How Do You Cook Frozen Scallops in an Air Fryer

How Do You Cook Frozen Scallops in an Air Fryer Efficiently

Are you curious about the process of cooking frozen scallops using an air fryer? The response is straightforward – air fryers are ideally suited for preparing frozen foods. This cooking device offers numerous advantages compared to conventional ovens and stovetops.

However, we’re going to provide a fine-tuned frozen scallop recipe to cook in an air fryer. In addition, there’ll be detailed cooking steps to follow, along with a list of perfect ingredients.

So, we’ll start by providing the ingredients necessary to cook frozen scallops in the following section. Then, the rest of the units will follow accordingly. Finally, we’ll provide a list of the best air fryers in the market.

Cooking Procedure How to Cook Frozen Scallops in an Air Fryer

Frozen Scallops don’t require that many ingredients. However, check the necessary items below.


  1.     Frozen Scallops Pack
  2.     Garlic Butter
  3.     Salt
  4.     Pepper
  5.     Lemon Slices

So, keep in hand a pack of frozen scallops. And, also have the other items for seasoning ready to cook. Next, we’ll discuss the cooking steps using the ingredients.

The Cooking Steps of Frozen Scallops

Scallop Preparation

In the beginning, take the scallops out of the packet and spread them over a plate. Then, allow them to return to the normal temperature. Add garlic or butter and rest for a further period.

In the meanwhile, the best practice is to preheat the oven to 100-150 degrees Celsius.

After you did the preheating, place the scallops on the air fryer and start cooking.

Cooking with Precise Temperature

The number of scallops should be according to the fryer size. However, if your preferred amount doesn’t fit the size, cook with multiple batches.

Next, set the temperature to 150-170 degrees and cook for 10-12 minutes.

It’s better to stir after a couple of minutes to gain even heating on scallop surfaces.

Final Step

After 10 minutes or a bit more, you should have properly cooked scallops. The indication of proper cooking is that the scallops will have a visible white surface.

For seasonings, you can add tartar sauce. Besides, add lemon slices to provide a unique flavor.

In this way, cook multiple scallop batches and serve accordingly.

Few Recommendations to Cook Frozen Scallops

It’s better to follow some techniques to achieve the ultimate cooking output.

Frozen Scallop Texture

When cooking, look at the texture color of frozen scallops. The indication of proper cooking is the juicy butter flowing out from the scallops. Another indication is the white surface color.

Before cooking, rest the scallops for a while before placing them into the air fryer basket.

You can add butter according to scallop proportions.

Temperature Control

It’s better to cook scallops at a uniform temperature rate.

Preheating is best at 100-120 degrees Celsius, and during cooking, it’s the best practice to cook at 150-160 degrees.

In this way, the scallops will gain even heating on both surfaces.

Advantages of Air Fryers to Cook Frozen Scallops

Air fryers come to use in multiple ways. However, there’re some unique features or benefits to the lookout. So, check them below.

The Cooking Feature

It’s fast to cook with an air fryer. With the turbo cyclonic hot air generation, it’s compatible with efficient cooking.

Besides, the fryer basket has holes, which are perfect for even and uniform heat distribution.

Compatible Cooking Appliance

Air Fryers are compatible for many reasons. One of the essential reasons is the ability to cook without oil.

Hence, it’s safe for health. Besides, the easy cleaning feature also contributes to the versatility of air fryers.

Moreover, the safety feature is also an excellent addition for air fryers. As the cooking appliance works without oil, it’s safe to use.

Time and Temperature Factor

We already know that air fryers work fast and work with a precise level of cooking.

However, the temperature settings are easy to control. You can preheat an air fryer and also change the temperature during cooking.

Finally, we can say that air fryers have some drawbacks. But the benefits overcome the deficiencies in more than one way.

The Best Air Fryer Products for Frozen Scallops

More Facts on Air Fryers and Frozen Scallops

  • Frozen Scallops are the best to cook with an Air Fryer.
  • Frozen Scallops maintains the food quality for 10-12 months.
  • Air Fryers are fast, efficient, and has even heating feature.
  • Scallops are a kind of seafood.
  • Air Fryers generate hot air within a short time and achieves faster cooking.
  • Air Fryers are more durable than traditional ovens. Besides, it’s safer to use air fryers.

Final Thoughts

Frozen Scallops are a favorite meal of many. However, you can cook them using many methods. You could cook frozen scallops on a stovetop, microwave oven, or with other cooking appliances. But, the best practice is to cook with an air fryer for ultimate efficiency.

If we summarize, this article has the cooking recipe and steps to cook scallops in an air fryer. Besides, we’ve talked about the temperature settings before and after cooking to achieve the highest cooking quality.

Finally, we’d like to share that air fryers are the best cooking appliances for frozen food items. With an air fryer, you can achieve a top-quality crispy food texture. Yet, it’s better to know more about air fryers. So, we’ve also talked about air fryers, in general. We highly recommend watching a video to have a visual idea of a fine frozen scallop recipe.

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