How To Find Model Number On Weber Grill

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How To Find Model Number On Weber Grill

How To Find Model Number On Weber Grill?  Grilling is one of the best ways to cook food. People love to enjoy grilled food, and thus restaurants are often in high demand for grilled food items. However, you can only attain the real BBQ experience when you indulge in buying your grill and cooking the food on it. This will save your valuable money plus keep you active before enjoying the grilled food. 

So if you are planning to buy your grill, you must consider a weber grill. However, you must know details regarding the types of weber grill, its model number, and suitability to meet your needs. This article has gathered details about all the types of weber grills and picked the best one for you. There are details about the importance of a model number on a weber grill and how to find the model number.

An Intro To Weber Grills 

Now when you have an idea about all the types of grills. Let’s move towards the most famous grills these days. Weber company is a well-known brand that manufactures modern grills. Weber manufactures all types of grills, so customers are introduced with tones of choices depending on the type, size, and shape of the grill they require. So having a weber grill in your backyard is common if you are a fan of BBQ food. 

With standard cleaning, you can ensure your grill capacities well into the indefinite future. This article has made gas grill upkeep as helpful and conceivable with the scope of care and cleaning items. From conveying packs for taking your grill with you in a hurry to brushes for basic gas grill support, this article has all the information for you!

Types Of Weber Grills For BBQ 

Grilling had emerged into advanced platforms. For example, traditional grilling is only based on charcoal grills. But now, the market is filled with gas-powered grills and even electric grills. So let’s have a look at the following main types of weber grills: 

  1. A charcoal weber grill is the unchanged traditional way to cook food. It uses charcoal as a fuel that provides heat to the grill grates where your food is placed to get a perfect crisp, along with a charcoal scent that enriches the taste even more.
  2. A Weber gas grill looks similar to the standard grills, with the only difference of fuel that it uses. Gas grills have a proper gas burner attached to the regulator and the propane tank that supplies gas to the burners. The food is cooked on the gas burners this way. 
  3. The most advanced form of weber grills is the modern weber electric grills. They use electricity to heat the grill plates; all you have to do is a plugin and turn on the switch. It’s smoke-free and environmentally healthy. 

Importance Of Model Number On Weber Grills 

As we stated before, weber is a brand with a diverse category of grills to suit everyone’s needs. Considering this, it manufactures all the types of grills with their unique model number. This model number carries due importance for the following facts:

  1. Weber grills model number lets you know what type of grill do you have, i.e., gas or charcoal. 
  2. It assists you in determining the shape and size of your grill. Different grill models have various sizes. 
  3. You can only find the versatile parts for the weber grill if you know its model number. 
  4. It’s easier to find ways on the internet to deal with the problem that your weber grill might face when you know the right model number. 

So these were the important aspects of knowing the model number of your grill. But how would you find it? Where to find the model number on a weber grill? Well, the following details will guide you through this task. 

Finding Weber Grill Model Number 

The weber grill model number is printed in different places depending on which type of grill you have. But let’s first find out what the model number looks like. 

The model number consists of two letters followed by seven numbers. All the Weber grills use a similar format, but this number is printed on different grills. 

To find your grill’s serial number, first, check the owner’s manual, but as all the model numbers must print on it. If you have lost the owner’s manual, look beneath your grill’s lid or the back of the tank enclosures. Remember the model numbers are usually found in the places mentioned above. However, if you are still facing difficulty finding the model number, consult local grill sellers to get details. 

Gloves: Since barbecues can in some cases get oily, it’s smart to wear a few elastic gloves before getting everything rolling.

Barbecue Brushes: A genuine staple for cleaning BBQs, these brushes have steel fibres and arrived in an assortment of sizes.

Scratching Apparatus: A plastic BBQ scratching device is great for slackening lingering oil from inside your burner.

Wipe: A two-sided wipe with a non-scratch scourer is a reward for focusing on extreme stains.

Cleaning Showers: There is an assortment of exceptional cleaning splashes accessible for various purposes, for example, for BBQ meshes, veneer, and hardened steel.

Microfibre Fabric: A delicate material for cleaning and cleaning the outside of your grill – ideal for both hardened steel and finish models.

Trickle Container: Use these plates as a precaution: put them at the lower part of the barbecue to gather oil and make removal simpler.


Weber grills are one of its types as they have a diverse range of grills to make delicious grilled food for you. All you need to consider is knowing the model number of your grill. It’s not as challenging as it looks. If you are buying a new grill, then check no other place than the owner’s manual. Good luck with your weber grill. Thus one can easily find the model number and get the most from the weber gas grill.


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