Best Fruit To Grill in 2024

Apart from meat and vegetables, fruits are the next best thing to grill. When fruit is exposed to fire, the flavor intensifies as the sugar caramelizes. Juicy fruits become juicier, and the smoke from your grill gives the fruit a woodsy flavor. You can grill fruits on charcoal, wood, or gas grills on a baking dish, as skewer fruit kebabs, or by placing them directly on the grill if you prefer the grill marks on your foods. You can serve grilled fruit in a salad, as a side to a savory dish, or as topping to dessert. Here is everything you need to know about grilling fruit.

The best fruit to grill

Grilling plums

You can grill plums over high heat to enhance their natural sweetness and give it a wonderful flavor. You need to cut the plum into two parts and remove the seed. The cut sides caramelize over the grill and get a beautiful browning look. While you do not need to flavor this fruit, you can drizzle honey or sprinkle cinnamon on top.

French grilling watermelon

Watermelon is one of the best fruits to grill because of its ability to take in the smoke to create a smoky-sweet flavor that will melt in your mouth. You can enjoy the grilled watermelon with a bit of salt and lime as a palate cleanser. You can also add grilles watermelon in a salad with cheese or as part of a fruit salad. Ensure you grill it on medium and not hot to prevent scorching the fruit when cooking.

 Grilling a pear

Grilled pear makes an excellent addition to a sweet potato salad. This can be used as a starter dish in a dinner party and comes packed with nutritious benefits. You can eat grilled pear salad with fresh spinach, feta cheese, and arugula leaves. It is also excellent with toasted pecans and apple flavor dressing. Before grilling the sweet potatoes, you can parboil them to ensure they roast faster. Together with grilled sweet potato, grilled pear makes a mouth waterish dish.

Grilling apples

If you are looking for a healthy grill party appetizer, grilled apples are an excellent choice. Impress your guest with a stunning gourmet comprising of grilled apples in brie flatbread. You can garnish with honey and a sprinkle of walnuts and thyme to give it a truly delectable taste. Apples are the best fruit to grill since the flavor is enhanced with the heat and acquire a better texture. The combinations with melted cheese and toasted flatbread will keep your guests coming back for more.

Grilling strawberries

If you are looking for the perfect dessert on a cookout, a grilled strawberry cake is one of the best ideas. You can grill a strawberry rhubarb crumb cake on your grill using a grill safe dish. If you prefer plain strawberries, you can skewer them for the best tasting grilled strawberries. Fresh strawberries are the best for grilling.

Grilling pineapples

If you love cooked pineapple, you will love the taste of grilled pineapple. Grilling intensifies the sweetness of the fruit, and the smoky flavor makes it the best on the grill. You can thread freshly peeled pineapples on a skewer and baste with rum sauce. This can be served as a topping for ice cream or a garnish for cocktails.

Honey grilled apricots

If you need a deeply sweet fruit to grill, butter-basted apricots with honey make the perfect topping for ice cream for your parties. They can also be served as starters served with ripened cow milk cheese at room temperature. Ensure you grill the apricots in medium heat to lock in the moisture and flavor.

Grilling lemons

Grilled lemons make the perfect dressing for grilled fish, vegetables, or grilled chicken. It takes a few minutes to prepare grilled lemons, and you can drizzle a bit of olive oil on them. The heat loosens the sourness in the lemons and enhances the citrus taste to give them a charred taste.

Grilling brown sugar bananas

Dipping your bananas in brown sugar before grilling is one of the best ways to make them richer in taste and softer in texture. This combo takes the taste of bananas to the next level. This method of grilling bananas ensures the peel is kept on the fruit through the cooking process, making it easy to keep the bananas intact on the grill. You can drizzle a bit of rum on the banana and use this grilled fruit as a topping for desserts.

Use the top rack

If you are grilling delicate slices, berries, or cherries, it is best to do so using the top grill sheet or basket. The lid can be left down during the grilling process, even though you will need to keep checking more frequently.

Sprinkle some booze

Fruits are naturally sweet, and adding booze to the mix can make them even better. You can splash some rum or bourbon on your grilling fruits. Alternatively, a splash of vinegar will add depth to any type of fruit. Maple syrup, brown sugar, and honey are also ideal additions to your grilling process.

Be patient

The joy of grilling fruit is gotten from the caramelizing process of the sugars in the fruit, which can take time. To avoid having hot charred fruit that is not well done, allowing your fruits to grill for a while longer on medium heat between 350°F and 450°F is the best way to get it right. The lid can be left closed to allow even heat distribution in the grill. Flip over thick fruits a few times every few minutes to ensure even grilling and no burning.

Add it to your drinks

If you are having a cocktail cookout, grilled fruits make, the perfect garnish for your tropical drinks. Grill the fruits in a foil for about half an hour until it is soft and soaked in smoke. Plop these in your drinks and allow them to dissolve. You will love the smoky fruity sensations it gives the drinks.

While you can grill any type of fruit, the best fruit to grill should be one that takes in smoke and heat to enhance its natural flavor. Any of the recommended fruits can be used to enhance your grilled menu.






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