How To Cook Eye Of Round Steak On Grill

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Cooking Eye Of Round Steak On Grill

How To Cook Eye Of Round Steak On Grill? The spherical portion of the cow is frequently used in recipes such as chicken fried steak, Salisbury steak, roasting, and anything else that requires braising or another moist cooking method.

The eye of the round cut is rougher than other cuts, and the lack of fat means less flavor. Anyone can prepare a rib-eye to perfection and pass themselves off as a chef. A true master of the grill, on the other hand, knows how to grill this cut to perfection. The price is the best-selling factor for this style of steak. When compared to further common cuts, it is a budget-friendly option.

What You’ll Require

You will only require a few simple supplies. Following along closely will set you on the right track to getting the most out of your cook.

Tools/supplies required

  • Charcoal and grill are two terms that come to mind when thinking of grilling.
  • 3-4 pounds eye of round steak – Purchase pre-cut steaks or a roast to slice yourself.
  • Onion powder, salt, pepper, fresh garlic, oregano, and oregano
  • A vacuum-seal bag or a bag with a zipper-lock closure.
  • A cutting board and a sharp knife are required.

How Do I Grill an Eye Round Roast?

You will find a mild flavor along with a waste of the lean-eye-of-round roast. It is same in shape and also compactness to the tenderness tenderloin roast, the eye seems to have a firmer texture. The roast becomes rough because of the less marbling and also it becomes potentially chewy, especially when it has seen that it became overcooked. There is a need to monitor it properly when grilling has been done so there is no need of cooking it beyond medium-rare and helps to slice it into pieces against the grain that helps to compensate for the rough texture. When grilling is performed sear all the sides of the roast that helps to create a complex though richly flavored layer and that helps to use low and indirect heat which helps to cook the middle without not even toasting or burning the outside of the roast.

Getting Your Meat Ready To Cook Eye Of Round Steak On Grill

The first step we advise is to reduce any extra fat from the margins. Fat adds taste to meat, and it works best when it runs through it. The outside fat can become gristly, making the bite more difficult. After that, the excess has been scraped, tenderize the meat using salt and black pepper. A 1:1 ratio equals an even amount. Toss in a sprinkle of oregano, a pinch of onion powder, and a finely minced garlic clove. Repeat this process on both ends of the meat cut.

Try to eliminate as much air as possible with a vacuum sealer or a zipper-lock bag. Keep this in the fridge for at least eight hours. This should then be frozen one hour before grilling. We prefer to freeze steaks like this before cooking them. When the meat is medium-rare, please remove it from the fire. Freezing the meat allows you to sear the outside while slowly heating the inside. We’ve seen a lot of great steaks pulled off when they’re frozen before cooking.

Don’t worry if the steak doesn’t completely freeze an hour prior. That will suffice even if you can get it to stiffen up. After that, we recommend that you start the fire. We like lump charcoal, but if you prefer prefabricated briquettes, go ahead and use them. We always start our fire with a charcoal chimney. Allow the briquettes to turn grey before placing the meat on the grill if you’re using lighter fluid. This ensures that all of the lighter fluid has been consumed. If you don’t, you’re more likely to get off-flavors from the lighter fluid throughout the meat.

For Grilling

Grill the eye-of-round roast for 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 hours or until the internal temperature of the round reaches 135 to 145 Fahrenheit. Monitor the grill’s temperature; if necessary, every 30 minutes put another three to five briquettes into the hot area of the charcoal grill so that you don’t lose your heat as the charcoal burns down.

Grilled Round Steak Eye

It’s now time to fire up the grill and cook your eye of round steak. Remove the meat from the pan and place it on the hot surface. It will be suitable for you to cook the meat on a portion of the grill that isn’t exposed to direct heat. Garlic can be burned by direct heat or fire, leaving an unpleasant taste in your mouth.

Allow your meat to rest for 5-7 minutes, covered, on your grill with enough airflow. This fuels your enthusiasm and keeps things moving. Flip the piece of meat and cook for an additional 5 minutes. It’s now time to see how well your steak has been grilled. When I push my finger on the meat, some expert cooks can tell. We recommend investing in a good meat thermometer until you reach that point. 

You aim to maintain an interior temperature of 145°-150°F. This will make you medium-rare and will give you the most flavor.

Your Steak Is Ready

It will help if you cut your eye of round steak across the grain. This increases the amount of tenderness in your bite. In the middle of the meat, there should be a lovely pinkish color.

You might choose to serve your chef with grilled onions and peppers as a garnish. Serve with sliced garlic bread for visitors to make their own little sandwiches. Pair with roasted corn on the cob, a fresh Cole Slaw salad, and refreshing Chablis, a cold IPA, or an unsweetened iced tea.


The round eye has no excess fat and is extremely durable. Attempting to grill or pan-sear it due to these characteristics is a bad idea. The roasting or braising cut of the eye of the round is extremely lean. Broiling, grilling, and pan-frying will always make it tough.