How To Clean Rusty BBQ Grill

Cleaning Rusty Grill of The BBQ

Removing Rust from Your BBQ Grill: A rusty grill isn’t appetizing or desirable. Fortunately, getting rid of rust on a grill can be an easy task, especially with non-harmful materials you probably already possess. The most effective strategy, however, is prevention. With a product such as the ThermoPro Grill Mat, you can ensure your grill remains rust-free from the start.

How To Clean Stainless Steel Grills Of Rust

If you have to leave your grill outside, the rust is caused by exposure to the elements. Clean your grill after each usage to maintain it in good shape. The longer you leave food residues on the grill, the more difficult it will be to clean it afterward.

Choose a cleaning procedure depending on the sort of material the grates are constructed of. Stainless steel or another form of robust metal is used in most of today’s grills. After use, grill experts frequently use a stiff wire brush to clean their grills. While this method works well for removing rust and food particles from most grates, it may harm the stainless-steel sheen. Here are a few more cleaning options that may be better for your grates’ finish.

Salt And Vinegar To Clean Rusty BBQ Grill

Vinegar is one of those versatile chemicals that you may use for various tasks, including cleaning. Using a combination of vinegar and salt to remove rust is a non-toxic procedure, which is vital with grills because you cook on them. Vinegar and salt are both healthy to consume, but people can also use them to eliminate rust when used together. To clean with vinegar and salt, mix two cups vinegar with one cup salt in a big mixing basin. Then, place the rusted grill grates into a large heavy-duty trash bag (the sort you use for yard debris) and soak them overnight. After you’ve soaked them, use an old towel or cloth to wipe away the rust. The salt will turn into a soft abrasive, allowing you to remove the rust.

Soda (Baking) To Clean Rusty BBQ Grill

You may also clean your stainless-steel grates using baking soda, a non-toxic substance. If you’re using baking soda, you’ll need to clean the grates with a soft bristle brush to get away with as much rust as possible. You should place grates on the grill and sprinkle baking soda on them. Then fire up the grill. The powder will bubble as a result of the heat. The rust is removed using the bubbling process. Allow your grill to cool down once you’ve turned it off. Clean the grates with the soft bristle brush once more. The next time you wish to cook, your grill will be ready.

Commercial Rust Remover To Clean Rusty BBQ Grill

You may remove rust with a commercial rust remover. You’ll find a variety of various varieties at the store. They remove rust from grill grates effectively, but they include dangerous chemicals that you may not want near your food. If you take this way out, make sure to choose one intended to clean rusted grill grates. If you use a generic one, it may leave a harmful chemical residue behind. In the barbeque area of most local home improvement or big department shops, you’ll find one designed for barbecues.


If your grill is most of it covered with rust, you may use sandpaper to remove it. However, sandpaper can harm the surface of your grates, so only use it if all other options have failed.

If you like the concept of employing a cleaning solution, try one of the following:

Vinegar To Clean A Barbecue Grill That Is Rusty

Allow the rusty surface to rest for a few minutes after cleaning it with full-strength white vinegar. Once the vinegar has begun to dissolve the rust, continue scrubbing the corroded area with a wire brush or steel wool. Rep till the rust is completely gone.

Paste Of Baking Soda To Clean A Barbecue Grill That Is Rusty

To eliminate rust off cast iron grills and other metal surfaces, a thick paste of baking soda and water can be used instead of vinegar. Allow the paste to rest on the rust build-up for a few hours. Scrape the paste away with an abrasive surface, and repeat as required.

Paste Of Salt To Clean A Barbecue Grill That Is Rusty

Make a thick mixture of kosher salt and water if you need something more abrasive than baking soda or vinegar to remove the rust off your cast iron grill. Apply it to the rusted area, then scrub it away using steel wool or a wire brush. Repeat the process as needed. If the rust is very obstinate, you may need to begin your cleaning efforts with a salt paste; but, once the initial few layers of rust have been removed, you may transfer to the less abrasive baking soda paste.

Why Grill Grates Turn Rusty

Well, there are plenty of reasons for it. The grill grates are usually keep in the backyards open to taking rainwater, so the grill grates turn out to be rusty due to frequent rainwater. Although companies coat a protective layer on the grates to protect them from rust, that layer wears off due to the user over time. Another reason for losing the protective rust-free layer is the wrong cleaning of the grates after grilling the food. People usually rub the grates with hard elements that scratch the protective layer from the grates. Eventually, the grill grates become unprotected and rust after some time. 

Rusty Grill Grates – How To Clean

After leaving your grill out in the rain all winter, you’re wondering how to clean it. There are different methods you can use depending on the materials. The grates on grills are often made from stainless steel or another form of metal. When cleaning their grill grates, most people use a stiff wire brush.

It is effective for removing rust from most grill grates but may damage the finish of stainless steel grates. The following are a few ways to remove stubborn rust from grill grates. It may be wise to start with the mildest option and work your way down the list until all rust has been removed.


In addition to being a substantial money commitment, putting your grill in peak grilling form takes time, so it’s also a time investment. The last and final thing you would want is to get your grates to a non-stick stage where they cook steaks wonderfully just for rust to grow and ruin everything. If rust does form under your watchful eye, utilize non-toxic removal procedures before resorting to rust removal techniques that expose the cooking surface to toxins. You may be able to avoid damage by rapidly removing rust from stainless steel grills. To keep your grill in good working order, clean and protect it.


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