How to Assemble the Traeger Grill

Learn Assembling the Traeger Grill

Did you recently purchase a Traeger grill and are now concerned about the assembly process? Fear not! There’s absolutely no reason to fret. Assembling the Traeger grill by yourself is a simple task. With the right instructions at hand, you’re sure to enjoy the process.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how you can assemble your Traeger grill. Along with it, we will also discuss some of the most commonly asked queries by the public.

How to Assemble the Traeger Grill

Here are some of the instructions you have to follow while assembling your new Traeger grill.

Before moving towards the instructions, always assemble the grill on a clean and flat surface. You will have to lay the grill on its front and back sides while assembling.

And one more important thing is that this grill is too heavy. So it is better to lift it with two to three people.

1- Install the Legs 

Turn over the grill upside down. If you want to protect the finish of the grill, utilize the plastic bag covering your grill as a barrier between the grill and cardboard while assembling the legs.

Note that when you are fastening the legs to the grill, you have to fasten the assemblage in this order: bolt 5/ 16-18 socket head, washer, leg, washer, spring washer, hex nut: 1/ 4-20.

Attach the legs to the grill and begin with the wheeled legs. You have to assemble in this order: one bolt: 5/ 16 socket head, one washer, the leg, second washer, a spring washer, and secure with the hex nut: 1/ 4-20.

Repeat this in the remaining hole as well as repeat the fastening process for your second wheeled leg. However, attach the remaining legs without wheels to your grill. And assemble in this way: one bolt: 5/16- 18 socket head, one washer, the leg, second washer, a spring washer, and secure with the hex nuts 1/ 4-20.

Repeat in the remaining hole. Repeat the fastening process for the second leg without a wheel.

2- Install the Leg Braces 

Attach the leg brace to the grill’s legs by using four of the 1/ 4-20 x.6 bolts. Attach the second leg brace to the remaining legs by using four of the 1/ 4-20 x.6 bolts. With the help of another person, turn the grill so that it is right-side up. Keep in mind that turning the grill upright may require 2 persons.

3- Attach Smoke Stack and Chimney Cap 

Now it’s time to insert the smokestack. Attach it with two 1/ 4-20 x.75 bolts, two washers, and secure them with two 1/ 4-20 hex nuts. Then insert the chimney cap.

4- Install Side Lift Handle 

Remove all the packaging and parts from inside the grill. Now locate the handle and attach it to the side of the grill with 2 of the 1/ 4-20 x.6 bolts, two washers, and two mic washers.

5- Attach Lid of Front Handle 

Attach handle using two 1/ 4-20 x .6 bolts, two washers, and two mica washers.

6- Place the Interior Parts and Hopper Grill’s Grate 

Put the heat baffle, then drip the tray into place. Insert the grill grates. Insert hopper grate and connect meat probe.

Hang Bucket on Side of the Grill 

Affix bucket to the side of the grill. Now that you have assembled your Pro Series grill, ensure that you have stocked up on all of the necessities. A full-length grill cover to keep the Pro from the elements. Drip tray liners make cleanup a breeze. In addition, never forget about the pellets as it is a must to pair the right hardwood to our wood-fired recipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long it may take you to assemble Traeger?

All in all, It may take you and another person about 45 minutes to assemble the entire grill.

Q: Is it hard to assemble the Traeger grill?

All of the technical construction such as wiring and major structural components are already done by Traeger. The only skill you may require is using a screwdriver and wrench. Traeger grill supplies all the required tools for assembling so that you can build it without even buying a missing tool.

Q: Is it important to season a Traeger grill? 

Before you have to cook on the Traeger grill, you may have to season the grill, it is sometimes also called burning in the grill. It is a simple and one-time process that may burn off any residual, non-toxic oils or lubrication from the manufacturing process.

Q: How can you season your Traeger grill?

Here is the step-by-step guide for you to season your Traeger grill.

  • Prime the auger tube along with pellets
  • Plugin the grill into an electrical outlet and turn it on.
  • Add hardwood pellets to the hopper.
  • Turn on the main power switch.
  • Turn the dial to “Select Auger” then select “Prime Auger”.

How long may it take you to ignite a Traeger grill for the first time? 

Open the lid and start the process by setting the Traeger grill to the Smoke setting. You may hear the fan running. You have to wait for the fire to ignite and get established, which may take roughly 5 minutes.

Where do you have to plug the Traeger grill?

After you have assembled your grill, plug it into any electrical wall socket. It will operate the digital thermostat, the convection fan, the igniter rod, and the auger of the grill that moves the wood pellets.

We hope that you understand how to assemble the Traeger grill by now. So, if you are planning to buy a Traeger grill, do it now and start grilling like a pro chef.



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