How To Cook St Louis Style Ribs On Propane Grill

How To Cook St Louis Style Ribs On Propane Grill

How To Cook St Louis Style Ribs On Propane Grill? St. Louis-style ribs are a regional variation on classic baby back ribs. St. Louis ribs are more heavily seasoned with a dry rub, and they’re served without sauce. St. Louis style ribs are not smoked but grilled or roasted on an outside grill or oven. It’s important to use the right type of grill for the best results! 

Ribs are one of the most common barbecue foods, so it can be difficult to perfect your technique. But with this guide, you won’t have any trouble getting authentic St. Louis ribs cooked to perfection on your grill!

What Are St. Louis Style Ribs

St. Louis ribs are a barbecue dish popular in the greater St. Louis region of Missouri and Illinois. It’s a variation on classic baby back ribs. Unlike the baby back ribs, which are smoked, St. Louis style ribs are grilled or roasted on an outside grill or oven! You can think of them as a more heavily seasoned version of baby back ribs.

St. Louis-style ribs are not marinated with sauce before they’re grilled, but they’re typically served with sauce on the side for dipping. The dry rub is rubbed into the meat and left to set for at least 24 hours before cooking.

The Best Type Of Grill For St. Louis Style Ribs

Now that you know what St. Louis style ribs are, it’s time to figure out the right type of grill to use.

The best type of grill to use for St. Louis style ribs is a gas grill with a rotisserie attachment. This allows the ribs to cook evenly and gives you the ability to cook more than one rack at a time. 

Use an oven or outdoor grill if you don’t have access to a gas grill with a rotisserie attachment. To get the authentic St. Louis style, make sure the heat from your oven or outdoor grill is under 300 degrees Fahrenheit and that there is plenty of room on the grate for air circulation around each rack of ribs.

Another option is an indoor electric stovetop cooking method, which would be similar to what you might expect from barbecuing in your backyard or on a park bench! The main difference between this method and the others is that it takes longer to cook using this method because it cooks from below, not above, as most methods do.

Preparing The Grill And Ribs 

Start by prepping your grill for cooking. Generally, you’ll want to clean the grills with a wire brush and coat them with a light layer of oil to prevent sticking. If you’re using a gas grill, make sure to bring it up to high heat before cooking. For an oven, set the temperature at 350°F.

Next, prepare your ribs in a marinade or dry rub if desired. You can also use a smoker for this step, but it’s unnecessary! Place the ribs on the grill and cook them for 45-60 minutes if they’re in a marinade or 1 hour if they’re dry rubbed.

How long you cook your ribs will depend on how much meat is on each track and how you like them cooked. When you remove the ribs from the grill or oven, place them under aluminum foil until ready to serve, so they stay moist and tender.

When grilling, be sure to have plenty of water nearby at all times in case any flare-ups could cause grease fires!

Cooking The Ribs To Cook St Louis Style Ribs On Propane Grill

The first step to cooking ribs is prepping the grill. If you have a charcoal grill, it’s important to light up the charcoal and allow it to burn for about 30 minutes before grilling. This will help ensure the temperature of your grill is as hot as possible for an authentic St. Louis style barbecue!

It gives them a perfect blend of crispiness and a charcoal odor that enriches its taste, but when you are dealing with a charcoal grill, there are various things to keep in mind. So we have gathered a perfect recipe to cook country-style ribs on a charcoal grill. Furthermore, we will also tell you ways to serve it properly. 

Now that the grill is heated, it’s time to take out your ribs. You can either buy them already cooked from a grocery store or prepare them yourself if you’re feeling ambitious. Start by getting a pan nice and hot on your stovetop over medium-high heat to prepare them yourself. Add some vegetable oil and coat both sides of each rib with plenty of salt and pepper. Next, place them in your pan and brown on all sides until they reach a nice golden color.

When they are done cooking, take them off the stovetop and put them on a baking tray in the oven set to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour or so to finish cooking through (the oven will finish cooking through any moisture left in between the ribs). Brush them generously with barbecue sauce before serving when they’re finished cooking! How To Cook St Louis Style Ribs On Propane Grill?

Serving The Ribs To Cook St Louis Style Ribs On Propane Grill

It is important to make sure your ribs are cooked through and tender. Place the ribs on a plate and cut between the bones with a sharp knife to serve.

If you’re serving the ribs at a barbecue or outdoor event, keep them warm by placing them in an oven or covered grill that has been heated to 250-275 degrees Fahrenheit.


If you are looking for a delicious way to cook ribs, I highly recommend this recipe for St. Louis Style Ribs. The best part of this recipe is that it is easy to make. All you have to do is pick up some ribs, grill them, and then finally serve them with some of your favorite barbecue sauce. If you are looking for a great dish to prepare for family, friends, or even for your next barbecue, give this recipe a try!

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