How To Cook Pinwheel Steaks On The Grill

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How To Cook Pinwheel Steaks On The Grill

How To Cook Pinwheel Steaks On The Grill? You can toss a good steak pinwheel on the grill when you want the neighbors to be impressed; it cooks quickly and looks impressive. The task of stuffing and grilling a pinwheel steak isn’t difficult, but it does require a bit of finesse to ensure you butterfly it properly and cleanly. If you open it up the wrong way, you’ll end up with a stringy, tough steak that’s better suited for a doorstop than a tasty dinner. Let’s find out how to cook pinwheel steaks on the grill in this article.

Step 1: Trim Your Steak

Remove any large chunks of extra fat and silver skin. Smaller swathes are perfectly acceptable. Use your boning knife to square off the edges of the steak, since we’ll be rolling it into a cylinder. The grain of the steak should be parallel to the board’s edge.

Step 2: Start Butterflying To Cook Pinwheel Steaks On The Grill

Insert the knife along the trimmed edge of the steak and begin slicing horizontally through the center with your free hand flat on the top of the steak. The idea is to work the knife through from one side to the other, cutting with the grain and leaving the back edge intact, much like a book’s spine.

Step 3: Work Slowly How To Cook Pinwheel Steaks On The Grill

Work the knife smoothly and make sure you get it all the way through from one end to the other.


Step 4: Work the Seam

Using only the tip of the knife, carefully cut into the seam of the flap of meat you just released. Continue cutting into the seam until only about ½ to ¼ inch of the flap is holding it all together.


Step 5: Flatten It

To flatten the meat, lightly press the seam with the palm of your hand or a meat pounder until the entire steak lies perfectly flat.


Step 6: Season It

When you roll your steak this way, you can season it both inside and outside, resulting in better flavor and moisture retention. Salt can aid to release the muscle structure of meat, allowing it to contract less when heated.


Step 7: Fill With Moist Ingredients

Begin filling the meat with the stuffing. For stuffing, you can use relish, spreads, cheese, or vegetables. Spread the moist ingredients over the meat, leaving a 1-inch border all around.


Step 8: Layer Dry Ingredients

Next, you should layer the dry ingredients in a very thin layer, so there is an inch gap at the top and bottom.

Step 9: Spread Cheese

Lay thinly sliced cheese on top if using last.

Step 10: Begin Rolling To Cook Pinwheel Steaks On The Grill

Keep your hands on both ends of the flank steak and roll it away from you as tightly as you can, trying to prevent the fillings from escaping.

Step 11: Lay It Down To Cook Pinwheel Steaks On The Grill

To keep the steak tightly closed, let it rest seam-side down on a plate after you have finished rolling it up.

Step 12: Start Tying

Divide the width of your roll by 1.5, remove 1 and cut that many foot-long pieces of kitchen twine. You should knot your rolled steak at 1 ½ inch intervals, leaving ¾ on either end. Starting from the outside in, tie the steak so that the last piece of twine is at the center.

Step 13: Secured To Cook Pinwheel Steaks On The Grill

It will taste better if you cut it first into individual pinwheels.

Step 14: Skewer It To Cook Pinwheel Steaks On The Grill

Using a skewer, poke a hole in each piece of twine. Without the skewer, the slices would buckle and fall before they even began to cook. The skewer keeps them in their attractive form until they’re ready to serve, which means superior presentation, even cooking, and fullness retention.

Step 15: Slice It To Cook Pinwheel Steaks On The Grill

Steaks should be cut into cylinders using even strokes between each twine.

Step 16: Work Slowly To Cook Pinwheel Steaks On The Grill

Take your time to slowly cut each slice is even and that the string ends up in the middle of each.

Step 17: Season Generously

Once sliced, season the pinwheels generously with salt and pepper.

Step 18: Start Them Hot

For more consistent cooking and improved moisture retention, start thick steaks on the colder side of the grill and finish them with a sear. If it fails because the cheese melts and drops out of the pinwheels as it warms up. 

Building a two-zone fire and stacking all the coals under one side of the grill, then grilling the steaks over direct heat, could help brown any cheese that drips out, stopping the remainder from dripping out. Don’t flip or move them until the initial side is nicely browned.

Step 19: Flip Them To Cook Pinwheel Steaks On The Grill

With tongs, carefully flip the steaks over. The cheese can still stick to the grates so go slowly and carefully so that none of it falls off. Cook until the second side is nicely seared.

Step 20: Finish Cool To Cook Pinwheel Steaks On The Grill

Once the steaks have been seared, move them to the cooler side of the grill. By covering them with the lid, they will cook through slowly, and you can grill some quick-cooking vegetables on the other side.

Step 21: Use A Thermometer

To take the core temperature of your meat, use a reliable instant-read digital thermometer. The temperature should be around 120°F for medium-rare and 130°F for medium. Transfer the steak to a plate to rest as soon as it reaches it, to preserve its juiciness.

Step 22: Serve Them

Dinner is ready to be served. Inside and out, seasoned beef with crunchy chunks of browned cheese and a tasty filling, and quite easy on the eyes too!


A flank steak usually weighs two to four pounds. Prepare a pound and a half of flank steak for every three people. It has gone from being a cheap budget cut to one of the top grilling meats, costing nearly as much as one of the four high-end steaks you should know.