When Grilling Do You Keep The Vents Open Or Closed

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The Vents Open Or Closed During Grilling

When Grilling Do You Keep The Vents Open Or Closed? Food tastes amazing when it is perfectly grilled. Charcoal grilling is a fantastic thing to experience, but how do you start it? How do you maintain the temperature for the perfect flavor? When grilling, do you keep the vents open or close? Well, in this article, we have covered all the basics of grilling for you. Let’s not delay it further and see how it starts.

Best Way to Start A Charcoal Grill

It is totally okay if you already have a traditional grill and don’t want to buy the latest one. You can enjoy perfect grilling with a traditional grill as well. In fact, they burn steady and long, giving a unique smoky flavor to the food. But before we know other things about the grill, let’s answer the question: when grilling, do you keep the vents open or close?

Well, vents play an essential role in maintaining the temperature inside the grill. Therefore, you have to learn how to utilize them. You have to keep all the vents open at the start because when you are lighting up a grill, it needs oxygen inside. However, once you have placed the charcoal inside the grill, you can easily control the temperature with vents. All you have to do is open the vents when a high temperature is required and close the vents if you want light grilling. When Grilling Do You Keep The Vents Open Or Closed?

Note: never close all the vents while grilling. Flames can come outside, and there is a possible chance of loss.

How To Control Vents and Light Up The Grill  

  • Put the newspaper or any other paper in the lower section of the chimney.
  • Put some charcoals in the chimney.
  • Take a lighter and slowly burn the newspaper.
  • Don’t do anything until the charcoal inside is covered with the grey ash.
  • Wait for at least 20 minutes
  • Remove the top grate and use gloves to hold the chimney
  • Put the charcoals into the grill

Helpful Tip: Use any cloth or paper towel and rub it on the grate. It will not let the food stick to the grill. 

What Things You Can Grill On The High Heat When Grilling Do You Keep The Vents Open Or Closed

Once the charcoals are shifted to the grill, it only requires 10 to 20 minutes to attain high heat. Foods like corn, chicken steak, beefsteak, and dense vegetables have the capacity to handle a temperature above 700 degrees.

Grilling on high heat is always a good idea; the food tastes perfect and is cooked properly. To increase the temperature in the grill, we have to open the vents as mentioned earlier; you can control the temperature with the help of vents.

Grilling on high heat is easy if you are doing it right. You have to stack more coals in one corner and fewer coals in the other corner. It will give you two zones to grill your food. You have to initially cook the food on the high-temperature corner and later move it to the other side so it can be cooked without burning.

How To Adjust Vents During The Cooking Process Close Or Open Vents When Grilling Do You Keep The Vents Open Or Closed When Grilling Do You Keep The Vents Open Or Closed

As mentioned earlier, you have to keep the vents of the grill wide open at the start. However, with the time the heat is increased, it might become too much for the thing you are cooking. So, once the grill is started correctly, you have properly regulated the vents to control the optimal temperature for the food.

The central concept is not to cut the oxygen supply totally, so you only have to close the bottom vents three quarters. This is the best way to keep the heat low and controllable.

In addition to that, you have to keep the upper vents just like the lower vents. This will ensure that no excess air is escaped.

When You Are Done Cooking Food 

When you are done cooking, now it’s time to cool the grill. Therefore, you have to close all the vents to cut the supply of oxygen and take a water shower to cool down the coals. In this way, you can easily wash your charcoal grill.

When washing the charcoal grill, you have to keep all the vents close at the start, but in the end, you have to open them and clear them properly. In case you don’t clear it properly, it will not work fine in the future.

What Things You Can Cook On Medium Heat

Medium heat inside a grill is about 500 degrees. Foods that have proteins in them need to be cooked on medium heat. As high heat will to some extent, denature the protein. Pork chops, tuna fish, sausages, and hot dogs are examples of such foods.

What Things You Can Grill On Low Heat

Grilling on low flames is never recommended, but some foods require a low flame. Experts always recommend grilling the larger pieces of meat on low flame. If the larger pieces of meat are cooked on high flame, it will be left uncooked from inside. Fattier fishes are an example of it. You cannot grill salmon on high flames. Most of the inside part will be left uncooked.

Process To Clean A Charcoal Grill When Grilling Do You Keep The Vents Open Or Closed

If you want to clean your charcoal grill perfectly, you have to wash it when it is hot. Once it gets cold, you would probably not be able to remove the stains from it. Therefore, it is highly recommended to cut an onion and rub It on all the sides of the grill. The onion juice will remove all the stains from it, and it will look as if it’s new.


That’s all from our side; we have provided you with a detailed guide about the charcoal grill and how you can control its vents to control the temperature. Now it’s your turn to utilize the information and use it for your best.