How To Juice In A Vitamix

How To Juice In A Vitamix for Yourself

Adore juice but don’t have a juicer? This is how I prefer to make my Vitamix lush juice in my blender.

I cherish juice. It is something I could gulp every day, but taking out and purchasing one of those $10 cold-press juices is the perfection of indulgence for me and doesn’t arise very often. Despite an appropriation that doesn’t permit that means of spending, I don’t let that crush my lush juice consumption. Rather, I just formulate it at home! Beyond the last year, I have boosted my juice game and evolved a direction to seamlessly give rise to fluid in my blender at residence, no juicer expected.

Affirmative, drinking fluid from a blender isn’t entirely the same, and you don’t bring all the cold-press-juice-benefits. But until a disposition juicer is in the allotment, and there can be an expanse to classify one, I love this procedure. Best of all it utilizes a method many of us already have and prevents us from possessing to consume more, which I think is just the best.

To make Vitamix lush juice you will need to grind veggies small, layer them correctly, puree them in a Vitamix, and tinge the combination through a nut milk bag or cheesecloth.


For best outcomes chop all your fruits and veggies into bite-sized slivers. Specific veg, like apples, are best shucked as they can shift the complexion of the fluid. Dicing veg can be done forward of time and the veg stocked in the fridge until it is prepared to use. Harder vegetables (like carrots and beets) can even be softened which is a duration saver.


Layering is key! Fluffier, soggier fruits and veggies should be expanded acted to the blender first as they puree skillfully and boost the other veggies surpass the edges and blend. I like to put in things like cucumbers, pear, lemons, limes, and oranges first. Next, you can layer the firmer juicy veg like celery, fennel, and vigor. Lastly, I enlarge the leafy veggies that tend to get grabbed in the blender cutter. These comprise parsley, cilantro, lettuce, and chard.


Because this Vitamix lush juice is enormous of pulp, it is best to prove it. I like to utilize my nut milk bag for this chore and strain the juice as you would strain nut milk (and if you don’t know how here is a valuable vid). If you don’t have a nut milk bag you can use membranes of cheesecloth to create your own, but nut milk bags are groovy valuable and I approve of grabbing one up.

How to juice in a Vitamix? Just like when giving rise to nut milk you don’t pinch the bag too absolutely as you can affect the pulp to squeeze out the netting. After you have smudged all the juice, you can compost the pulp or (if you’re thinking adventurous) mix it into crackers, but let’s be actual.

Tips and Notes

To prepare Vitamix green juice (or blender) you don’t expect anything too elegant. I formulate my fluid in a Vitamix, but I have also given rise to beverages in my mum’s 45-year-old blender which is distant from a high-speed dream. There is a duo of key steps you’ll want to pursue to guarantee your juice calculates.

Chop the veggies/fruits small.

Do not fill extremely wide your blender.

Coating your veggies/fruits strategically.

Put in a splash of water if your blender is having difficulty blending.

Smudge your juice through a fine-mesh.

Did you know that you can wield a high-speed blender like Vitamix to prepare lush juice! That’s right! There’s no necessity to obtain a valuable juicer with this Vitamix.

I cherish green smoothies. This detox smoothie, tripartite berry smoothie, and blueberry kale smoothie are in chronic rotation.

But achieve you know that I also cherish whole fruit green beverages? I discovered green beverages last summer when I launched having digestion dilemmas. All I inferred then was my abdomen was queasy, and drinking a sterile green juice made it feel adequate. I overdue found out that I had celiac, but that’s another issue for another time.

So, I replenished my refrigerator with cold-pressed green beverages from Whole Foods, but at $7 a jar, that bought pricey to gulp every day. After a month, I agreed to make homemade green beverages using my Vitamix blender.

High Powered Blender Vs Juicer

Originally, I thought of roughly purchasing a juicer. But juicers are expensive and take up a ton of space. Plus, I already occupy a Vitamix blender, and the merely significant discrepancy is juicers are further efficient in discarding the pulp and fiber from the fruit.

With a blender, this procedure is a little further work. However, it’s still susceptible to making green beverages using a blender.

Budget-friendly. Rather than paying $7 for an 8-ounce urn of green liquid, you’ll expend between $10-$13 for a week’s fortune of fresh organic beverage.


Juicing is a tremendous way to get healthy windfalls from fruits and vegetables without comprehending the fiber. This is worthwhile for people that are having digestion crises.


Green beverages are given rise to water and fluid, so it’s a prosperous way to enhance hydration.

You can bring about green juices on Sunday for the week or compel a triple assortment to freeze for the month. I’ll give surplus meal prep tips beneath.

I highly endorse purchasing organic ingredients to keep this lenient green fluid recipe sterile and unrestricted from chemicals, preservatives, or additives.

Kale is one of the extensively nutrient-dense equipments on the planet. It is a nutritive bootstrapper! It’s a promising source of Vitamin A, K, and C, antioxidants, and assists lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and your hazard for cancer and heart disease.

Curly kale is the vastly common variety found in grocery marts. If purchasing entire leaves, then eliminate them from the stalks before placing them into the blender.

Another possibility is to obtain enormous bulk bags of kale of prewashed chopped kale. If there are scraps, then you can freeze kale to employ in other smoothies or soup recipes.

Celery is a terrific addition to a green beverage recipe. It finances digestion and inflammation.

Green apple augments fiber, Vitamin C, A, and antioxidants. It furthermore adds a delicious sweet and tart aroma to the green beverage. You can wield other apple varieties, but green apple bestows the nicest taste, in my viewpoint. You can also stiffen fresh apples to use in beverage and smoothie recipes.

Ginger also operates marvels with digestion. It furthermore provides another tier of seasoning.


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