Can I Air Fryer London Broil?

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Can I air fryer London Broil? Air fryers can be a great way to cook steaks. One of the most impressive things about the recipe is you can cook any cut of the beefsteak in the air fryer. If you are thinking about cooking the London Broil in the air fryer, then the answer is positive. You can easily cook the London broil in the air fryer.

Typically, steaks are prepared in ovens and stovetops. But very few know about the capability of the air fryer to cook the steaks. You will be glad to know that the air fryer allows you to cook the steak perfectly. In this article, we will discuss how to cook London broil steaks in the air fryer.

Is London Broil a Good Cut?

If you are thinking about a steak recipe, the London broil will be an excellent pick. It is basically the top-round steak. Sometimes, the London Steak is called a flank steak. It is an inexpensive cut that comes out perfectly. You can marinate the steak to keep the juice inside and then air fry to find a perfectly cooked inexpensive dish. Cooking the London broil in the air fryer becomes more economical as you don’t need any oil, butter, or any other cooking liquid.

The cooking of the London broil consists of marinating the steak and then cooking them in the air fryer. It is important to marinate the steak oil to get the best outcome. Below, you will find the marinading procedure for the recipe.

How to Marinade the London Broil

As we mentioned earlier, marinating the London broil is very important as it helps to break down some connective tissue and helps the meat to absorb more flavors. Below, we will give you a list of the herbs and spices for the marination. Note that you can always change or modify the list as you want. Here is what we will recommend:

  1. Olive Oil (3 tbsp)
  2. Vinegar (3 tbsp)
  3. Garlic Powder (1 tbsp)
  4. Smoked Paprika (1 teaspoon)
  5. Chopped Oregano (1 tbsp)
  6. Chopped Parsley (1 tbsp)
  7. Ground Black Pepper (1 tsp)
  8. Sea salt (2 tsp/ as required)
  9. Fresh thyme (1/2 tbsp)

As we said, you can change the herbs and even the choice of oil. But make sure to keep the amount of vinegar and olive oil the same for the best outcome. Add all the marination ingredients to a bowl and mix them well. Then put the London Broil in the bowl for at least two hours. The longer you put it for, the better.

How to Cook London Broil in Air Fryer

Compared to the other ways of cooking the steak, the air fryer is easier, more efficient, and offerss a better outcome. Now without further talks, let’s see how you can air fry the London broil:

Step 1: Preheat

The first thing we will recommend doing is to preheat the air fryer. Although preheating is typically not compulsory, it will help to reduce the cooking duration and char the outside better. Preheating requires only 3 to 5 minutes. The cooking temperature needs to be set to 400 F.

Step 2: Assemble

The next thing you need to do is to add the marinated London broil to the air fryer. Make sure that you have marinated the steak for enough time. Now, once the air fryer is perfectly preheated, take off the basket. Put the steak in the middle of the basket. If you need to cook multiple, put them in a single layer with an adequate gap in between.

Typically, it doesn’t require adding the cooking oil. But if you want to make the food taste better, you can always add a few drops of canola oil. You can also add the other oils as you prefer. Now put back the air fryer basket in its place.

Step 3: Set Time and Temp

One of the impressive things about the air fryer is they allow you to control the cooking duration and temperature.  The cooking duration will vary based on your preferred outcome. If you want them to be medium-rare, cook for around 20 minutes. You are always open to adjusting the cooking duration as it can vary based on the air fryer and the meat. The temperature will be the same as preheating and doesn’t need to be changed.

Step 4: Cook

Once you begin the cooking, there is nothing much to do. Make sure to flip the steaks at halftime to assure even cooking on both sides. When you are close to the expected cooking duration, you should begin checking it frequently. If you find it perfectly cooked as you want, stop the air fryer and take it off. If not, let it cook for a few more minutes. Simply check the inside temperature of the steak with a thermometer which should be 145 F or more if you are confused.

Step 5: Complete the Cooking

Once you are done, slide out the air fryer basket carefully by holding it from the handle. Don’t touch the basket, pan, or the steak as they will be very hot. Give them a bit of time to cool down. After that, you can move the steak to your serving plate.

What to Serve with the London Broil?

Well, it’s more like a personal preference. You can serve veggies like roasted broccoli, Brussel sprouts, asparagus, glazed carrots, etc. Furthermore, you can add mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, or roasted potatoes, with it. for the dipping, you can consider bearnaise, salsa verde, horseradish, peppercorn, etc.

Should You Slow Cook the London Broil?

Yes, if you have enough time then slow cooking the London broil will be a good idea. It helps to break down the connective tissue and the fats. However, be aware of overcooking as it can make the steak stringy.


An air fryer can be a great way to prepare your London Broil. It doesn’t take much time while assuring you of the perfect outcome every time. Make sure to follow the steps and marinate the steak properly before cooking. We hope this recipe will work for you.

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