How Long Do I Cook Frozen Chips in An Air Fryer?

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Discovering How Long Do I Cook Frozen Chips in An Air Fryer for Superb Taste

The purchase of an air fryer was like a dream come true for me.   I never liked cooking as I was never expected to cook back home.   In my ancestral part of the world, the duty of cooking is performed for females of the family.  Males are not expected to even think of doing house chores like cooking, cleaning, washing, and so on.  Males are expected to work outside in the fields, factories, offices, or run businesses. Once I landed on the soil of the US and started living as an independent bachelor, I was forced to do many such things including cooking.   After the induction of an air fryer in the arsenals of my kitchen, I had a sigh of relief.   This machine made my life much easy and kept my kitchen much cleaner besides providing me healthier meals every day.   A lot of time and effort was saved, and it added much peace of mind.   Deep in my heart, I thank the person who invented this brilliant cooking machine on a daily basis.


Second Day – Second Dish

On the first day of my purchase, I cooked chicken wings and the outcome was phenomenal.   I was happy but somehow, I attributed this success to beginner’s luck and remain skeptical for the future.

The next day, I was up at the crack of dawn, and having done my jogging and usual freshening up, I turned towards the kitchen to make a healthy breakfast for me for kicking off another busy day. I checked my freezer and only found packs of frozen chips, I bought while doing grocery from the local mall last week.  I decided to settle for eggs and chips for that day’s breakfast.

I took out the pack of frozen chips from the freezer and picked up the User’s Manual and Recipe Guide for seeking guidance.  According to the book, the procedure was pretty simple.



  • Frozen Chips
  • Salt of any kind like kosher or sea salt.
  • Grounded black pepper.


Preheating of Air Fryer

According to the recipe book, pre-heating of the air fryer is recommended, so I opted to pre-heats it for 3-4 minutes at the temperature of 400o F.  It can be done by touching a single button on the touch panel of the air fryer.


According to the information on the pack, these frozen chips were already half done before freezing at the plant of the company, so neither I was required to thaw them nor oil lining or a sprinkling of oil on frozen chips was really needed.   I placed the frozen chips evenly in the pan basket of the fryer and set the timer at 15 minutes before placing the pan basket into the air fryer.  With the touch button, the air fryer began its operation, and I was free for 5-6 minutes to do anything else.  After about 5 minutes, I took out the pan basket to shake and gently turn the chips. Having done that, I placed the basket back and my air fryer took over once again.  I prepared eggs and coffee meanwhile once the timer announced that cook time is over.   I took out the pan basket and to my disappointment, the chips still looked half done.   I immediately inserted the basket back after flipping the chips a bit and set that timer again on 5 minutes.  I was a little uncomfortable, but it did not last much and to my surprise, the chips looked too good and tempting being steaming hot crispy, and golden.   I immediately added the slat and grounded black peppers.    Once I took my first bite and I could not stop telling myself loudly uttering the word “awesome”.    The chips with spicy mayo tasted heavenly appetizing and yummy.

How long I need to Cook Frozen Chips?

I am sure it is a million-dollar question for anyone who recently bought an air fryer.  After experimenting many times, I concluded the following timings are best for my 6-quarts NuWave Air Fryer: –

  • For Thinly cut Chips – 12 to 15 minutes.
  • For Medium cut Chips – 18 to 20 minutes.
  • For Large cut Chips – 22 to 25 minutes.


  • Lining or sprinkling of oil is not required.
  • The is no requirement to thaw chips first. They are be cooked straight away.
  • Do not overload the pan basket.
  • Preheat the air fryer for a couple of minutes otherwise cooking or at least cooking of the first batch is going to take longer.
  • Shaking and flipping after every 5 minutes is necessary to all chips evenly crispy and golden but do not break chips while doing it.
  • Add seasoning or salt and pepper immediately once the chips are still hot.
  • The above-mentioned best timings are for my 6-quart NuWave Air Fryer and for air fryers of smaller or bigger sizes, you might have to do little experiments to discover correct timings for various sizes of chips.

Reheating Leftover Chips

On the same evening, once I walked back to my apartment, the taste of chips, I ate in the morning, reappeared in my mouth.   I remembered that pack of left overcooked chips.   I decided to reheat those and eat those before doing anything else.   I took out that pack and placed those chips in the fryer basket.  Set the timer at 5 minutes and placed the basket inside the fryer.   After 5 minutes I checked and flipped those and decided to reheat them for 2 more minutes.  Having done that, I made a cup of tea for myself and enjoyed superbly tasty chips while watching my favorite basketball game on the TV.  I can say confidently that reheated chips had 99% of the original taste I had in the morning.

Advantages of an Air Fryer

  • We get healthier and crispy meals.
  • We are not using cooking oil, so there is a reduction in the cost of food.
  • We do not have to do the hassle of heating the whole oven.
  • Cooking is fast and seamless.
  • No mess in the kitchen.
  • Easy to clean.


As I mentioned earlier, after buying the air fryer, my cooking transformed into hassle-free activity and my bondage with my air fryer strengthened with each passing day.  Every time I cooked something in it, the results remained impressive.  From day-2 onwards, once I cooked frozen chips first time on my air fryer, they became the most cooked item in the history of my kitchen due to the air fryer.   My continuous experiments with timings, tossing, and seasoning opened new vistas for my taste buds and I would like to encourage every new buyer of air fryer to do the same.