Best Type of Steaks to Grill in 2024

There is no better feeling than that the smell of steak in the air coming from your grill. To enjoy the best-grilled steak at home, it is important to learn everything there is to know about grilling a steak. Grilling is one of the best methods of making any meat, especially steak. When done right, you get to enjoy a perfect slice of mouthwatering meat that will keep your guests coming back for more. Grilled steak provides the body with healthy proteins, making them perfect additions to any meal.

Unlike other types of meat, grilling steak is one of the easiest processes when done right. What’s more, steak offers you a cooking versatility to meet different preferences, ranging from rear to well-done grilling. If you are new to grilling steak, here is everything you need to know.

Before diving into the best kind of steak to grill, there are certain factors you need to understand about buying steak.

Best kind of steak to grill

The striploin

Also famously referred to as the New York strip, club steak, Kansas City steak, and shell steak, the striploin is a very tender and well-marbled piece of steak with a rich beefy flavor. This is what makes it stand out in most steakhouses. Just like the ribeye, you can get striploin cups in thicknesses ranging from ½ inch upwards. It is also perfect for searing over direct heat and allowed to finish over low heat.


Most meat lovers consider this type of steak as the king of steak. It is a tender, juicy, and well marbles cut, which makes it perfect for grilling. You can choose to have them on bone or off bone, depending on your preference. When buying the ribeye cut, find those that have streaky marbling as these are tender. You can grill ribeye in any thickness from ½ inch to 2 inches or over. The best method for cooking this type of steak is the searing method and allowed to finish cooking on a cool grill side.

The flat iron

This is a boneless cut done from the shoulder clod close to the shoulder of the steer. It is one of the tenderest types of beef, making it perfect for grilling. It can range in thickness between ¾ inches to 1.25 inches. You can season with salt and pepper before quickly cooking it on a hot grill to medium-rare.

Filet mignon

This is a cut done from the tenderloin and is one of the softest parts of beef. An average steer offers a maximum of 500g of filet mignon. Because of its rarity and texture, it is one of the most expensive cuts of beef in the market. Even though it is tender, it is not full of beef flavor like other cuts. It is commonly wrapped in bacon to give it a delectable taste.

The T-bone

This is a commonly loved piece of beef by most meat lovers around the world. The steak on the T-bone is large as it is two steaks in one. It comprises of the striploin and the tenderloin on the other side. This makes it a difficult piece of prepare since these two types cook at different speeds. For the best experience, ask for cuts at least 2 inches thick and prepare using the reverse sear method.


While most people believe that the T-bone and the porterhouse are the same meat, this is a misconception. This meat is cut further up than the T-bone, making up a large part of the tenderloin. It is best grilled as a thick steak using the reverse sear method.

The flank

This is a cut done from the belly area of a cow. It is a tough but very flavorful type of steak. As a thin steak, it needs to be seared over high heat and never past medium-rare for the best results. Always slice it against the grain.

Top sirloin

This is a cut derived from the sirloin primal and is one of the most affordable beef cuts. Even though not the most tender cuts, it is rich in flavor, making it a favorite amongst many steak lovers. You can quickly sear this steak, ensuring you only do it to medium-rare finish, otherwise it dries out.

Skirt steak

This is a common type of steak used to make fajitas. It is thick enough to be made using the fast searing method over direct heat. A spice rub or marinade is a good way of enhancing the beef flavor in this cut. Ensure you slice against the grain for the best taste.

The grade of beef

Regardless of the cut you buy, you need to ensure the cut is from choice grade or above. Not all steaks are created equal. The more marbling done on the meat, the better it is for grilling tender meat. In the USA, the meat sold in stores is always graded as choice or select. The former has more fat than the latter, which is the main difference. This should make the selections process easy for you.

When buying your cuts directly from a butcher, ensure the parts are cut from prime grade beef, which has undergone better marbling than choice range. There are numerous options for getting steak locally.

Best ways to cook steak

When it comes to grilling steak, there are two mains ways of doing it.

Reverse sear method

For this method, you will need to create two indirect fire zones on your grill. It involves cooking the steak over indirect heat slowly. When it is almost ready, you need to raise the temperature on your grill to sear the steak towards the end. This method works best for steak cuts that are not less than 1.5 inches in thickness.

The hot and fast method

For this method, you will need to quickly sear the steak over high temperatures. How long you sear the steak depends on the thickness, with thinner steak taking shorter times on the grill. Ensure you sear for a few minutes on both sides before removing the steak from the grill. If the seared steak of not ready after a few minutes, you can allow it to continue cooking over indirect heat.






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