How Long To Grill Crab Cakes

How Long To Grill Crab Cakes

How Much Time Does It Take to Grill Crab Cakes? With the arrival of the winter season, there’s a natural inclination towards seafood among the masses. While the winter season marks an increased interest in seafood for many, in some regions of the globe, consuming seafood is a routine affair, akin to a daily tradition. This is particularly true in nations such as Japan, China, and Korea, which are renowned for their seafood cuisine.

Due to their much diversity in eating seafood every now and then, these countries have multiple recipes to prepare their seafood item. Amongst all the other seafood item, crabs are well known and most nutritious after fish. Crab soup is considered as one of the signified dishes which enhance the body strength in humans. In addition to this, grilled crabs and crab curry are also one of the dishes which are widely eaten all around the world.

There are different methods to grill crab cakes, while some loosen the hard shell of the crab, some grill them as it is and enjoy the meal. Crabs can be grilled on both electric as well as gas grill.

Different people employ different methods. Some people make crab meat patties and freeze them to save their preparation time and just grill and serve on the go.

Details On Grill Crab Cakes

While grilling any dish, one if the most important factors you should account is the internal temperature required to grill the food.

When the internal temperature of the food reaches a specific time it signifies that the particular food is completely cooked, its tender and is ready to be served. While grilling your crab cakes, you can serve them with multiple types of side dishes including the mashed potatoes, fries, steamed seasoned veggies and even some buns. The ideal time required to grill the crab cakes is just around 10 to 15 minutes.

There are many recipe to make grill crab cakes but following is one of the most common and classic recipes for making grill crab cakes.

 Time To Make Grilled Crab Cakes

The total prepping time for this recipe is around 2 hours and 10 minutes. Amongst this time, the
cooking time is only 10 to 13 minutes.

 Ingredients You Need To Make Grilled Crab Cakes

The ingredients you will need to cook this recipe are 1 pound jumbo crab meat, crumbled butter crackers, one egg, one fourth cup mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon spicy mustard paste, 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce, 1 tablespoon dry mustard, 1 tablespoon bay seasoning, 1 tablespoon black pepper.

 Directions To Cook Grilled Crab Cakes

First you have to drain the crab meat and mix it with buttered crackers. Ensure that you do not over mix the meat and change its consistency. Now you have to mix all the wet ingredients together in a separate bowl. These include the old bay seasoning, the mustard paste, and all the other wet ingredients. After doing so, pour this wet ingredient mixture on the crab meat. Mix the combination slightly but do not over toss.

After you are finish with the mixing, now make patties or cakes out of the mixture and refrigerate them in the fridge. Store this mixture for at least 3 to 5 hours in the refrigerator so that they maintain rigid consistency and form.

Now, you have to prepare the grill to grill your pan cakes. To do so, once the coals are hot enough pour around 2 to 4 tablespoons of oil on the cast iron skillet. Now place the crabs in the skillet and the skillet over indirect heat. After doing so, close the dome to create the boiler effect.

Grill the crabs for around 10 minutes and flip them or toss a little bit until the upper and lower layer of the crabs are golden brown. This time is enough to give heat to your crabs. After your crabs are brown from both the sides, you can enjoy them with any side dish including broth, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, and buttered buns.

Health Benefits Of Eating Crab Meat

There are many health benefits of eating seafood in general. Whether it be fish, prawn or crab, each of them comes with their own benefits for human body.

There is not one but many benefits of eating crab meat or incorporating it into your daily diet. Following are the most common health benefits or heath advantages of eating crab meat.

 Improve Health

There is not one but many health benefits in crabs which aim to improve health. One of the key benefits which help in improving heath is the omega 3 fatty acids in fat. These omega 3 fatty acids help lower the triglyceride levels and prevent humans against many diseases including the heart diseases, hypertension which is commonly known as blood pressure and also maintain the cholesterol levels.

 Prevent Anemia

Crab meat also prevents anemia and potential anemic conditions. This is because of the vitamins and minerals which are present in crab meat. Crab meat is rich in Vitamin B12 and folate which eliminates or reduces the risk of anemia.

In addition to this, crab meat is also rich in iron. This enhances the formation of hemoglobin and also enhances the proliferation of red blood cells which indirectly reduce the risk of anemia.

 Keeps your brain strong

One of the long-term benefits of eating crab is that it prevents humans from neurological diseases. Crab meat reduces the risk of diseases line Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, dementia and other types of diseases too. This is due to the neuro protective function which is associate with the omega 3 fatty acids present in crab meat. These omega 3 fatty acids prevent the myelin sheath of neurons from facing any potential hazards.

Final Verdict

Conclusively, people should start incorporating crab meat in their diet. This is because crabs have many benefits associated with them. In addition to this, the cooking time of the crab is quite low if you already have frozen crab cakes, then you only have to grill them for 10 to 13 minutes maximum. Moreover, crab cakes can be serve with multiple types of side dishes such as mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables, French fries, buttered buns or ham buns.

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