How To Light A Gas Grill With A Lighter

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Lighting A Gas Grill With A Lighter

How To Light A Gas Grill With A Lighter? Most present-day gas barbecues accompany an implicit start framework. Generally, this framework is intended for usability, which means you can begin your barbecue with the press of a button. 

In any case, some of the time your start framework wears out or potentially just chips away at the event. Or then again, if you have a more established barbecue, you might need to light it physically. In any case, this article will let you know how to light a gas grill with a lighter.

Cleaning the grill holds same importance as does cooking the food. Dirty grill has many drawbacks but at the same time it is not hygienic to cook on a dirty grill which has not been cleaned past months. Grills which are stocked up with residues of past food do not transfer the flame and heat promptly to the food. In addition to this, grill stocked up with past food residues suck up the flavour of your food. The food flavours tend to be sucked up and hence, your food becomes bland.

You can easily use the ordinary oven cleaner to clean your gas grill. You just need to take small amount of oven cleaner on a cloth and continue scrubbing the grill with the cloth. You can also use dishwashing gloves to scrub the grill. This will surely require time but you will have to be gentle during the process as going rough can leave marks on your grill and roughen the surface.

You can also use grease or slight amount of oil with the oven cleaner. In addition to this, ensure to end up washing the grill and then drying it. You can also coat or brush the grill with slight amount of oil.

Stage 1: Open The Lid 

Opening the cover is fundamental when lighting your gas barbecue securely. At the point when you turn a control handle to the Hi/Light position, gas can rapidly fill your barbecue if the cover is shut. As you can envision, adding fire to that gas can cause a blast. Thus, consistently open the top before lighting your barbecue. 

Stage 2: Check The Knobs 

Whenever you’ve opened the cover, you’ll need to make sure that all of the control handles are in the off position. Some control handles can stick and still be open, even though they appear as though they’re shut. Along these lines, turn every handle to the ‘off’ setting, just to ensure. The last thing you need when physically lighting your barbecue is gas spilling out of a burner without you knowing. 

Stage 3: Open The Gas Tank Valve 

For propane barbecues, you’ll do this by turning the handle on the tank counterclockwise until it stops. If you have a petroleum gas barbecue, you ought to have a valve that does likewise, contingent upon your arrangement. If your flammable gas barbecue doesn’t have a control valve, you can skirt this progression. 

Stage 4: Determine The Best Location To Light Your Grill 

As referenced above, a few barbecues require that you light the burners through the cooking grates, while others have an opening through which you can stick a match or lighter. In case you’re uncertain of where to best light your barbecue, counsel your proprietors manual. 

Many barbecues additionally have a match holder connected. It’s typically a long piece of metal with a circle toward the end, frequently connected to your barbecue by a chain. Addition the butt of a match into the circle toward the end. This will permit you to light the barbecue with a normal kitchen match. 

If you don’t have a match holder included with your barbecue, you’ll need a long match or a wand lighter to physically light your barbecue securely. 

Stage 5: Turn On The Gas To One Burner To Light A Gas Grill With A Lighter

Whenever you’ve found the best spot to embed your match or lighter, you can continue with the genuine lighting. Light up your match or light your lighter. Turn the handle to the related burner you wish to light into the High/Light position. Cautiously carry the fire to the burner and watch for the burner to light. Whenever you’ve lit the burner, you can eliminate the match or lighter. 

Stage 6: Light The Other Burners To Light A Gas Grill With A Lighter

Contingent upon the sort of cooking you’re wanting to do, you would now be able to light different burners. Most present-day barbecues can be cross-lit, implying that you can just turn on the gas to the following burner, and it will light. A few barbecues, in any case, necessitate that you light every one of them physically. If so, you can rehash stages 3 and 4 until you light every one of the burners. 

Stage 7: Preheat Your Gas Grill To Light A Gas Grill With A Lighter

Whenever you have lit every one of the gas burners you want for the barbecuing meeting, you can close the top to preheat the barbecue. Regardless of the temperature you want for barbecuing, preheating is consistently a smart thought. It helps with smouldering heat microbes and build-up from your last barbecuing meeting, in addition to it prepares the meshes for barbecuing. Stand by at least 10 minutes with your burners on high for the barbecue to preheat. 


Regardless of the sort of gas barbecue you have, this bit by bit guide should provide you with a thought of how to physically light your gas barbecue securely. Notwithstanding, it’s in every case best to counsel your proprietor’s manual first, before endeavouring to light your barbecue physically. You ought to consistently adhere to the precautionary measures and directions in your barbecue’s manual to remain as per any guarantee you might have. 

Each barbecue is somewhat unique, and this article gives an outline of how to light a gas grill with a lighter. Yet, it’s consistently a smart thought to practice appropriate alert when working with gas and flares.