How Long to Grill Country-Style Pork Ribs

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Country-style ribs are deliciously fulfilling. These are essentially large cuts from the pork shoulder, transformed into succulent, meaty delights. Whether you prefer them with bones or without, these are not your typical rib rack. They are essentially hefty meat portions interlaced with fat, requiring a slow cook at a low heat to reach their full flavor potential. The downside to this? You cannot rush the cooking process for country-style ribs. However, a significant advantage is that these ribs are so meat-rich, one rib is usually enough to quell your appetite. In fact, I often find myself cutting them into halves because a whole rib, potentially weighing up to a pound, can be a bit much for some.

Country Ribs: How to Grill Them

Country ribs are best cooked over a wood fire, but they may also be cooked on either a gas grill, charcoal grill, or even in the oven.

You’ll want to use a sauce on these country ribs. You may use anything as basic as cider vinegar or your favorite barbecue sauce.



  • Four country ribs (about 3 pounds)
  • salt kosher
  • Oil made from vegetables
  • your preferred barbecue sauce


  1. Cut and season the ribs as follows:

Typically, country ribs are more than a foot long. Before cooking, we recommend chopping them in half to make them simpler to handle. Season the country-style pork ribs with salt and pepper after coating them in oil. Much of the fat will drain away during the cooking process, leaving a crispy, salty, fatty portion that you will fight over with your friends.

  1. To begin, slow cook the ribs for 90 minutes:

You may cook the ribs in a variety of ways. You may bake them at 250 degrees Fahrenheit (line a baking pan with foil and cover the pan). Slow-roast them in a covered gas grill with half of the burners turned off (put them on the other side that is not over direct flame). Set up a big charcoal barbecue, similar to a smoker, and cook the country ribs on the cold side of the grill (again covered). But the ideal way to cook these ribs is to start a wood fire on one side of the grill and gently cook them over woodsmoke. Whatever you do, leave the ribs to cook for 90 minutes alone. Turn them after 90 minutes and brush them with your barbecue sauce.

  1. Turn your ribs every 30 minutes or so and re-paint them with the sauce:

How long does it take to cook? It depends on the temperature of your fire, at the very least 3 hours. It might take up to 5 hours. Because these ribs are rather fatty, you’ll want to cook them slowly. The fat renders off, and the smoother your ribs become, the slower you cook them. Please take your time.

  1. Transfer to the hot side of the grill or broil:

As the flesh starts to come apart when you flip the rib, you’re ready to go on to the next stage. After another coat of paint, transfer the ribs to the hot side of the grill. Move the ribs to the broiler if you’re using the oven technique. Allow a minute or two for the sauce to caramelize on the ribs. Pay close attention and avoid overcooking the ribs. A little char is fine, but a briquette is not.

Pro Tips:

  • Remove the fat pad in its entirety.
  • Increase the percentage of “rib cuts” to 75%.
  • If you have the time, brine the meat. If you’re bringing, use a salt-free rub.
  • Choose your own rub and sauce.
  • Cook on a medium grill with a 450° surface temperature.
  • Don’t overcook the food. The temperature range of 145° to 150° is ideal.
  • Try this version of 8311 if you don’t have a rib. This recipe makes roughly twice as much as you’ll need, so split it in half or freeze the rest. Also, if bringing, skip the salt in the rub. 12 cup sugar (brown) 3 tbsp. salt (kosher) 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper, one teaspoon onion powder, one teaspoon black pepper, one teaspoon powdered garlic

What To Serve With Grilled Country Style Pork Ribs

Here are some amazing flavorful options you can add to your menu, along with country-style pork ribs.


Pasta salad

Cornbread (sweet or spicy)

Mac and cheese

Roasted veggies

Russian salad

Green beans

Pickled onions

Potato wedges

Grill Maintenance Tips

In order to enjoy food cooked on a neat and clean grill, it is imperative to maintain it regularly. On the other hand, it is also essential for the grill’s longevity. Otherwise, your grill may end up in the trash way too soon.

Following are some easy-to-do tips that you can do after every use.

  1. preheat the grill first. Doing this will get rid of all the contaminants and properly disinfect the grill.
  2. then brush off all the debris sitting on the surface of the grill grates.
  3. once you finish cooking, increase the heat to the maximum level. This will burn the excess food marinades or drip on the grill. Afterward, remove the burnt residues too.
  4. once the grill is cooled, cover it with the lid, and that’s it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my country-style ribs so tough?

Well, you have experienced tough ribs. Then the most common reason for this is ribbed are not cooked well enough. Furthermore, even if you cook ribs on maximum heat, still these won’t come out tender. The ideal way is to grill the ribs In a slow cooking process.

Can I flip country-style ribs while grilling?

Yes, absolutely! Not just country-style ribs, you can flip any ribs while grilling.  The best way is to cook ribs on slow heat and flip them accordingly every 20 or 25minutes.

Is it necessary to wrap ribs in the foil?

In order to experience perfectly grilled ribs, cooking on low heat is the key. In addition, ribs that take more time to cook appear to be moister and tender when wrapped in foil compared to other methods. Moreover, this method will provide golden brown meat instead of dark or burnt ones.


The country-style pork ribs are especially dry-rubbed, cooked on a two-zone fire, and presented with BBQ sauce. Because they are not smoked, they cook very quickly. They are the ideal motivation to fire up the grill on any given weekday!


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