How To Prevent Flames When Cooking

How To Prevent Flames When Cooking

How To Prevent Flames When Cooking? Grilling is a cooking technique in which you cook your favorite meat without any cover and on an open flame. Grilling is slightly different from the barbecue, as, in barbecue, the meat is grilled on low flame, or the heat coming from the burnt coals underneath the grill grates and, a lid is used to, completely cover the cooking. 

What Is Flame Outburst To Prevent Flames When Cooking

Due to various certain circumstances, a sudden and intense outburst of flames and heat during grilling occurs, this outburst of flames and lights poses, danger and threat for the person in charge of cooking and the food on the grill. This dangerous accident is also known as flare-ups.

What Causes Flare-Ups

If you’re new to this grilling world and have zero experience with how to handle these little threatening and dangerous happenings during grilling. Whatsoever, flareups might freak you out and haunt you like a living nightmare. But it could be control or prevent if you get familiar with its potential causes.

  • If the oils or fat of the meat comes in contact with the heating coils, it causes a sudden outburst of flames burning it or turning its outermost layer black.
  • Keep the grilling meat away from the wind because oxygen is in the free air induces the flames.
  • Quickly move your food from the exploding flames in case an outburst occurs.
  • Baste the meat once it is grill from one side properly will avoid the maximum contact between oil and the flames.
  • After every or two times usage of the grill, make sure you clean the grill grate because meat. And also grease residue might stimulate the flame explosion in later use.
  • If you’re inexperienced, it is suggest to turn the burner off in case of flames to avoid any accident, to begin with.
  • Always remember that oil and water never mix it’s science! So, avoid spraying water over exploding flames because it will only boost lighting.

Methods To Control The Flare-Ups

Flames can be prevent from your anticipated food by various tricks and methods. To know tricks, you need to prevent this uncontrollable and crazy explosion keep on reading.

Most important, avoid flipping and moving your meat frequently because it would lessen its chances to cook properly ruining its flavor. With this frequent interference, some oil and marinade could end up dripping on the coals inducing the flames.

You can limit the chances of explosion by limiting the contact between meat and the burning fire, switching it from direct to indirect heat. 

  • Direct Heat: The process of piling up the coals in the burner underneath the grilling grates and burning this pillar of coals, cooking the meat directly of its fire is the method of grilling meat over direct flames.
  • Indirect Heat: Grilling meat by the indirect method is similar to the direct heat method with a slight modification. In this method, the coils are pile up on one side of the burner and evenly scatter on the other side. This arrangement of the coals gives the person in charge of grilling some area to switch the meat from direct flames to the side where slower flames and less heat are present, to grill the meat as you please.

Planning Before Grilling To Prevent Flames When Cooking

The first step to avoiding flare-ups while grilling is planning. You should consider many things before starting up the grill, such as what type of food you’re grilling and how much of it. Additionally, some factors will affect the way your food looks, like the size of your grill or whether it’s a gas or charcoal grill. These factors all have to be taken into account before you start cooking because they could impact what happens during cooking.

Once you’ve got those important things figured out, the next step is actually preparing to cook. This means preheating the grill and then making sure that everything is ready to go on the inside by brushing off any excess gunk and ensuring that your food is season well. With these steps, you’ll make sure that nothing burns before it even starts cooking!

Once your grill is ready, all that’s left is waiting for your food to cook! The last step in avoiding flare-ups while grilling is patience; just wait until your food has finished cooking before you start cleaning up any messes from around the grill.

Setting Up Your Grill To Prevent Flames When Cooking

First, make sure your grill is clean. Just a swipe of the brush will do the trick. But if you want to go the extra mile, you should get out your grill cleaner and scrub it down to make sure that it’s nice and shiny.

Next, set up your grill according to the directions provided in the manual. This is an important step because it helps prevent flare-ups from happening. You might not get these instructions with your particular model of the grill. So check for them online or with someone who has used this brand.

Once you have all of these instructions done, open up your lid and let some fire build up on one side of the grill.

You should then cook your food over that side until it becomes crispy and golden brown. When you are done cooking everything, turn off the heat and move everything to the other side of the grill so that they can finish cooking there too. At this point, close all of those lids back up and allow them to cool down before moving on to cleaning them up again.

Grilling food by indirect heat method is also known as Two Zone heat developing method in the world of grilling. It serves as a preventive measure in case of flame occurrence. You can grill meat directly on heat and move it to the area where slow flames are present. This would do two things first, you’ll get some time on your hand to control the flames, and the act of meat movement over the low heat will continue the cooking without halting the process of grilling. Now, imagine you don’t have a two-zone fire, and a sudden fire outburst unfolds in front of you. Now, what to do. Well, in that case, the quickest and the most efficient way is abruptly closing the lid cutting out its oxygen completely.


If you love barbecue and grilling, there are a few things you must remember at your fingertips, one the flames need oxygen to burn. Also cutting out its source will grant you some time to understand and handle the situation. If the grill grates are maintained regularly, then just know that you have already cancel the most chance of flare-up occurrence.


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