What is the Average Cost of an Air Fryer?

Currently, the demand for air fryers is increasing day by day. Because it is a revolutionary device and can quickly cook your favorite food using a little oil. Air fryer manufacturers are constantly introducing more advanced and high-quality air fryers in the market. So what is the average cost of an air fryer?

The cost of an air fryer will depend on its size. There are different types of air fryers such as large-family size, personal, or something else. In the US, the air fryer’s cost can vary from $70 to $500. However, this cost is not the same in all locations. So you can choose an air fry device to suit your budget. Keep reading to know the further cost details about the air fryer.

What is the Average Cost of an Air Fryer?

Why does the cost of an air fryer vary? Well, the answer is nowhere to be found. Technology, features, size, efficiency, and other important factors matter behind the value of one air fryer device. Some devices have only basic mechanical controls and dials, others have fancy cooking presets and options, and some have smart and dial connections. All of these features vary in the worth of air fry devices.

In addition, the brand value plays a role as an x-factor in value. Branding is an issue that involves customer satisfaction and loyalty. The better the brand image of the customers, the higher the worth of their products. For example, the worth of Ninja Air Fryer will be much more expensive than the local ones. Because they provide warranty services that local brands do not pay or for a short time such as 6 months.

Another major factor in varying the cost of an air fryer is the capacity or size of the device. This means that the ability to prepare food is not the same on all devices. Below, we are referring to the cost of the air fryer as size.

For Single Person

A 2-quart air fryer is enough for single people. These air fryers are great for a single serving and work to heat frozen or small amounts of food. In particular, it is suitable for those who do not want to get into too much trouble with food preparation. The cost of a 2-quart air fryer is below $100.

For Double Person

3-4 quart air fryer is perfect for two people. These types of devices are suitable for grilling chicken or fish. Moreover, these sizes allow the rest of the food to be reheated. Similarly, you can also heat frozen food. Note that this serving size is provided by National Nutrition. So there is no room for doubt here. Typically, if you want to buy a 3-4 quarter air fryer, keep a budget of $100- $150.

For 3-5 Person

If you have a small family such as 3-5 people, we would recommend 5 to 6-quart air fryers. These come in rack-style where food can be placed in two layers. For this, you have to spend $ 120- $ 200.

For 5-6 Person

For families with more than 5 people, large air fryers with at least a 9-inch pan, 9-inch pie dishes, or 9X9″ casserole bakeware will be perfect. In this case, 2 rack, oven style, and countertop air fryers are better. This will work for those who are looking for a device to make fresh food for their family every day. Of course, to buy this type of large air fryer, you have to budget around $220 to $300.

Benefits of Air Fryer

Air fryers work by spreading hot air around the food you are cooking. It can create the same crisp as if you were using a deep fryer. For this reason, high-calorie oils and fats are often removed from the cooking procedure, needing only one tablespoon of oil for maximum recipes. Can you believe it? That’s actually true. With the help of an air fryer, you can use one tablespoon of oil to get the whole liter or the equivalent of the oil that would be needed in a deep fryer.

Everyone loves to eat fried food. Although we are conscious that fried food is harmful to our health. This is one of the causes why air fryers are so popular with everyone. Because they can healthily cook their fried food. Even, air fryer devices take less oil to make any kind of fried food which we have already said. Below are some practical benefits of using an air fryer:

Faster Cooking

One of the top benefits of using an air fryer is it can cook the food extremely faster. You don’t need to wait for a long period to cook the food. They can cook the food from all angles evenly. Moreover, unlike other stoves, there is no need to preheat the air fryer. Therefore, it saves time.

An air fryer is obvious to you if you are thinking of making healthy food in less time. This allows you to cook most of the food in an average of 10 to 15 minutes. Another best quality of this device is that it can cook frozen food instantly. However, it is not possible in other normal stovetops.

Safer than Deep Fry

Air fryers have many safety features. It has the ability to auto shut down. If you are busy with a little other work while cooking on a normal stove, there is a possibility of burning the food. But in the case of an air fryer, you don’t have to worry about it. Moreover, air fryers are ETL certified. This means that they have been created following all the required safety standards.

Healthy Cooking

Another advantage of using an air fryer is fat-free cooking. This device consumes about 80% less oil than the typical stove cooking process. That is a great way to provide you with healthy food. Currently, there are some air fryers on the market that are capable of removing excess fat. This means that the air fryer can serve healthy food without compromising the taste.


If you find it difficult to adapt to a busy life when it comes to cooking time, an air fryer can make your life easier than ever. This wonderful device enables you to perfect any meal in less time and effort. So pick an air fryer according to your budget and family members and receive healthy cooking.

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