Nuwave Air Fryer How Does It Work

Nuwave Air fryer & How Does It Work – Complete Guide

The presence of Air fryers appears to be nothing short of miraculous for those dedicated to fitness, prioritizing their calorie and fat consumption above all else in their lives. And really, why wouldn’t they? After all, who would not value a device that allows them to indulge in all the fried delicacies they desire without causing their calorie intake to soar?

So the question arrives, what makes an air fryer so effective & how does it operate?

How does a typical Air Fryer Work?

A typical air fryer consists of an electrically powered heat source, a fan, and a deep basket where you put the food in. These things collaterally work to make the magic happen, as we power the air fryer up, the heat source starts giving out heat & this is where the fan comes in handy to evenly distribute heat causing the Millard reaction to take place as soon as the temperature reaches 280-330 F throughout the basket, leaving you with a deliciously cooked crispy meal without having to worry about fat content.

How to use an Air Fryer?

If someone says ‘An air fryer is the easiest thing to use‘, then you can believe them with your eyes closed as it is the truth. If you’re cooking anything from fries to churros to shrimps, air fryers have got your back.

Here’s how you should use one:

  • It is advised, but not compulsory to spray a bit of oil over it to add more crispiness to your food & prevent it to stick to the basket.
  • Set the temperature accordingly and let the machine do its thing.
  • Also, don’t forget to flip it halfway through the process to have it get cooked evenly.

Things you need to take care of while using an air fryer:

  • Make sure you keep checking up on the basket, the cooking process is fast and it requires turn sides to ensure even cooking and avoid burning.
  • Don’t set the temperature too high, it may result to leave you with raw uncooked from the inside.
  • Do regular clean-ups, Not cleaning it will cause oily leftovers to burn & release smoke leaving you with fries with a weird smell & a kitchen filled with smoke.

How to properly clean your air fryer?

Every air fryer has a detachable bucket and the air fryer itself, both of them need to be cleaned separately using care.

For the basket, it is perfectly fine to use the dishwasher, if there is too much dirt that won’t wipe off, then submerge it overnight in water with dishwashing detergent with a sponge to avoid scraping off the non-stick layer coated over the basket.

To clean the rest of the air fryer it is recommended to wipe it with a slightly wet cloth followed by a dry one. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT emerge it completely into the water as it would mess with the circuit and cause the machine to go bonkers.

Why should you bother buying an Air fryer?

If you still haven’t realized what an air fryer is capable of, here’s your answer then:

Low on calories, high on effectiveness

I know diets can get stressful as they intend to keep you from enriching your food cravings. This is where air fryers come to the rescue and offer to eliminate unhealthy unsaturated fats from oils.

Easy to keep, even easier to use

Comparing it to deep fryers, an air fryer is really handy & can be placed quite comfortably around your kitchen. Apart from that, Frankly speaking, Even cooking newbies can get along with air fryers quite well. All you have to do is just put the food in, set the temperature & you’ll be just 20 minutes apart from your healthy cheat meal.


Unlike deep fryers which do propose a risk of spilling and splattering of oil all over the place cause a mess or burns in even worse cases.

Pocket friendly

Tons of inexpensive Air fryers do a perfect job & come light on your pocket, if handled with care they can get you covered for a generous amount of time.

Disadvantages of an Air fryer:

Leaving the pros behind, there are always some cons that you should consider while making your mind.


Air fryers can get somewhat annoying due to the noise emitted by the fan that circulates air inside around the air fryer. However, there are many smart air fryers out there that give visibly unnoticeable noise comparing to others.


Let’s face it, air fryers can get dirty with oil and other gunk getting stuck to its surface, it can get somewhat hectic to get rid of that.

Limited space

Comparing to ovens, air fryers are not suitable to cook for bigger batches when a family or friends is gathering at your place. However, there are air fryers that come with bigger capacity, but that is directly correlated to the price you will have to pay for a regular one

Health in exchange for taste

Air frying French fries can turn out delicious and well-cooked, but there will be an element of taste missing for your taste buds without having any grease that gets absorbed by deep-frying.

In my opinion, this is a matter of preference, which makes it subjective as it can be a great choice for anyone who is looking to keep their calorie intake low while also having to be able to enjoy whatever the food they desire to have. On the other hand, if there’s someone who is looking for a replacement while also expecting things to come out as they would in an oven or deep fryer.

With that being said, when something is being left behind, there are also some reasons that make an air fryer better than traditional ways of doing stuff


With all the points described, from the working of an air fryer to its pros and cons. We can conclude that an Air fryer is just a triple combo of an oven, deep fryer, and microwave. It works especially well if you are a fan of ready-to-eat frozen meals as you won’t have to defrost any of it and directly get it cooking.

In the very end, it’s all up to you, only you can figure what suits the best as all the factors discussed are subjective and may vary according to one’s pocket & requirements.


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