How To Cook Wild Duck On The Grill

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How To Cook Wild Duck On The Grill

How To Cook Wild Duck On The Grill? Grilled food lovers always find a new dish to grill by themselves and be a DIY person cooking food. Wild duck is among the famous dishes that hunters love to eat. This article has all the details to guide you through cooking wild duck on the grill. 

While there are several great recipes to cook wild duck on a grill, it varies with the area and traditions. Different cultures have introduced different recipes to cook wild duck on the grill. But we will mention the most common one followed worldwide. 

Wild ducks, as per their name, are found in jungles. It’s not the ordinary dining table dishes because you won’t usually find wild duck at the local butcher shop. To grill the best wild ducks, you need to insert effort and hunt them from the jungles. So people especially arrange hunting events to hunt wild ducks and enjoy grilling them by themselves. 

Importance Of Grilling Wild Ducks Accurately

Whenever someone inserts so much effort to go to the tough environment of jungles and hunt an animal, he wants to cook it to perfection. The same is the case with wild ducks. You won’t like the idea to cook it improperly, especially after spending hours hunting. 

So read out the following details and grill the perfect, wild ducks. 

Choosing Your Grill For Cooking 

It all starts with choosing the right grill to cook wild ducks. Even though traditional techniques only allow you to grill it on burning woods, the modern world has introduced various grills that you can use to grill. Following are three main types of grills that you can use:

  • Charcoal powered grills 

Charcoal grills are the traditional way to cook food. They are coal-powered grills where you are cooking food on burning coals. Keep in mind that charcoal grills are manual throughout. You have to variate the number of coals to increase or decrease the flames from lighting up the grills to keeping optimum flames. 

  • Gas-powered grills 

Second on the list is gas-powered grills. If you are tired of hunting your wild ducks and don’t want to struggle with lighting up the coals, then use a gas grill. It runs on gas burners that are lit up with a single lighter. 

  • Electric grills 

The third option is considered to be the most convenient one. The electric grills are smokeless, and you can operate them indoors. However, these grills are usually small, and it might not be a good idea to grill wild ducks in an electric grill. 

Recipe For Grilling Wild Ducks 

When you choose the right grill and prepare the wild ducks for the grill, let’s start the flames. Following is the best recipe to grill the best wild ducks:

Plucking it

Take the wild ducks and pluck all the feathers and make sure that they are cleaned well before you start any further with marinating them. It usually takes a minute or two to pluck it so that it won’t take you much time. However, it’s an essential part of the process: the cleaner the ducks, the healthier the cooking. 

Use Two-Zone Fire 

If you are using a gas or charcoal grill, make sure that it has two zones, one with direct flames and the other with indirect flames. Turn on one burner for gas grills with multi burners and leave the other off. Using two zones allows you to move the meat to prevent overcooking or controlling the flames. 

Rest Before Slicing

After grilling, take the meat off the grill but don’t slice it immediately. It’s recommended to rest the meat for a while, which will allow the inner meat to cook a bit more. It lets the remaining fat set before slicing it. 

Steps To Grill Wild Duck 

  1. Preheat the grill for 10 minutes 
  2. Moisturise the grill using cooking oil before placing meat onto it.
  3. Place the wild ducks onto the grill 
  4. Cook for 10-15 minutes and read the temperature at 140 degrees.
  5. Once the temperature reaches 140 degrees, take the meat off the grill as I will cook them. 

Glazed Duck

You can keep it straightforward and brush the duck with orange jelly, redcurrant jam or plum sauce 15 minutes before the end. Assuming that you coat it toward the beginning of cooking the sugars in the coating will consume a long time before the duck is cooked.

Ingredients To Cook Wild Duck On The Grill

  • 1 Whole Duck (5-6 lbs), thawed out
  • 1 Tbsp. Salt
  • 1-1/2 tsp. Ground Black Pepper
  • 1 tsp. Paprika (Use Smoked Paprika for smoke flavour.)
  • 1 Orange, cut in quarters
  • 1 head Garlic, paper eliminated and top managed
  • 2 Celery Stalks, cut into 2 inch pieces

Instructions To Cook Wild Duck On The Grill

  • Set up the barbecue for backhanded barbecuing.
  • In the case of a gas grill place an enormous trickle skillet in the middle and preheat the barbecue on high, then, at that point, diminish the temperature to medium-low when the duck is set on the barbecue.
  • In the case of a charcoal grill, organize charcoal pieces on one or the other side of the trickle dish and permit them to consume until medium-hot. You can likewise put the duck on a simmering rack within an expendable aluminium container as opposed to utilizing a dribble dish.
  • Remove the thawed duck from the pack. Remove the orange sauce bundle (whenever included), giblets and neck from inside. Save giblets and neck for making stock or disposal of. Remove the overabundant fat from the body cavity and neck. Wash the duck all around under cool running water. Then wipe the duck off. With a huge sharp fork, prick the skin everywhere (approach at a point), being mindful so as not to penetrate the meat.
  • Blend the salt, pepper and paprika. Rub the duck all around with the zest combination. Stuff the orange quarters, the entire head of garlic (top managed) and cut celery pieces into the depression of the duck. Overlay the neck skin under, covering the hole. Then secure it with a stick.
  • Place the duck, breast side up, on a rack over the dribble dish. Cover the barbecue and cook the duck for 1-1/2 hours. (On the off chance that utilizing a charcoal barbecue, add 10-12 pre lighted coals for each side.)
  • Flip and cook for an extra hour.
  • Move the duck to a cutting board and let it stand for 15 minutes. Remove the oranges and celery from the hole and discard. Remove the head of garlic; broiled head of garlic can be utilized as an incredible spread for bread.
  • Cut the duck and serve.


So this was the right way to grill the best wild ducks. All you have to do is follow the simple steps explained above and keep all the details in mind before placing wild ducks on the grill. Marinating the meat depends on you to use any sauces of your choice.