How Many Watts Does An Electric Grill Use

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Watts Used By An Electric Grill Use

How Many Watts Does An Electric Grill Use? Grills are the pinnacle of convenience, providing authentic wood taste and complete ease of usage. However, even though they use wood pellets to generate heat and smoke for the cook, they demand power to run.

For those whose spouses wonder, “How much does it cost to run that thing?” for those who are simply interested, here is a full breakdown of how much power grills consume and how much they cost to operate.

Electric grills often cost efficiency, It has been seen that the average electric grill almost uses 1250 watts. The amount one is paying for the electricity will be actually the pay made for the power. the cost that has been used for barbecuing is easy to determine.

Does Electricity Power A Standard Grill And How Many Watts Does An Electric Grill Use

Grills, also known as smokers, use real wood as fuel to produce incredible, fragrant smoke that envelops the meat during the smoking process. Smokers require electricity to work, even if the wood is the only source of heat, smoke, and flavor. It’s just needed to power the digital display screens, rotate the drill to move the wood, and manage the flame with the stoker fans.

How Much Power Does A Grill Consume

Grills use energy for their basic tasks, but it’s a relatively small amount of power in the broad scope of things. I calculated the average watt usage of three of the most popular grill manufacturers, and the result was:

  1. For the first few minutes, use 300-500 watts to power the ignitor.
  2. 50 watts for the rest of the cook to keep the drill, fans, and digital display running.

How Much Does A Grill Cost To Run Electric Grill Usage

Based on the typical US energy rate of 13.19 cents per kWh and the power of a regular grill, it’s less than a penny per hour.

The calculations are listed here for those who are interested.

0.4 kWh = 50 Watts x 8 (Number of Hours) / 1000

For 8 hours of use, 0.4 kWh x 13.19c kWh Rate = 5.276 cents, or less than 1 cent per hour.

So, while wood pellets are more expensive, it’s nice to know that you’re not spending a lot of money on electricity. All the more motivation to fire it up whenever you get the chance!

What Is The Power Consumption Of A Grill

Pellet grills typically require 300-500 watts when they first turn on. This turns on the ignitor, starts the drill and fans, and turns on the digital display for the first few minutes.

The ignitor turns off after the wood pellets have caught correctly, which takes around 2-4 minutes. Only 50 watts are required from here on out, like the drill, fans, and digital display use only a small amount of electricity. All the more motivation to fire it up whenever you can!

Tips for Energy Saving With the Help Of your Grill

1. Cook Few pieces

Large items take much longer to cook than smaller pieces of food. For instance, a whole chicken takes longer to grill than a chicken thigh. You can save energy by cutting food into smaller pieces before grilling — and you’ll have food on the table faster too.

2. Controlling your Gas Grill with high- and low-heat zones

Don’t fall into the trap of turning up the heat to cook food faster. Doing so increases the risk of burning the outside of the food and ruining dinner. Instead, set up part of your grill as a high-heat zone to sear food like vegetables, and use a low-heat zone to finish cooking.

Electric Vs. Pellet Smoker: Which Uses More Power And Watts Does An Electric Grill Use

The difference in power consumption between electric and pellet smokers is due to the heat source. Pellet smokers use wood pellets to fuel the fire, and the drill and fans assist you in achieving your desired temperature.

Electric smokers, on the other side, depending on energy to power the heat-generating device. An electric smoker’s heat is similar to that of a standard oven, with the addition of smoking wood chips to produce smoke.

Electric smokers consume around 16 more power because they rely on electricity to produce heat. This is roughly 800 Watts for the electric smoker vs. around 50 Watts for the pellet smoker.

Is It Possible To Use A Grill Without Electricity

Although the wood pellets provide the heat, electricity is necessary to turn the drill and drive the fan in order to stoke the fire to the proper temperature.

You could believe that once the grill is hot, power isn’t required. However, if the drill did not turn to feed the fire, it would quickly become hungry and eventually go out.

A power cord is included with every grill and must be plugged into a power outlet. According to the handbook, always make sure you’re providing enough power to the grill, but I’d say 99 percent of grills will work on a regular 120 VAC power outlet anywhere in the globe.

Although you’ll need electricity to run your grill, you won’t require a wall outlet. Alternatively, you can utilize a power inverter to operate your portable barbecue from the trunk of your car. You can also smoke wherever you like with a portable charger, power station, or generator. How Many Watts Does An Electric Grill Use? 


Select the best grill and gather everything you’ll need for outdoor grilling when you decide to go camping and cooking in the great outdoors. A Traeger grill requires both electricity and wood pellets to operate. The grill only uses 30 watts, while a hot rod needs 300 watts for 5 to 10 minutes to start. Likewise, the thermostat and other appliances use only 30 watts of power.


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