How Long to Cook a Turkey on a Pellet Grill

How Long to Cook a Turkey on a Pellet Grill to Get Tender Taste

One of the tasty methods to prepare your turkey is to smoke it, and a smoked turkey is the reasonable sort of turkey to present on Thanksgiving. Though, inadequately smoked turkeys are moreover a Thanksgiving dream that can put a drag on this jolly holiday.

You can also smoke a turkey at your residence as high as you’ve prepared a grill on your deck. This manual concentrates on utilizing a pellet grill and gives comprehensive data on how to smoke a turkey on a pellet grill.

How to Prepare and Heat Turkey on a Pellet Grill

Things You Will Required

Here is a catalog of what you will want in advance to assure that smoking your turkey is a success.

Turkey: This is the main and important item. Subsequently, there can’t be a smoked turkey deprived of a turkey.

Wood pellets: Ensure you have a lot of pellets before you begin smoking your beef. You can obtain various flavors of wood pellets relying on the flavor of the meat you prefer. Cherry, Hickory, or applewood pellets are enormous for smoking turkey.

Drip pan: Smoked turkeys are pulpy, so guarantee that you have a drip pan handy to grab all the liquid.

Research fillet thermometer checker or instant-read meat thermometer.

Constant cooking temperatures are crucial when smoking a turkey, and the thermometer will assist you to test the temperature.

Grilling: Grilling can frequently add proportions to the taste of a smoked turkey.

Smoking a turkey often takes a lengthier time than roasting a turkey, so you might want more time and tolerance to formulate a smoked turkey.

Get Started

Earlier you begin, get a nice turkey size that is sufficient to nourish your visitors and ensure your turkey suits inside your pellet grill. An utmost of 15 pounds of turkey is proposed for diet safety reasons.

Assure that the turkey is completely melted to know how long to cook a turkey on a pellet grill? If you had bought a frozen turkey, it may take approximately two to three days to thaw your turkey by spotting it in the refrigerator. A man standing up with family at the slab while readying food.

Stop evacuating your freeze turkey out on the countertop to melt it more rapidly as that can oversee the growth of bacteria.

Eliminate the neck and giblets from the meat. While some residence cooks still fulfill smoked turkeys with the pouch of giblets in place, we instruct that you protect them for preparing gravy or stock.

(Why not expand bratwurst to your dinner? We are moreover composed about how to barbecue brats, if you have additional time.)


Whether you want to brine your turkey relies on whether the turkey you bought has been pre-brined.

If you bought a pre-brined turkey, go forward and boost your pellet grill and buy smoking. If not, you can prepare your brine for the turkey. Accomplishing this is good because you can strengthen some spice to the brine.

If you have to perform your brining, completely mix a half cup of salt and a half mug of sugar in a gallon of liquid. Completely immerse your turkey in it for approximately 12 – 14 hours. The brine will imbue salt spice into the meat. If feasible, avoid pre-brined, already-seasoned turkey or a nitwit that has been inoculated with a brining treatment. You may end up buying a clammy turkey or, terrible still, a salt bomb.


Later bringing your turkey, ensure you wash your turkey with cold liquid and pat it entirely dry, in and out, with a lot of paper towels even if you didn’t get it. Here is how to perfectly smoke a turkey on a pellet grill.

Pellet Grill Turkey Recipe

Preheat the pellet grill at a temperature of roughly 225˚F for about 15 minutes. Coat the external skin of your turkey with flavor. Later than that, wipe canola oil over the whole extent skin of the turkey.

Spot the turkey breast-side up promptly on the grill grate on the indirect warmness side of the grill. You don’t require a roasting pan for this.

Pellet Grill Turkey Preparing Time

Enable the turkey to smoke in the pellet grill for nearly 2½ – 3 hours. Boost the temperature to shut to 300°F. Grill for further 3½ – 4 hours relying on the quantity of your turkey, or until the inner temperature of the heaviest part of the breast is approximately 165°F – 170°F.

Don’t ignore to constantly utilize an instant-read thermometer to test the turkey’s temperature in the breast and thigh. Heat your turkey for a sum of 6 hours.

Eliminate the smoked turkey from the pellet grill and permit it to rest for another 15 – 30 minutes before presenting.

Significant Tips in Smoking Your Turkey

At an earlier heating temperature of about 225°F, you can utilize your grill for round about 30 minutes per pound of turkey piece. If your turkey piece is around 15 pounds, then the preparation time would be 450 minutes or 7½ hours of cookery time. Having preheated conditions of 250°F, you can manage your pellet grill at approximately 25 minutes per pound of grilling time.

Overlay Picture of a Turkey Being Sliced

Later than the turkey attains a temperature of 125°F, sprinkle the turkey with a combination of apple fluid and apple cider vinegar every 30 minutes. Fulfilling this assists your turkey to smoke nicely while maintaining its condensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long take to smoke a turkey on a pellet grill?

It requires 30 minutes per pound of turkey, so almost 14-pound turkey would need 7 hours to smoke.

Do you need to brine a turkey before grilling it?

You don’t need to brine a turkey earlier to smoke it. Different turkeys are already pre-brined at the shop. Though, several people opt to brine their turkey to put in some taste.

Do you enclose a turkey while smoking it?

No, it’s not essential to enclose a turkey when smoking it.


The period to smoke a turkey relies on your turkey’s extent, and you want to nearly monitor the cookery temperature to guarantee your turkey is completely smoked for that excellent smoked taste.


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