How To Clean Traeger Grill Grates

Cleaning Traeger Grill Grates

How To Clean Traeger Grill Grates It’s not just about appearances when it comes to keeping your grill clean. It’s required for good barbecue upkeep. A clean grill is more sanitary, and it assures that your grill will function properly.

Cleaning your grill on a regular basis is essential for keeping it in good working order. Cleaning the grill after every 2-3 cooks, or at least every 20 hours of cooking, is recommended. When cooking greasier items or after a long cook, you may need to clean it out more frequently.

What Is The Best Grill Cleaning Method

While the mechanics of cleaning your grill may differ depending on the type of barbecue you have, the essentials stay the same.

  • Spray a natural degreaser/cleaner on the grill grate and the inside of the grill.
  • Clean the grill grates on both sides with a cloth or heavy-duty paper towels.
  • Drip tray liners should be discarded.
  • Use a natural cleaner to clean the inside and outside of the grill.

Cleaning the Traeger Grill Grates holds same importance as does cooking the food. Dirty grill has many drawbacks but at the same time it is not hygienic to cook on a dirty grill which has not been cleaned past months. Traeger Grill Grates which are stocked up with residues of past food do not transfer the flame and heat promptly to the food. In addition to this, Traeger Grill Grates stocked up with past food residues suck up the flavour of your food. The food flavours tend to be sucked up and hence, your food becomes bland.

You can easily use the ordinary oven cleaner to clean your Traeger Grill Grates. One just need to take small amount of oven cleaner on a cloth and continue scrubbing the Traeger Grill Grates with the cloth. Also, One can also use dishwashing gloves to scrub the grill. This will surely require time but you will have to be gentle during the process as going rough can leave marks on your grill and roughen the surface.

You can also use grease or slight amount of oil with the Traeger Grill Grates. In addition to this, ensure to end up washing the grill and then drying it. You can also coat or brush the grill with slight amount of oil.

Look over your grill’s instructions before cleaning it. The material in the manuals will most likely be specific to your model.

How To Clean Grill Grates After Each Use

If your meal did touch with the grill grates, you have a few cleaning choices.

The first choice is to use a natural cleanser that is free of hazardous chemicals. Allow the grill to cool before removing the grates and spraying them with a natural cleaning solution. Using a nylon-bristle brush, a disposable cloth, or heavy-duty paper towels, scrub the grates.

If you don’t have a natural cleaning method, you can clean your grills with an onion or a lemon. Rub half an onion or a lemon down the grill grates while they’re still hot. If the grill grates are very unclean, dip half of a lemon in salt to assist scrape food particles off, or spray the grates with distilled vinegar before washing.

How To Inspect And Clean Your Smokestack Every Few Weeks

A deeper clean must be done every few weeks. Remove the drip tray and heat baffle, and discard the old foil or drip tray liners. Use a shop vacuum to clean the inside of the grill and firepot, then scrub the inside of the chimney with a cloth or paper towels. Allow your cleaning solution to soak into the inside and outside of the grill. Using a disposable cloth or paper towels, wipe up the mess.

Return the heat baffle, drip tray, fresh liners, and grill grates to their original positions. It seems that a lot of effort to clean your grill every few cooks, but if you take care of it, it will look after you for years.

How To Clean The Outside Of Your Grill Once Every Three Months

At least four times a year, give the outside of your grill a once-over — more regularly if you don’t have a grill cover.

Unplug your grill and make sure it’s cool to the touch before cleaning the outside, so you don’t get burned. Using a disposable rag and warm, soapy water, clean any visible oil from the grill’s exterior. Finally, use a high-quality vehicle wax to preserve the grill’s exterior surface from the elements.

On the outside of your grill, only use non-abrasive cleansers and cleaning pads. Scratches caused by abrasive cleaners could lead to rust.

Grill Maintenance Once A Year To Clean Traeger Grill Grates

You should clean your grill thoroughly at the end of the cooking season.

  • Grill grates should be removed and cleaned.
  • Your grease drain pan should be cleaned.
  • Remove your grease bucket and empty it.
  • Clean the outside of your grill.
  • Remove any ash that has accumulated in the firepot.

You’ll save time and effort when the weather starts to warm up again because you’re doing a deep clean toward the end of grilling season. A quick clean down and examination of the grease drain pan, firepot, and grill grates will be sufficient in the spring (before the grilling season begins). How To Clean Traeger Grill Grates? 


Vinegar or a Grill Spray can be used.

In a spray bottle, combine two cups of water and two cups of vinegar. Spray the mixture on the grill grates. Allow for a 10-minute rest period. Brush your grates clean using a grill brush when the 10 minutes are up—no rinsing required.


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