How to Air Fry Leftover Onion Rings

The onion ring is a popular side dish in the USA that goes well with a variety of fast food. A lot of people also love enjoying it as just a snack. If you often prepare the onion rings at home, then chances are high that you end up with the leftovers sometimes. Don’t throw away your leftover onion rings. You can preserve them in the freezer and enjoy them later by reheating them in the air fryer. Check out this article to know how to air fry leftover onion rings.

In the below part of the article, we will let you know the steps you will require following to air fry the leftover onion rings. Along with that, we will discuss some other important information about the recipe that might be useful for you.

Why Use Air Fryer for this Recipe?

When it comes to reheating your food, nothing can beat an air fryer. An air fryer allows you to perfectly reheat the food within the shortest time. But what is more interesting is the reheated food comes out perfectly done, like they are freshly cooked. That has become possible because of the well-thought mechanism of the air fryer. Rapid heat circulation can heat your food from all angles.

As a result, the foods get cooked on all sides. Because of the cooking technique, you don’t even require using the oil while cooking or reheating your food in the air fryer. Even without the oil, your food comes out perfectly cooked and the final outcome is like the deep fryer. Such amazing capability makes the air fryer a perfect fit for your cooking.

While cooking the leftover onion rings, there are chances that they will come out soggy. You might not love to enjoy the soggy onion rings. But things will be different when you keep cooking the rings in the air fryer. The air fryer allows you to cook them crispy and tasty. Furthermore, you don’t require using any cooking oil or grease, which makes cleaning after cooking very easy. These are only a few benefits of using the air fryer and there are a lot of other benefits.

How to Air Fry Leftover Onion Rings

Air frying your leftover onion rings is pretty easy with an air fryer. All you need to do is to go through some easy steps. The process is almost similar to cooking the leftover fries and the pizza slices. The good news is you can reheat them together if needed. In the below part of the article, we will let you know about the steps you need to follow for cooking the rings.

Step 1

Take off the rings from the air fryer. You don’t need to thaw them. Simply remove them from the freeze and put them aside. Now bring out your air fryer and put it on your kitchen countertop. The next thing you need to do is to connect it to the electric outlet. After doing that, your air fryer should turn on and be ready for cooking.

You can preheat the air fryer first as it will help to make the onion rings crispier. This will also help to cook the food faster and prevent any chances of sogginess. If you want to go through the preheating, put the machine in the preheat mode. If there is no such mode, adjust the preferred time and temperature for preheating manually. The recommended time and temperature for preheating is 3 minutes and 350 F.

Step 2

Once after preheated the air fryer, you need to take off the air fryer basket from the machine. Put the basket in a heat-resistant surface and add the onion rings in the basket in an organized manner. Make sure that you are organizing them in a single layer as more layers can cause uneven cooking. If there are a lot of them, consider cooking in smaller batches.

You can consider spraying oil on the food before putting them back in the air fryer. This will help to make them perfectly crispy while also preventing any chances of dryness.

Step 3

The next thing you need to do is to put back the air fryer basket inside the machine. Then you will require setting up the cooking duration. Use the dial on the air fryer to adjust to the preferred time. Usually, the onion rings require around 4 minutes to be perfectly reheated. However, we will recommend you to cook for around 3 minutes at first as we have already preheated the air fryer.

Step 4

You cook the onion rings for 3 minutes and then open the basket and check them. If requires, you can cook them for one or two more minutes and spray some more oils. But if you find them perfectly done, you can take off the air fryer basket. Carefully bring the basket out of the machine by holding it from the handle. Then put it on a heat-resistant surface. Don’t touch the basket or the food immediately as they will be pretty hot.

Make use of tongs to take off the onion rings to your serving plate. Then you can enjoy them with the barbeque sauce, ketchup, or anything else you prefer. Make sure to enjoy the rings when they are warm to get the best taste and crispiness.

How to Store the Leftover Onion Rings?

How well the leftover onion rings will come out after reheating mainly depends on the process you are using to store the food. If you directly put them in the freezer, they might not come out well. Instead of putting the food directly, make use of a sealed container to preserve them. This way they will not get affected by the moisture. Make sure to reheat them and enjoy them within one or two days to get the best taste.


Reheating your onion rings in the air fryer is pretty easy and requires less than five minutes. We hope you will be able to execute the guide accurately to reheat your onion rings perfectly.

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