How to Air Fry Quail

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Quail is now becoming more popular as a source of meat than just a bird. Especially, in Vietnam, quail fry is extremely popular a cheap street food. Quail can be an excellent alternative to your regular red meat. It contains 30% more protein than the chicken while containing less saturated fat compared to beef. There are a lot of ways that you can utilize to cook the quail. In this article, we will let you know how to air fry quail.

Quail is available in a lot of super shops and grocery shops nowadays. You can easily cook them in the air fryer following some easy steps. Keep reading the article to find out the exact steps that need to be followed to air fry the quails.

What is the Benefit of the Quail Meat?

You might know quail as a bird. But interestingly, it is a popular meat in a lot of countries around the globe. In fact, it’s been centuries since people started using eating quail. Nowadays, quail meat is produced commercially. So, if you are worrying that you are eating exotic meat, you shouldn’t be. Quail produce a good number of eggs per year and they have a good reproduction rate.

Although small in size, quail is filled with nutrition values. There is a lot of health values in the quail. It contains a good amount of protein. As we discussed earlier, quail is an excellent source of protein and it contains 30% more protein compared to chicken. Apart from the protein, it includes phosphor, iron, zinc, calcium, and good fat. Even the quail fat is filled with health values and is especially good for brain development.

There are also several variations of the vitamin in the quail meat. This includes different types of vitamin B including niacin, riboflavin, folic acid, biotin, and much more. They are very helpful in enhancing the nerve system as well as improving metabolism. Then there is vitamin D in the meat which is good for bone development, the immune system, and much more thing. There are also vitamin A, vitamin K, and others.

The health benefits of quail meat include enhancing your vision, taking care of your skin, enhancing bone strength, immune system, heart health, and much more. In some cases, the meat of this tiny bird is better than chicken and beef.

A Bit More About Air Fry Quail Recipe

The quail is like a delicacy in several countries out there including Vietnam. Especially, in Vietnam, you will find a lot of recipes that include quail meat. It is comparatively easy to cook however you need to be careful about overcooking. Overcooking can make the meat hard and dry, which means the taste will not be efficient. So, make sure to cook the quail in medium heat to get the best taste.

You can cook the quail in various ways. Grilling the meat is very popular as it takes less time and gives a better taste. However, while grilling the quail, you might end up making the meat dry and hard with overheating. As a result, the oven and air fryer will be better while cooking the food. You can control the temperature and cooking duration, which prevents the chance of overcooking.

How to Air Fry Quail

It is pretty easy to prepare the quail recipes in the air fryer. In this article, we will let you know how to cook CÚT CHIÊN BƠ, a popular delicacy in Vietnam. Don’t be afraid of the name, it is easier than you think. We will make it easier with detailed steps.

Things You Will Need

At first, gather everything you will require from this recipe. The primary ingredient is the quails. You will find them in the freezer of the Asian super shops or even in some grocery shops. If you have them in the freezer, you need to thaw them first. Make sure that they are properly cleaned with salt and vinegar and then rinsed with water. You can halve them into preferred sizes.

After the quail, you will need the ingredient for the marinade. These include salt, sugar, ground pepper, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and preferred spices. You will also require a bit of the non-stick cooking spray.

Now let’s see the steps you need to follow for this cooking.

Step 1

At first, we will prepare the marinade. Add all the ingredients for the marinade in a mixing bowl and then mix them very well. After that dip the quail pieces in it and cover it properly. Then cover the meat in the bowl with something and leave it for at least one hour.

When it is time to cook, bring up your air fryer. Put in a proper surface and then turn it on for preheating. Note that preheating is not that important but it will bring up the crispiness on the outside layer of the quail. Put the machine in preheat mode for this or manually set the time to 3 minutes and temperature to 400 F.

Step 2

Now add the quail in a single layer in the air fryer basket. Don’t overfill the basket as it will cause uneven cooking. Once after adding them, you need to put the basket back in its compartment. The cooking time will be around 12 to 14 minutes and the temperature will remain the same. Make sure that you are flipping the quail in half time and spraying a bit of oil.

Step 3

After cooking for around 12 minutes, start checking the quails frequently. If they are done, don’t be late to take them off. Carefully take off the air fryer by holding it from the handle and then position it on a heat-resistant surface. That’s it, your cooking is complete. You can now serve the food with your preferred dipping or side dishes.


As you see above, the air frying quail is extremely easy. It doesn’t even require much work. You can easily make it done following the above steps we discussed above.

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