How Long To Grill 2 Inch Steak

How Long To Grill 2 Inch Steak

How Long To Grill 2 Inch Steak? Need to barbecue the ideal steak on your lawn? With this steak-barbecuing guide and cooking outline, you will learn how long to grill a 2 inch steak and can cook the best steak.

Cooking Steaks on the charcoal grill is the best way to get a smoky flavor. We know that steaks are the food that is wanted the most all the time throughout the country. If the steaks are cooked properly, they are the best. In contrast, steaks that are cooked the wrong way will spoil all the recipes.  

So, it is important to cook the steaks the right way for yummy, smoky, and delicious flavors. In this article, we are going to talk about How Long To Grill 2 Inch Steak. 

The following are a couple of things that you need when cooking your steak:

  • Charcoal or gas barbecue
  • Meat thermometer
  • Paper towels
  • Your beloved steak marinade, or legitimate salt and pepper

Regardless of whether it’s medium-rare or medium-well, this blog is here to assist you with accomplishing your ideal steak temperature for your cherished steak formula!

Get Ready To Cook and Grill 2 Inch Steak

Place steaks over high heat and sear each side for 1 moment with the cover shut. Then, at that point, move the steak to roundabout hotness OR diminish to low hotness. Close the cover and cook as per the cooking times and temperatures beneath for your ideal doneness. 

Recall that steaks will keep on ascending in temperature 5 to 10 degrees while very still in the wake of barbecuing. So make certain to remove from the heat around 5-7 degrees lower than your ideal temperature.

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  • Steps to make a perfect grilled burger.
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So let’s not waste time and start learning the process.

How Long To Grill 2 Inch Steak

Grilling 2 inch steak is not as hard as it seems to be, but there are some tricky things you need to know before you actually grill it. The most problematic part of grilling the frozen meat is separating the steak patties from each other. It might be impossible if you are not using the correct method for it.

Therefore, you need a good butter knife or a sturdy spatula to separate the burger patties from each other appropriately. A butter knife is considered the best option, but a sturdy spatula will work too.

Some people who have no experience in grilling frozen food use a sharp knife to do this job. However, it sometimes ruins the shape of the patty burger. Maybe that is the sole reason why experts prefer to use a butter knife and sturdy spatula.

Following are the steps one need to perform to grill 2 inch steak:

  • Select a 1-to 3-inch-thick hamburger steak.
  • Pick immediate or circuitous hotness and cooking time depending on the thickness of the meat and wanted doneness. In the case of utilizing direct hotness, cut back overabundance surface excess from steaks to limit eruptions.
  • For the most dependable doneness test, look at thick lean cuts – like top round – with a thermometer rather than contact. They might need a couple of moments longer to cook than marbled pieces. Thick steaks cooked to uncommon likewise incorporate medium to cooked parts around the edges.
  • Move steak to a platter; let rest for around 5 minutes in a warm spot for juices to get comfortable. Then, at that point, cut it and go with the hamburger with the most loved sauce, or season to taste with salt and pepper.
  • For a serving, permit 4 ounces fat-managed boneless crude steak (around 3 oz. when cooked).

Cooking Times And Strategies To Grill 2 Inch Steak

  • To cook a 1-inch-thick steak, use direct hotness. At the point when the barbecue is hot (you can hold your hand at barbecue level 2 to 3 seconds), cook steak 8 to 10 minutes for uncommon, 12 to 15 for medium.
  • To cook a 2-inch-thick steak, use direct hotness. At the point when the barbecue is medium (you can hold your hand at barbecue level 4 to 5 seconds), cook steak 20 to 25 minutes for uncommon, 27 to 30 for medium.
  • To cook a 3-inch-thick steak, use roundabout hotness; cook steak 40 to 45 minutes for uncommon, 50 to 65 for medium.

Direct Heat: Place steak on the barbecue with heat under it. Cook, turning once until meat is sautéed and wanted doneness.

In the case of utilizing charcoal briquets, cover the fire grate with a solitary strong layer of lighted coals.

If you are utilizing a gas grill, turn all burners too high and close the top for somewhere around 10 minutes. Then, at that point, acclimate to the hotness and cook with the top shut.

Roundabout Heat: Heat is adjusted on inverse sides of the steak, but not under it. Place meat on the barbecue with a container underneath it to get drippings. Cover grill (open vents if utilizing charcoal) and cook steak, without turning, until sautéed and wanted doneness.

In the case of utilizing charcoal briquets, hill and light 80 coals on the firegrate of a grill with a cover (20 to 22 in. wide). At the point when briquets are dabbed with dim debris, in around 15 minutes, push equal adds up to inverse sides of the fire grate. Place a dribble container between coals. Add 10 more briquets (20 total) to each hill of coals. Position barbecue 4 to 6 creeps above the firegrate.

Assuming utilizing a gas grill, cover and go hot to high for around 10 minutes. Change burners for backhanded cooking and keep on high. Set a trickle skillet underneath the barbecue between lighted burners. Set up the barbecue.


The most effective method to cook steak relies particularly on the cut you pick. More thick-cut bone-in ribeye rancher steak is a tasty steak decision, valued for its delicacy and flavour. Regardless of which strategy you pick, these cooking directions will convey the delicate and delicious cattle rustler steak you desire. Use a meat thermometer and you can be certain your steaks are cooked!

Now you know how to grill a 2 inch steak or any steak for that matter. 

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