How To Get Rust Off Grill Grates

How To Get Rust Off Grill Grates

How To Get Rust Off Grill Grates? Assuming you store your BBQ outside, you might see that the charcoal meshes have become corroded over the long haul. Rust on the charcoal barbecue looks unappealing, but it can also destroy the flavour of your heavenly barbecued food. 

The uplifting news is cleaning the rest of the barbecue grates is simple and there is no need for cruel synthetic compounds. The following are a couple of regular cleaning strategies to end rust from your barbecue grates. Many people wonder how to get the rust off of grill gates.

Grill Grate Maintenance

Keeping your barbecue looking great requires ordinary and quick cleaning after use. This might appear to be a task. Yet when you are finished grilling, clean the meshes with basic water and dish cleanser arrangement. The more time food grime stays on the meshes, the harder they will be to clean. Along these lines, it’s great over the long haul to give the meshes a fast flush after use.

Why Grill Grates Turn Rusty

Well, there are plenty of reasons for it. The grill grates are usually placed in the backyards open to taking rainwater, so the grill grates turn out to be rusty due to frequent rainwater. Although companies coat a protective layer on the grates to protect them from rust, that layer wears off due to the user over time. Another reason for losing the protective rust-free layer is the wrong cleaning of the grates after grilling the food. People usually rub the grates with hard elements that scratch the protective layer from the grates. Eventually, the grill grates become unprotected and rust after some time. 

Ways To Clean The Grill Grates

Now when you have a rusty grill, the question arises how to clean them. Readout some of the ways explained below:

Use Baking Soda To Clean The Grates 

Baking soda is considered one of the best natural cleaning elements to remove thick substances like grease from the grills. All you have to do is make sure that you remove as much rust from the grates as possible with a brush. To clean the remaining rust, place the grill back on the flame and sprinkle the baking soda on it. The heating will make the baking soda bubble, eliminating its rust. Once all the bubbles are finished, turn off the flame and cool down the grill. Afterwards, use the brush again for rubbing the grills, which will remove the remaining rust. 

Use Vinegar And Salt To Remove Rust 

Another effective natural cleaner is vinegar that is used in various cleaning tasks. So you can also use it to clean the rusty grills. All you have to do is:

  1. combine 2/3 of vinegar in 1/3 of salt and mix it properly. 
  2. Then pour the liquid into a spray bottle
  3. Spray the liquid on the grill grates thoroughly. 
  4. Keep the grates covered in a plastic bag overnight.

Remove Grill Rust With Baking Soda

Start by eliminating as much rust from the mesh as possible with a delicate brush.

A nearby corroded old grill barbecue with consuming charcoal under it.

Then, place the mesh back onto the BBQ. Sprinkle the baking soda onto the mesh and turn the BBQ on.

The hotness from the BBQ will make the baking soda bubble, this cycle will wipe out the rust from the barbecue. When the baking soda has completed the process of gurgling, turn the barbecue off and pass on the BBQ to chill off. Then, use a delicate brush to clean away the excess baking pop and rust.

Vinegar And Salt Rust Remover

Join 2 sections of vinegar to 1-section salt into a splash bottle. Completely cover the meshes in the vinegar arrangement and store them in an old plastic pack for the time being. When the barbecue grates have been doused, for the time being, wipe the meshes with an old fabric to end all the rust buildup.

Removing Rust With A Wire Brush

The fastest technique for eliminating rust from charcoal barbecue grates is by utilizing a wire brush. End the mesh from the barbecue and spot it on a level surface, like the carport or porch. Dismiss the rust the meshes with the wire brush, ensuring you get in the middle of each mesh. Wipe away the ousted rust and grime with old fabric and spot the mesh back onto the BBQ.

Prevent Rust On Grill Grates

  • You can forestall rust showing up on the barbecue grates by covering the grill with a fitted cover. This will prevent dampness from getting to the barbecue, forestalling rust.
  • Cleaning the barbecue grates after each use will decrease the danger of rust. Food grime left on the meshes will make them rust much faster.
  • After each use, coat the meshes in a flimsy layer of vegetable oil utilizing a paper towel. Vegetable oil repulses water so will assist with forestalling the barbecue grates from rusting.

Vegetable Oil

Barbecue grates should be prepared like an iron skillet. The more you cook on them the less meat will stick, because of the fat in the meat greasing up the mesh. The fat additionally keeps rust from framing. After each use, cover the mesh with vegetable oil to grease up and season the mesh. Try not to use a vapour sprayer of vegetable oil. Vapour sprayers detonate close to flares.

Commercial Rust Remover

There are a lot of business rust removers. These by and large function, but may contain harmful synthetics you may not need close to your food. Buy a business rust remover made for cleaning corroded barbecue grates in the grill part of your home fix outlet centre.

Baking Soda

Brush your barbecue grates with a delicate brush to end as much rust as possible. Put your mesh on your grill and sprinkle it with baking pop. Turn your grill on and watch the baking soda start to air pocket and end the rust. Turn off the barbecue and let it cool down. Brush the racks again with a delicate brush.


Fold a piece of sandpaper over each rung of the corroded barbecue grind, rub the sandpaper here and there. This will end the rust, yet tread carefully because it will likewise start to expose the mesh.


It is very easy to get the rust off of grill gates. There are many ways to do it so you can do it with whatever is available to you. There is no specific way to do it.


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