How To Cook Bacon On The Grill

Cooking Bacon On The Grill

How To Cook Bacon On The Grill? Many people want to know how to cook Bacon while grilling. At the point when you realize how to cook bacon on the barbecue, you will not have any desire to cook it some other way. Read ahead to find out how to cook bacon on the grill. 

Sizzling and smoky, firm yet delicate bacon is the best motivation to get up toward the beginning of the day. Yet, regardless of whether you’re amazing at searing bacon or baking bacon, all that oil and smoke makes it a bear to tidy up after cooking. Recall that alluring smell that brought your whole family into the kitchen? You do because it’s waiting, an unobtrusive update very well may be an ideal opportunity to clean your dusty, oily broiler hood.

You can have your bacon—and a perfect kitchen, as well—with the following simple, bit by bit directions.

How To Cook Bacon On The Grill

Bacon on the grill is all that you love about cooking bacon, less your kitchen’s bacon headache. Yet, how? Ends up, there are many ways of barbecuing bacon, but one technique stands apart over all others: Use a cast-iron skillet.

Lets see further how to cook Bacon on the grill step-wise that can be helpful for everyone!

Stage 1: Heat Things Up To Cook Bacon On The Grill

Preheat your barbecue to 400°F. Place your cast iron skillet on the meshes to preheat, as well. (For any skillets that are old and corroded, do this first.)

Stage 2: Place The Strips Down To Cook Bacon On The Grill

Spread the bacon out on the skillet, close the barbecue and let it cook for 7 to 10 minutes, contingent upon thickness.

Stage 3: Flip The Bacon On The Grill

Open the barbecue and use utensils to turn the bacon over. Cook for an extra 3 to 5 minutes or until brilliant and firm. (Be astounded at the shading. It’s very ravishing and not at all like burned bacon.)

Stage 4: Enjoy Your Meal 

Use utensils to put bacon on a plate fixed with paper towels. Appreciate!

Why Other Methods Paled In Comparison

We attempted them all, and none approached, even though as with pizza, there’s nothing of the sort as “terrible” bacon. (You can make pizza on the barbecue, as well.) Even the most terrible is yet wonderful. But, here’s a once-over of what occurred with different strategies we attempted:

On The Barbecue: First, we spread out all the bacon and barbecued the strips over direct hotness. They were charred inside for two minutes! So next we attempted roundabout hotness (we wound down the burners when we spread out the bacon). Following two minutes, they had beautiful barbecue stamps yet, some darkened spots. While this technique works well as a burner, it appears to be a terrible parcel of work in a short measure of time, with no wiggle room.

On A Stick: Threading bacon on a stick like a lace (and cooking on the barbecue) appeared to be an exquisite thought. Be that as it may, the bacon cooked, substituting consumed spots and half-cooked spots any place the “lace” twisted. Assuming you would like to attempt it at home, make certain to put your bacon in the cooler for a couple of moments before stringing to make it simpler to work with.

On A Cooling Rack: This was the second-best technique and works if you don’t have a solid metal skillet. To use this strategy, lay the bacon on the cooling rack, and turn off the heat when you close the barbecue top. Your bacon will be firm in around two minutes.

On A Baking Sheet: This took longer as the cast-iron technique yet created chewier bacon. Assuming you need to use a baking sheet, take a stab at setting a cooling rack on top of it for a crispier outcome.

On Material Paper: Parchment paper is a meagre, dispensable, non-stick surface. Yet, it consumes at temperatures over 400°F, and barbecuing bacon can  bring the temperature up in your barbecue over that, which implies you end up with consumed paper.

Step By Step Instructions To Grill Bacon 

All you want to barbecue bacon is some bacon and 5 minutes on a medium-hot barbecue! Truth be told, it requires around 5 minutes to barbecue bacon!

  • Spread out the bacon cuts on the hot barbecue grates with a long pair of utensils.
  • Cook for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Lessen the hotness to low.
  • Flip the bacon over and cook for one more 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Move the cooked bacon to a paper towel-lined plate to deplete.

Other Kinds of Bacon to Grill

If you are looking for any other kind of grilled Bacon, then you must go with several other variety of bacon that is thick with cut and is perfectly used to grill. Avoid using regular cut bacon for such purpose. It might stick.

Advantages Of Cooking Bacon On The Grill

Following are some of the benefits to cook Bacon on the grill. These includes:

  • there is no need of oiling the grill when in use.
  • It wont leave anything messy after the grilling has been done.
  • All the place of your house will smell different and will not feel bad.
  • A huge amount of Bacon can be grilled at the same time.
  • There can be no any hot bacon grease that can be seen while cooking.


You can barbecue a lot of bacon at a time rather than only a couple of strips in many groups in a muddled and spitting skillet of hot bacon oil. After reading this article we are certain that you know how to cook bacon on the grill.

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