How Much Is a Traeger Renegade Elite Grill

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Traeger has been supplying Americans with home BBQ grills for more than two decades. In this time, they have built the Traeger brand to become one of the best suppliers of high-end but affordable pellet grills. The Traeger Renegade elite grill is one of the best achievements for the brands, and it is easy to see why.

This is a pellet grill that comes in a slightly smaller size than other pellet grills in its category, even so, it is a highly versatile grill in terms of what you can use it to do. Apart from grilling capabilities, this pellet grill allows you to smoke your meat, roast it, and even bake it. With this grill, you are not limited to one method of cooking. You can use it to make your meals, whether you are hosting friends or only need to cook for one. You can experiment with a versatile range of foods, including pizzas, muffins, and bread.

Here is everything you need to know about the Traeger Renegade elite grill.

What exactly is a pellet grill?

As the name suggests, a pellet grill or smoker uses burnt wood pallets as the main cooking fuel source. The best thing about pellet grills is that the wood pellets can be burned in high heat without affecting the quality of your meat. The more the pellets burn, the more they infuse your meat with the delicious wood aroma. You can further enhance the taste of your smoked food by using flavored types of wood pellets like hickory, apple, and hickory.

The Traeger grill brand has been at the forefront of pellet grills, making it one of the best brands to invest in.

The build

The best sign of a reliable grill is the sturdiness of the build. Strong and sturdy pellet grills are made with perfect insulation, which means it easy to maintain grilling temperatures without risking over ventilation.

Adequate ventilation is one of the best features of the Traeger Renegade grill. It comes with 16-gauge powder-coated steel. This ensures there is adequate heat retention and gives you a steady cooking environment for all your foods.

Pellet grills are particularly ideal for indirect cooking. This is what makes them the best choice for other methods of cooking, like baking, smoking, and roasting. This is thanks to the ability of these grills to retain heat inside the cooking zone, which is the primary source of heat for these secondary cooking methods.

Easy ventilation and fueling

A unique feature about pellet grilling is the need to supply the grill with fuel regularly. This is especially important when you are cooking or roasting food that requires a long time on the grill. While some pellet models can be difficult to add pellets to keep the heat going, the Traeger Renegade elite grill is very easy to refill. The hopper clean-out drawer is easy to remove from the body of the grill and refill with pellets. You can easily replace the pellets while cooking to ensure your food gets an adequate supply of flavoring.

The performance

The main drawback of most wood and charcoal grills is the inability to maintain even heat distribution throughout the grilling process. This often causes uneven cooking of foods, which affects the taste and consistency of the grill. This is not the case with the renegade elite.

First off, the grill comes with an auto-start ignition to ensure the grill is hot and running in no time. It also has a conventional blower that ensures even circulation of hot air inside the cooking drum. This eliminates the possibility of hot or cold areas in the grill. Because of this consistent heat circulation in the drum, you do not need to turn your meat for even cooking.

The grill is also fitted with an inbuilt thermometer and temperature control. This way, you can monitor the temperature inside the cooking drum and adjust without having to open the lid. This is a welcome feature, especially for newbies in grilling and smoking cooking.

You will notice the porcelain enamel coated cooking grates on the renegade elite. These damage resistant grates ensure there is even heat distribution throughout the cooking zone. Porcelain grates are also rust-resistant and are easy to clean.

Grease draining features

Grilling is a messy method of cooking, and this is why some of the best grills come with a grease-draining zone. Grease can access every inch of your grill, which makes cleaning a difficult task. To prevent this, the renegade elite comes with a grease draining system that drains excess fats and grease from the grill. This drained grease is collected in a small bucket attached to the side drum. You can drain this collection bucket when you finish grilling.

 Wood fuel versatility

Grilling with wood is not as common as charcoal or gas. Even so, it is one of the best cooking methods and gives you versatility in terms of what you can do with a wood grill. Apart from allowing you to experiment with different cooking methods, pellet grills allow you to use different types of wood to enjoy the different taste profiles they offer.

You can use different wood types, including maple, oak, pecan, and mesquite. Any of these woods release a tasty aroma, which infuses into your meat and enhances the flavor. Most people who use pellet grills prefer it to any other type of grill.

Different woods go best with different types of food. For instance:

  • Oak goes perfectly with beef or fish
  • Maple is a sweet tree, making it perfect for turkey, beef or pork
  • Pecan is best for beef or pork
  • Alder has an earthy taste that can go well with any type of meat, especially pork, lamb and chicken
  • Mesquite has a spiciness and sharpness that best goes with beef, chicken or fish

The Traeger comes loaded with other additional features. You will get a magnetic tool rack to ensure you never misplace a grilling tool again. It also has an in-built caddy rack to ensure you have all your sauces and grilling tools within reach while the magnetic hooks ensure your utensils are always safely in place. It also features heavy-duty wheels to ensure the grill remains in place while smoking and grilling.

How much is a Traeger Renegade elite grill?

The Traeger Renegade elite grill will set you back at least $51000, making it a premium pellet grill. With the features and benefits it offers, plus the sturdy build, it is easy to see why this would be a sound investment option.