How To Refurbish A Gas Grill

How To Refurbish A Gas Grill

Grills provide you the liberty to make multiple types of food items. You are not only restricted to barbecue or grilling but can also cook various type of items including seafood, chicken, burgers, steaks and steam vegetables also. As the technology is invading, there are multiple types of grills available. Multiple types of grills include gas grills, electric grills, charcoal grills and many more.

The better the grill the newer options it has to enhance your grilling experience. Nowadays, grills have options like temperature control, automated cooking, reheating and many more. However, there is absolutely no need to worry if you do not have an updated grill. Rather, you can refurbish your existing grill to make the best out of it.

You can opt for multiple types of refurbishing techniques to update your grill or make it just like a new one. Electric grill usually has lots of updated features. However, you can focus on refurbishing your gas grill to make it just like a new one having updated features to enhance your cooking experience.

Guide On How To Refurbish A Gas Grill

Although there are various types of steps you can experiment with or try to Refurbish your gas grill but following are one of the most common steps you can implement on to refurbish your gas grill.

  1. Disconnect Fuel

The first step to refurbish the gas grill is to disconnect the fuel which is propane. Begin by disconnecting the propane supply. To do so, close the valve and loose the screw from where propane is connected. Then place the tank at a fair and sufficient distance from your working place to avoid any kind of hindrance. Ensure that you place propane much far from the working source as ignition near to propane tank can surely result in any kind of hazard.

  1. Valves and Control Panel

The next step involves closing the gas valves and removing the control panel. After the gas propane tank has been removed from the gas grill, turn the knobs to off position. After doing so remove the control panel and the knobs too to access the ignition switch and gas valves.

  1. Removing Regulator, Ignitor and Valves

Use an adjustable wrench or an adjustable instrument to remove the old propane regulator hose. Allow it to rest on and the rest of the gas to dissipate. Remove the electric ignite and the gas valves after you’ve removed the regulator hose. Check the igniter and gas valves and look if they can be used again. If so, clean them well and reuse them.

  1. Remove Accessories and Drip Pan

The next step is removing the rest of the accessories and drip pan. Ensure that you dissociate all the previously attached accessories which will hinder in the painting of your grill. However, ensure that you place them in correct order so that its easy to reassemble them. A better idea is to label all the accessories.

  1. Remove Grates And Burner Tubes

Open the lid of the grill and remove the grates. If the grates are of such condition that they can be reused then you can surely wash them with soap and water and reuse it again. However, if the grills are not in such condition to be reused then you can replace them with new ones. In addition to this, it is recommended to place new burner tubes and discard the old ones. This will make your grill work like a new one.

  1. Degrease and Removing the Paint

Over the years, your grill must have developed a lot of char and grease. Hence, you have to remove it completely to refurbish. Spraying with water is not an ideal solution as dust will accumulate. Hence, use an angle brush grinder to remove the grease. Ensure to wear gloves, mask and eye protection. However, to remove paint you can install a paint or rust removal disc on the angle grinder to remove the paint.

  1. Cleaning And Re-painting

For enameled grill you’ll need to scrub it a little bit with mild detergent however, if your grill is made up of aluminum then you will have to polish your grill. Always use a water based cleaner and remove all kinds of remnants or residues on the surface.

For painting use a high temperature paint. Do not paint the inside of the lid due to high temperature exposure otherwise the paint flakes will fall on food.

  1. Ignition Switch And New Burner Tubes

You can now reinstall the ignition switch from the sides. Ensure to install the ignition switch facing the location of first burner tube. Next, install the burner tubes according to their manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that they are held tight and don’t loosen.

  1. Reinstall Gas Valves, Hose, Control Panel, and Gas Knobs

Reinstall the gas valves. After reinstalling check them by switching on and off. Next install the hose through adjustable wrench. Use a tape to secure the seal and ensure that absolutely no gas escapes the hose. Install the control panel too with the necessary gas knobs. Make sure that everything is in place by testing it.

  1. Reinstall Grates, Oil and Heat

Reinstall the cooking grates and the grill grates after your grill cools down. Next, season the grill with any oil such as canola oil or vegetable oil. Heat till 500 degrees Fahrenheit and let it stay hot for 20 minutes with closed lid. Close the gas after 20 minutes and allow the grill to cool. Refurbish any wooden parts which are left and then attach them.


Conclusively, refurbishing the grill is an extensive process but working systematically will yield a well refurbished grill just like a new one. Ensure to follow the steps above and follow the safety protocols too. You can add up more refurbishing techniques considering your creativity and skills. Just make sure that you wear the gear for your safety. Also detach the parts and label them accordingly to ensure that you don’t miss any of them at the end.


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