be the alternative way to enjoy the smooth experience of eating oysters without being troubled with all the technical stuff, such poking out the meat from the shell.

The time you decided to eat the oysters by cooking It on the grill, then you are no longer being struggle with all the equipment needed around you.

Just eat and enjoy every bit of meat.

But how can you make sure to have the best experience with cooked oysters?

Since we use the grill to cook and the grill is also fragile to a grease fire, to begin cooking you need a considerable and careful amount of action.

When you cook or steam raw oysters meat on the grill, there is a chance for one or more of the oysters’ meat to break out of the shell suddenly.

In this article, I will explain to you what method and step you can apply to get the best-steamed oysters’ meat using grill equipment.

It is worth mentioning the method and step as this would make your oysters rich in seasoned flavors, thus making them more mouthwatering.

Let’s jump into the discussion below.

Steps How to Cook or Steam The Oysters on The Grill

Here are the easy-actionable steps you can apply immediately to cook the oysters on your grill equipment.

  1. First of all, rinse and wash the oysters with clean cold-fresh water.
  2. Remove and pry one of the shells. Make sure you slightly open the above side of the shells, not the bottom side where the meat lies down.
  3. After that, you want to prepare the grill.
  4. Next, you can heat the gas or the charcoal on the grill at medium-to-high temperature.
  5. Put the oysters on the surface of the roasting grill
  6. Close the covering of the grill and wait until the oysters are cooked.
  7. you can know the oysters are well-cooked about 5 minutes for smaller ones and 8 to 10 minutes for bigger ones.
  8. Use any grilling types of equipment or tools that can lift and transport all the oysters from the roasting surface grill to another place.
  9. When you have successfully placed the oysters on another surface or place, you want to get rid of the shells positioned on top.
  10. If you want the experience of eating your grilled oysters to become more memorable, you can use sharp objects or tools.
  11. Use sharp objects or tools and put them inside the bottom of the shell to extract the oyster.

So when you are done with all the steps I’ve given you above, you can now enjoy the food. To make your eating experience wonderful, you can prepare melted butter, hot sauce, Thailand sauce, lemon wedges, or any toppings that match your eating style preferences.

The flavor or the taste of the oyster is much fresher when consumed within 24 hours of purchase. When you eat more than 24 hours from the purchase, the freshness will go and the oysters are no longer fresh enough to eat.

What You Need to Know When Buying Oysters

You must buy the oysters when it’s alive and breathe. This will make sure that the oysters you will eat still have fresh sensations from the sea.

In addition, you need to keep the oysters from the water. You don’t want to put them in a water environment because it’s going to kill the oysters. Moreover, never place them inside a place that is tightly sealed.

If you want to make the oysters you just bought fresh, you need to put them in a refrigerator at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. You can apply this if you don’t want to cook or eat it as soon as you bought it.

Keeping the oysters cold the time will maintain their freshness for a couple of days.


Many people think cooking the oysters on the grill is easy when in reality it’s not easy at all. There are some of the steps and general knowledge you need to know and apply before you steam the oysters on the grill.

All the steps above are the best ways you can implement right away to steam the oysters on your grill successfully. Happy grilling.