How To Cook Outside Without a Grill

Food is a basic essential for mankind; man is managing and preparing food for himself since his first step in this world. Prehistoric people ate whatever was available for them at that time. Researchers have found that prehistoric people used to eat herbs or maybe vegetables, and they manage to prepare their food in pots.  Small animals were hunted and were placed on hot stones. Caveman used vessels to keep the food at a certain temperature and for flavors as well, so cooking is an art, a passion that does not require any tools.

Many Different Ways of How to Cook Outside Without a Grill

There are so many ways of cooking outside without a grill, outing and picnic is very common entertainment for us, in some places cooking tools are not available, in such case how we can manage and prepare our food, here to discuss some commonly used methods which help us to prepare the food without a grill. 

Pit cooking

If you are at the picnic and you are in planning for barbecue, but you don’t have a grill, you can use the method of pit cooking, a method which has been used for ages. Prehistoric people were also used to do grill their animals through this method. For this method, you need to find an open place with soft soil so that you can dig it at least 20 feet down to the ground area.  Make a round hole that should be deep, about 3 feet. For the safety purpose, with the help of large stones, line the perimeter for the balance sticks across the pit. Now burn the fire inside the pit with the help of small sticks and build up with the larger log. When they have started burning and turned into coal, you can cook on it, also can do barbecue on it; this is the simplest and easiest method if you have a grill with yourself. 

Smoking flavor

By using different spices, you can also get the flavor of the grill in your food. You can marinate your meat or fish with the help of different spices and take that marinated stuff with yourself somewhere outside and make a barbecue of it. 

Build a brick oven

Brick ovens are very easy to make when you are somewhere out, and you want to cook something for yourself, and you don’t have proper tools for cooking.  Brick ovens are very functional and very helpful for cooking and baking outside; even pizza can be made in the brick oven. If you are outside and craving the pizza, then the brick oven is your best friend there to help you to fulfill your cravings. Brick oven is easy to build; it is hand-built and can help you a lot when you are hungry.

Solar oven

The solar oven is becoming very popular in the new era; it is not only beneficial to reduce the utility cost but also very helpful in reducing pollution. It allows you to cook safely and pasteurize water with sunlight instead of using heavily cost fuel. The best things about the solar cookers are that they can be made with the material which is easily available in everyone’s home, it is not only safe for the elders, but it is equally safe for the children to cook on it. There are so many designs of the solar cooker are available on the internet; all you need is little research about it. The most commonly used types of solar cookers are parabolic, combination, and box cookers.

Make an alternate grill.

If you are outside and not caring a grill with yourself, here are some ideas through with you can make your grill to cook when you are outside. With the help of a soda cane, you can make a grill by yourself; all you need is an empty can of soda and two r three coals to cook the food. You can also make a mini grill in a foil pan with the help of a wire hanger. It is the simplest and easiest alternate of the grill when you are outside, and there is no other option. Similarly, you can turn a clay pot into a grill; all you need is foil paper and some coal. You can easily grill your food on it, and if there are two clay pots available, you can quickly cook and steam your food in it. It is also known as a terracotta grill and is commonly used at outside picnics and outside hosted parties because it is easy to grill more than one burger patty or grill more than one fish on it. Likewise, if you are outside alone or with your two or three friends you can also use a large can like the one which is used for the coffee, it will work amazingly. You only need there things to make it, a large empty can, foil paper, and some coal. You can make a grill with the help of hanger wire upon it. You can also make a grill outside with the help of an old tire rim. If you have one or two or tire rim, it would be very easy for you to grill or cook your meat or veggies on it. You can also make it as a hanging grill, which is very easy and safe to use especially when you are somewhere out of the house. 


By concluding it is eating is the basic need of every living thing, and to live alive you don’t need tools to cook, with the very basic things available in your house, and even if you are not in your house you are somewhere outside, with the very basic thing available in your surroundings you can easily prepare your meal. So a grill or any other tool of cooking is not necessary; you can easily make your meal ready if you are at hunting or somewhere out for a picnic or doing a party on the beach. 


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