How to Fix Rusty Grill Grates

How to Fix Rusty Grill Grates and Prevent It

General Overview

So after having a barbecue party with your family or friends or relatives, you left the grill out in your backyard without cleaning it.

You might have another priorities tasks to do besides cleaning your grill from the charcoal grates. We understand that cleaning is one of the dreadful tasks to perform, especially when it’s in your own home.

Maybe you don’t have time to clean the charcoal grate leftovers on your grill. You leave the grill uncleaned because you think cleaning the charcoal grates can be done in a minute. Leaving the grill with grates leftovers.

However, you move on to do other things first and turn out to be completely forgotten that you still have a job to do, that is to clean your grill.

But you remember that the grill was already abandoned outside of your home for a long time with the grates leftovers. When you go outside and try to clean the grill, it’s already broken.

The rust made from the grates leftovers has become decayed over time. Making the grill to be rust-covered.

Whenever you try to look at the rust, it makes your appetite decrease. You lost the sense to eat something that could be made with that grill.

Grilled food is no longer becomes your favorite because the rust has made it clear to your mind that it’s not something you won’t eat.

It’s disgusting and uninviting. Avoid cooking on the grill is the only option to do for now. Many people have the cross the same situations. Many of them also confuse how to fix rusty grill grates.

In this article, I’ll show how you can fix your grill so it won’t rust again. This is worth mentioning since rusty grill grates are common problems faced by all of us, yet some of us still don’t know how to fix them.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the pieces of information I’ll explain below.

Why You Should Always Clean The Grill from Grates Leftovers

Cleaning without a doubt seems to be simpler than it looks. But people tend to underestimate this activity considering it only requires your will to move the body and do the cleaning.

Although you only need the willingness to do the cleaning, most people fall for the trap. The trap of underestimating something simple and easy to do.

You can always set aside cleaning your house for a couple of days, but remember that over time the dust will be concentrated and stacked and it will be harder for you to clean the mess.

The same concept and principle also apply to your rusty grill. The grates that are left without cleaned will be oxidized and turn into rust.

Managing the grill so it could be available to use again is a must-to-do thing for every grill owner.

You can make the grill always available to use at any time you want, thus, obliging you to do a proper and consistent cleaning.

By applying a cleaning routine to the grill, it will make sure your grill will not rusty from the long uncleaned grates.

Whenever you use your grill after doing a barbeque, you can immediately clean the grates using water and a soap dish.

Quick wash your grill ensures the maintenance and the use of the grill. It will invite you to eat more of the grilled food in the future.

How Can We Fix The Rusty Grill Grates Immediately After Abandoning It So Long

While the grill has become rusty after we abandoning so long, luckily there are some of the methods we can use to fix the grill.

We can use this to make sure that the grill is ready to use again even after it has been rust-covered.

The method on how to fix the rusty grill grates is by cleaning them. The method is relatively easier to apply. In addition, you don’t need to use some heavy chemical substances to clean and fix the rusty grill.

There are natural methods on how we could immediately apply. These natural methods need natural substances or items to perform.

Baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, soap and water, and salt rust cleaner or remover are those natural substances you can use to clean the rusty grill grates.

They are all common household substances and items which could be found around your home. All of them surely could be effectively used to clean and fix the grill and make it like new again.

You can also use a wire brush as one of the safe rust tool removers to remove the grill grates. It will clear up the rust and eventually fix the grill.

How We Can Prevent The Grill to Rust

This is a preventive way you could apply so you would never cross this problem again in the future.

Wouldn’t you stop the rust from happening rather than clean and fix the rust after it occurs?

Here are some of the steps you could apply if you want to prevent the rust on the grill occur.

  1. It’s recommended you buy stainless steel or porcelain-coated grill parts. Stainless steel or porcelain-coated product is usually strong against the rusting process.
  2. Make your grill stays cleaned and oiled to ensure its maintenance.
  3. The grill cover parts have to fit perfectly well with the size.
  4. Don’t put or place the grill near water since it has the potential for getting rust quickly.
  5. Don’t be lazy to clean your grill regularly. Be consistent and create strong willpower to perform the tasks.


There are many paths you can take to fix your rusty grill grates. The method you can take is also fairly easy to perform. You must clean the grill first so it would be fixed.

By cleaning the grill, the rust becomes faded and you will be able to use the grill again. The grill was then repaired and able to use again for a further barbecue party.


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