Who Makes Cooks Essentials Air Fryer

Who Makes Cooks Essentials Air Fryer – Top 5 Air Fryers in 2024

In today’s age and time when everyone is so worried about their health and when they are carefully choosing what they eat. People now a days have become conscious of their healthy because a lot of diseases are caused by obesity and in such case we have to avoid fried food. But, it is very difficult to quit eating fried food. We do not have to, because Air Fryers are here to help us.

Air Fryers are very essential gadget for your kitchen. It is a modern gadget which helps in preparing your without any mess, it consumes less energy and time, it also uses less or no oil and lastly it gives the same taste as deep fried food. These air fryers deliver the same crunch and crispiness to your food as if they are deep fried.

Who Makes Cooks Essential Air Fryers

Recently, the trend for fried food has changed and people are buying air fryers a lot. During the pandemic the trend has changed and people had to cook at homes. In this time air fryers have proved to be very helpful, these fryers are user friendly, it reduces the counter top load, it cuts down the heat in the kitchen and it also helps in preparing the food in less time.

In USA more than 10 million air fryers have been sold since 2017. Now, while looking for an air fryer you should look into some things carefully. First of all, you should look at the electricity that it is going to need, its capacity, its heat range, its basket and the material of which it is made. There are many companies that are making air fryers. Let’s see the top five air fryer makers in the USA.

Cosori Smart Air Fryer

This company is famous for small kitchen appliances in the USA. Their air fryers are very much in these days in the market. They claim that their air fryers can give the same crispiness to the food and the temperature can be set up to 360 degrees. It has a led display which helps in easily adjusting the temperature.

According to the reviews, people say that there air fryers are very user friendly, it comes with a pre heat button with which you can easily preheat your fryer and then you can make your food easily. Since, it is a smart air fryer so the quantity of one batch is just suitable for a family of four.


SharkNinja was founded in 1994 and shark basically focuses on vacuum cleaners and Ninja focuses on kitchen appliances. There approach is ‘show, don’t tell’ which means that they are proving to be helpful in providing an easy lifestyle to people.

Ninja is tested with regards to deep frying and it is proved that it used 75% less fat and gives the same crunchiness. It also ranges from 105 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with four ceramic coated non stick baskets and it has the capacity of around 2 pounds of fries. It is easy to wash and use. The air fryers made by Ninja are much slimmer than the usual ones and they produce less noise as well.

Dash Deluxe Air Fryers

These air fryers comes in different ranges 2 quarts which is suitable for single person, it would be best for people who have basic cooking skills and can give you good meal within no time. Next is their 3 quart air fryer which is best for a small family or two persons and lastly they have 6+ quarts which is for big families and large batches of food.

There air fryers are easy to operate and comes in different colours like aqua, black, red and silver. There 6+ quart has a large basket which means it is easy to cook big batches for big family easily.

Instant Pot Vortex

This air fryer is extremely easy to use and it is easy to operate. You can easily bake, fry, cook, preheat and reheat your food without any hurdle. This air fryer has four functions in just one gadget; you can roast whole chicken in the fryer conveniently. It has all the functions that are required to make cooking easy for you in the kitchen. It saves time and it gives you perfect taste just like any other fried food. The quantity of the basket is also enough for a family of four. The pots and baskets are also easy to wash.

GoWise Air Fryer

Last but not least, GoWise is not very renowned brand. It is a USA brand but the air fryers are made in China. This company has one of the best air fryers. There air fryers are cheap as compared to other air fryers and they are easy to use and wash. There air fryers comes with 8 functions like air fry, roast, dehydrate, broil, grill, reheat, bake and lastly to keep the food warm. These air fryers are user friendly as they are suitable for both beginners and experienced people. The basket and pots are made up of non stick material which makes it easy to wash. Lastly, its touch led screen makes it convenient to adjust the temperature and you can also set alarm in their air fryers.


Air fryers are a must have in your kitchen because it makes cooking easy for you. For the beginners, it is very helpful as you can conveniently adjust the temperature according to the meal that you are cooking. It also saves your time in the kitchen as you do not have to stand in the kitchen continuously and it also reduces heat in the kitchen. These air fryers also provide you with healthy versions of junk food as you can make such food with zero or less fat. It also reduces the gas bills as you will not need to use your oven very often. Thus, the above mentioned air fryers are our top pick if you want achieve a healthy lifestyle.


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