How Long To Cook T Bone Steak On Gas Grill

Cooking T Bone Steak On Gas Grill

How Long To Cook T Bone Steak On Gas Grill? This is one of the easiest and scrumptious ways of cooking T Bone Steak at home. Incredible for a fast family supper, a heartfelt night at home or an end of the week party. Ideal for a low-carb supper, when presented with the right side dish. 

Steaks are widely eaten all around the world. Whether it be chicken steak, beef steak, mutton steak or even pork. Steaks are a nutritious food full of protein and other nutrients. In addition to this, it is raw form of meat hence, it has many added minerals and vitamins too. Apart from just being grilled, steaks are served with steamed vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and many other vegetables too.

Electric grill is one of the safest options to grill the meat because it allows controlled grill opportunity and prevents the burning of food as well. Through electric grill, one can easily maintain the heat transfer from the flame to the food. In addition to this, you can also control the temperature and automatic burning of coal. This indirectly controls the flame which is reaching the food.

To cook chicken on an electric grill, you can marinate the chicken overnight. If not over night than you can marinate the chicken 2 to 3 hours before grilling and freeze it. Marinating the chicken adds up to the flavour of chicken and enhances the juiciness too. After marinating you can place the chicken on the preheated grill

Read ahead to find out how long to cook T Bone steak on a gas grill. 

What Is T Bone Steak

You might have known about T Bone Steak or Porterhouse Steak, yet what are they, which piece of the cow do they come from and how would they taste? How would you cook this sort of steak? 

Both T-Bone and Porterhouse steaks are cuts of hamburgers from the short midsection. The two steaks incorporate bone and meat on their two sides. 

Porterhouse steaks are cut from the backside of the short midsection and accordingly incorporate more tenderloin steak, alongside an enormous strip steak. 

T-bone steaks are sliced nearer to the front and contain a more modest part of the tenderloin. The more modest part of a T-bone, when sold alone, is known as a filet mignon, particularly whenever cut from the little forward finish of the tenderloin. 

Nonetheless, steaks with a huge tenderloin are regularly called a “T-bone” in eateries and steakhouses notwithstanding actually being porterhouse. 

T Bone (and Porterhouse) steaks are typically probably the best quality cuts of meat available. 

How To Season T Bone Steak

This is a moderately delightful cut of meat and keeping in mind that it can take some great flavouring, it needn’t bother with a lot. 

For this T bone steak formula you can utilize Himalayan Salt (Kosher salt can be utilized) and newly dark pepper. This is all, not oil, since the steak is marble and needn’t bother with any oil. Likewise, when there is no oil or marinade, the steak sings pleasantly on the barbecue and there are fewer drippings, which forestalls consuming the steak. 

Any steak preparing of your decision can be utilize to prepare crude T Bone steak, regardless of the case, it is locally acquire or natively construct. 

T Bone Steak Grill Time And What Temperature Should T Bone Steak Be Cook To? 

  • Barbecue 1 1/2 inch T Bone Steaks at medium-high hotness on a gas (or charcoal) barbecue for around 6-7 minutes for every side for medium, flipping once. The inward temperature of the meat, when a thermometer is embedded into the thickest piece of the meat, yet not contacting the bone ought to be 150 F. 
  • For medium-uncommon barbecue steaks for 4-5 minutes for each side, for an inner temperature of 135-140 F. 
  • To cook t bone steaks to medium-well, cook for 8-9 minutes for each side, until the inner temperature is 165 F. 
  • Allow the steaks to rest for 5 minutes before you cut them. 

Dish Seared T-Bone Steak On The Stove To Cook T Bone Steak On Gas Grill

  • Assuming you’ve at any point thought about how to cook t-bone steak in a dish on your burner, this strategy will give you incredible outcomes, with a singe that will give your steaks a rich brilliant earthy coloured tone and improved character. 
  • Be certain your steak is defrosted. 
  • Carry the meat to room temperature. Eliminate your steak from the fridge 30-40 minutes before cooking. 
  • Hotness a substantial nonstick skillet or cast-iron skillet over medium heat until hot, for around 5 minutes. An exceptionally hot dish conveys the best burn. 
  • Season steaks as wanted; we suggest Kansas City Steak Original Steak Seasoning. 
  • Spot steaks in the hot skillet (don’t pack). Try not to add oil or water. Try not to cover. 
  • For the ideal medium-uncommon steak, singe in a skillet for 13-15 minutes for a 1-inch steak, and 15-17 minutes for a 1½ inch steak, turning around 1 moment before the midpoint. A meat thermometer should peruse 130°F. 
  • Rest your steaks for 5 minutes before serving, covering delicately with foil. The temperature of the meat will keep on ascending for as much as 5°F during this time. The last temperature will peruse 135°F. 
  • Resting steak is likewise significant because the hotness of cooking pulls the juices in the meat toward the surface; if you cut into it following cooking, those delightful juices will wind up on your plate, not in your steak. Permitting your steak to rest will give the juices time to sink back in and all through the meat, keeping it damp and delightful. 


Since this is a fairly large part of the meat, you might wind up for certain extras. If you have a canine, that can have the bone – this is extraordinary! 

For the extra meat, you can utilize it in plates of mixed greens, sandwiches or warm it in a skillet on the burner and serve it with a side dish of your choice. Now you have learned how long to cook T Bone steak on a gas grill.

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